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The Tensaw Settlement Part 2 1781-1787

Tensaw and Tombigbee Residents

1781 Residents not listed in 1785
Tombigbee names from 1781
Charles Allen
Richard Bailey (Tensaw/Creek) age in 1787 is 40 wife is Creek
Thomas Bailey (likely same)
Thomas Basket (Basset), west of Fort Mim’s, Creek Nation was his location
Richard Chroate (Choate?)
Jack Cooper
James Cooper
Samuel Cooper (twice)
Henry Hall
John Johnston
Russel Jones
William kemp
Absalom Lott
John Lott
Cornelius McCurtain (twice)
Fendly McGillivray (twice)
James McGillivray
Thomas Pieare (pierce?)
John Steel (I think he’s the one who becomes Alabama territorial leader)
John Turnbull choctaw and chickasaw nation
Walter Turnbull
Joel Walker
Jesse Wall choctaw nation
Daniel Ward

Tensa names 1781 (Note, these are in Louisiana records, but are from AL)
John Asbill (no idea) Asbill could be Asbett/Abbott
Willliam Bapill (? Spelling is this Bassett)
Richard Barker
John Boothe
D. Burnette
Nicholas Champin
Charles Clerc (French)
Thomas Codrey (son)
Thomas Cordery father
Robert Cowen
Francois Dalphen (French)
Joseph Durbin believe he's father of Skippith
Stephen Eubanks
Peter de Forget (French)
Mortacea Fuller
Patrick Gallehon
John Garner (John Gardner)(Choctaw nation*
Robert Gray
William Gray
Stephen Hubart
Harvis Jackson
Joseph Jackson
George Johnston * choctaw nation *
Edward Meders
John Mersten
John Malone (stays in Washington/Tombigbee I think Thomas Malone mentioned)
James Murphy
John Murphy
William Oates
Ezeakeal W. Peare
John Ransford
Thomas Smith
William Smith
Christian Snall
Joshua Stachley
Patrick Strachan
Cornelius Sullivant
Robert Temer
Robert Thilluerp
John Togeal
George Vingant (Vinzant, remain in area we see Vinzant's in 1805)
Stephen Vingant

1785 Census
Linder Family from South Carolina
John Senior and wife ages in 1787 are 66 and 51
John Linder Sr was later married to Margaret Lucas the widow of Cornelius Rain and the widow of Moses Moore.
John Junior, wife and two children ages in 1787 are 31 and 34
Wife of John Linder Jr is Maria Killingsworth, probably related to Francis Killingsworth.
Elizabeth Linder, daughter of John Jr, marries Daniel Johnston.
None of them are listed in 1789 census
Remain residents

Abraham Walker
Resident in 1781 on Tensaw
1785, wife and one child
1786 listed as American
1787 listed as age 37 no wife
1789 listed as 38 no wife
Remains resident

Richard Barrow
1785 wife no children
1786 listed as American
Resident through 1812

Ruben Barrow possibly from SC
1785 single
wife Joanna Johnston (baptisms 1789)
1786 listed as American
1787 age is 28 wife's age not given
disappears. Reuben's wife is probably related to the Johnston family.

Godefroy Helveson (Holmeson)
Resident in 1785, wife no children
1786 listed as American
1787 age is 22 wife is 20 (wife is Rachel)
died by 1805, wife remains resident

Moses Steadham
Wife is Willingen Gringer
1785, wife with five children
1786 listed as American
Son of Benjamin Steadham (Hawkins letters) who was a trader among Creeks and had a halfblood family of one son and two daughters. Per testimonies, Moses cared for his father's land in 1797.
Resident through war of 1812, family remains

Samuel Mims
Resident 1781
1785 single
1786 listed as American
1787 age is listed as 45
1789 age is 47 wife is 22
1789 Dabix Mims age 35 is probably his brother David Mims who is on taxlist 1805
Samuel Mims is the owner of Fort Mims, site of the famous massacre.

