Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Another year is behind us

I think 2016 will be an unforgettable year for man. Forget the election. Forget the loss of all of the celebrities that represent memories of our youth. 2016 was for me another year where I made new friends with relatives, distant and not so distant.

This December marks 18 years since I started on genealogy, and made some friends I still correspond with to this day. Some aren't relatives, they are just very good friends who share my addiction to genealogy. Some after DNA are surprise relatives. Each and every year, I make more contacts, and friends, and since I joined Facebook 8 years ago, well that number has certainly grown. I suspect I have close to 200 friends on Facebook who I have met through genealogy.

I am so grateful for the online community I have developed of friends, relatives and fellow researchers who share my love for this hobby. Who value the time, the journey, and the knowledge this hobby gives us. Who cheer me on with my research and my blog. From the mailing list of 1998, to, to Facebook, so many of the folks I have met have enriched my life.

My wish list for 2017? Well, lets see.
1. A breakthrough on Elijah McCurdy.
2. More trees in my DNA matches so I can figure out the connectin.
3. Find one of my mother's half brothers.
4. An answer on how we relate to the Bobo's.
5. An answer on Suzie, the wife of Joseph Rogers and James Wallen/Walling
6. Most of all, a blessed year full of joy and happiness for my friends and family.

See you in 2017!