Married Hannah Rains (probably sister in law of Cornelius Rains, as James Bready is listed as Samuel Mim's brother in law twice per online genealogy) However, Alex Mims mentions Brady in his will, so James Brady could be a son in law.

On Jan 3 1788, Samuel married Hannah Rain in Mobile parish. Rev. Miguel Lamport performed the ceremony: "I, [Rev. Miguel Lamport] the undersigned of the Mobile parish, married and veiled, after having read the three banns, with no resulting canonical impediment, Mr. Samuel Mims and Anna Rain, both residents of the Tensa[w]." The witnesses were Cornelius McCurtin and John Joyce H. Bezan.

from web genealogy
SAMUEL-4-a (Son of Benjamin and Judith):
Born in Albemarle County, Virginia, in 1747. He moved to Anson County, North Carolina in 1767, in
which year he acquired, by grant, 75 acres on Marks Creek (Grant Book No. 23, page 137, File No. 3149).
In 1774 he bought 200 acres from John James, a tract he donated to his brother, Thomas, in 1802.
In the American Revolution he served under Francis Marion, better known as "Marion, the Swamp
In 1784 Samuel moved to West Florida and began acquiring land in the vicinity of Lake Taensas, near
the confluence of the Alabama and Tombigbee rivers.
In 1787 he obtained, by grant from the Spanish Governor at New Orleans a large tract of land on
Nanna Hubba Island.
He bought 524 acres on which he built a plantation home that was, in 1813, transformed into a military
garrison, called Fort Mims.
In 1788 he married Hannah Bready. To them six children were born, three sons and three daughters:
Joseph married Jane O'Niel, and, after her death, he married Sarah Weakley. In 1824 he moved to
Brazoria County, Texas, where he became a partner of Colonel James W. Fannin who was killed at Goliad in the
Texas Revolution.
Joseph died and was buried five miles southeast of Brazoria. The inscription on his tomb is: "Joseph
Mims, died November 23, 1844; lived 54 years."
Samuel and Hannah's daughters all married. Harriett married Major Benjamin Stoddert Smoot, nephew
of Benjamin Stoddert, first Secretary of the United States Navy.
Sarah married Dennison Darling, and Prudence married Effon Jones. These daughters all lived and
died in Alabama.

Adam Hollinger
1785, nothing listed as he is listed with Samuel Mims
1787 single age is 46
Family remains
In 1787 married Marie Francis Lefleau (Leflore) and in 1789 Marie Josephine Juzan

Samuel Merrey (Moore) from Georgia
1785, wife and six children
Samuel Moore Sr. must have died 1786, testified against John Lawrence said Frederick Reister was his neighbor. Here is the information I found on him. 
A petition dated July 1766 stated that Frederic Resta, formerly
an inhabitant of South Carolina, had settled on 450 acres of land on the
south of the Great Ogechee (River) in St. Phillip's Parish with his wife
and three children and eight Negroes. In December of 1769. he was granted
an additional 300 acres in St. Phillip's Parish about a mile and a half
from land of Great Ogechee at a Cypress Pond between branches of Black

One of these children MUST be Samuel Moore Jr.
1787 age is 31 and wife is 25
Samuel Moore was the father of Francis Moore, so it would seem given age in 1787 that Margaret was married to Samuel Moore Junior, and not Sr. Samuel Moore's widow was Margaret, married Joseph Thompson. Land of Samuel Moore was sold to William Turvin in 1798. Samuel Moore had one daughter at his death who was a minor per Joseph Thompson.I have no idea what Margaret's maiden name is.

Joseph Trommonger (Thompson?)
1785, no wife, one child

Henry Young
1785, Single
1786 listed as American

Michael Skipper and Richard Turvin
1785 listed together

Michael Skipper
1786 listed as American
1787 age is 39
sells his land and leaves the area

Richard Turvin
1786 listed as American
1787 age 30 wife 30
Resident after Creek War. Richard is most likely the brother of William Turvin.

George Phillips
1785 wife only
1786 listed as American
1787 age is 31 wife is 22
Per Jackie Gordon
George died 1898.
Wife is Isabelle Collins. She marries Wiseman Walker.
Wiseman Walker and Jerry Phillips died at Fort Mim's per family members along with minor children of Wiseman and Isabelle. Son was John Phillips, son in law James Farr

Joseph Hardridge
1785 single
1786 listed as American
1787 age 42, single

Thomas Hudson
1785 single
1786 listed as American
1787 age 78
Thomas Hudson remains in area until his death.

George Weekly
resident 1781
1785, wife and four children
1786 listed as American
1787 age is 43 wife is 44
Resident until CreekWar

George Weekly, Jr. one of his children, born 1775 marries a daughter of Cornelius Dunn and his first wife Sarah Lucas in 1795, Margaret Elizabeth Dunn.

John Coppinger (Coppingen?)
listed as resident in 1781
1785 single
1786 listed as American
Trader among Creeks.
1787 age 40

Thomas Swafford
1785 single
1786 listed as American

John Lawrence from Georgia, St. Phillips Parish (see Samuel Moore)
December 1784 took oath of allegience
1785 widowed with one child
1786 listed as American
1787 age is 40 (born 1747) (Ann, his widow is listed in 1789, in 1797 her age is 50)

Murdered by Creeks I believe in 1789, (Hawkins letters mentions murders of a Lawrence) as he was accused of stealing horses. In 1785 he was already accused of stealing two slaves. Associated with a James Pyburn in Georgia. It is interesting to note, that I can't figure out who this James Pyburn is, but both John Lawrence and Jacob Pyburn took the oath of allegience the same day, and apparently arrived in the area near the same time. 

(11 pp. SP photostatic copy; 7 pp. typewritten English translation). LIST No. 8, 9, & 10. (1) John Cole, American, of Halifax County, North Carolina. Before Santiago de la Sausaye, Scribe, Mobile. Declaration. In March 1784, left Pensacola to go to the Choctaws to a relative named James Cole; in the Talapuches district was attacked by two white men who robbed him of his horse and all his possessions, including two young Negro slaves with him; was told that two men, Lawrence and Betts, were seen with the two slaves in that region. (2) Richard Barow, of Tinsas. Before Santiago de la Sausaye, Scribe, Mobile. Witness: Chassance, the Younger. Declaration in regard to the theft made from John Cole of the Negroes and goods; stated that he knew Lawrence to be a thief and criminal; that Thomas Betts was in plot, and that he knew of many instances of crime committed by Lawrence and could produce witnesses, and gave names of several. (3) Samuel Maree (Moore)and Francis Maree, (Moore) his son. Before Santiago de Sausaye, Scribe, Mobile. Witness: Chassance. Declaration. Concerning theft mentioned by John Cole, he did not know of that theft but knew much of Lawrence and had "perfect knowledge" of pillage committed at house of Frederick Reister in Georgia, as he was a neighbor; afterwards he saw Lawrence and James Pyburn with the goods and Negro they had stolen, and reported it to the Captain of the Militia; thought the Negro and some of the property was returned to Reister.

Married Ann Moore, the daughter of Moses Moore. Ann Lawrence is listed among land testimonies in 1805. Many online info has her as married to Joseph Lawrence, but Joseph was still alive, and she is clearly listed as a Widow in 1797 census. In 1797 Ann is a widow with one child, and in 1810 she has a female over 21 in home. Her daughter, Ann Marie, born 1790-1800 was married to Thomas Bilbo. A newspaper article mentions an Isaac Ryan as his brother in law, and if so, his wife Matilda may be either a Bilbo or a Lawrence. I believe that Ann married John Lawrence sometime 1787-1788 and had one child. Whether or not she later married or had a relationship with Joseph is speculation. However, the math does not work out based on the data that she is the mother to Esther Lawrence Gaines. See also Joseph Lawrence for more explanation.

Ann remains a resident up to Creek War.

Benjamin Browning
1785 wife and two children
1786 listed as American

Joseph Bates
1785 one wife and six children
1786 listed as American
Wife is Martha Lantrip
1787 age is 35 wife is 24
Resident through CreekWar

Ephraim Bates
1785, one wife and one child
not found after 1786

Thomas Bates
1785, one wife
1786 listed as American
Wife is listed as Massy Powell
He is probably the Thomas Betts listed with John Lawrence in the crimes.
Resident up till Creek War

John Baker
1785, single
1786 listed as American
1787 single, age 30
1789 wife is listed as Isabel Mosely
I believe the Baker's remain residents

Peter Mcnamie
Petr McNanuer North Carolina in 1781 census
1785 wife and one child
1786 listed as American

William Snoddy
1785 one wife and two children

Pyburn Family from Bedford County area Virginia or Tennessee
Jacob Pyburn
1784 took oath of allegiance
1785 one wife and four children (3 known, one presumed)
1786 listed as americano
Died January 1786 through January 1787 when wife is listed as Madame Paiban
Wife is Frances Mullis “Fanny” listed as resident 1787 and 1789 (age 25 and 33).
March 30, 1788 Frances gave birth to illegitimate daughter named Isabelle
Children known to be of this couple
Jacob Pyburn Jr., born 1777 listed age 20 in 1797 with wife
Phoebe Pyburn, born 1780-1781, married Jeptha Turvin (Florida spanish land grant)
Mary Pyburn born September 1784, baptized at Tensaw November 1788
Benito Benjamin Pyburn born April 26, 1786 baptized November 1788

Believed they also had a son James (Santiago) Pyburn who died 1819 in Pensacola.

Frances is listed as a resident of Baldwin county through 1810 as Fanny or Frances Steele. She is listed in the American state papers as a resident in 1797. In 1798 she married William Steele and is widowed in 1805.
Jacob Pyburn is found in Baldwin county records as a juror, registered voter and witness of Joseph Stiggins will through 1812.
Benjamin Pyburn is found in 1805 American state paper testimonies. He is known to have lived in Pensacola 1808, and is not listed as a resident in 1820.
Phoebe sold her land to her brother in law in1829 and is not found in other records. She is listed as a resident with her sister in Pensacola in 1820.
Mary Pyburn had two illegitimate children, both believed to be with James Innarity. Teresa Robine and James. She married Antonio Collins and remained in Pensacola through the Civil War. Teresa married Adam Hollinger's son, Adam Cornelius Hollinger.

Benjamin Rollins (Rawlins) from Georgia
1785, wife and two children
1786 listed as American
1787 age is 33 wife is 33
mentioned in Hawkins letters on more than one occasion, may have returned to Georgia

Anthony Brocker
1785, one wife and child

Edward Wells
1785, single
1786 listed as American

Cornelius Rain
1785, wife and three children
1786 listed as American
Mother was Margaret Lucas, wife of Cornelius Rain who lived in Florida prior to living at Tensaw. She married Moses Moore and then John Linder Sr.
1787 age is 40 wife is 40
Resident until death early 1800's
Cornelius Rain's wife was a daughter of John Johnston, named Elizabeth.

John Haney
1785, one wife and three children
1786 listed as American
This is John Haines, resident through Creek War

Patrick Sullivan
1785, single
1786 listed as American
Probably son of Cornelius Sullivan listed in 1781
I believe he remains a resident, and is possibly related to Owen Sullivan/Sullivant

Henry Snell
1785 single
1786 listed as American

William Loyson (? Lawson)
1785, single
1786 listed as American

John Folk (?Faulk)
1785, single
1786 listed as American

Nathaniel Blackwell
1785, single
1786 listed as American
1789 wife is listed as Priscilla Corbin
Nathaniel and his widow remain residents

John Wimberly
1785, single
1786 listed as American

William Whitehead
1785, single
1786 listed as American
Remains resident

Shaddrach Merrey (Miney?)
1785, single
1786 listed as American

Francis Merrey (Maree or Moore)
1785, single
1786 listed as American
son of Samuel, see testimony against John Lawrence.

William Conneway
1785, wife and child
not listed after 1785
most likely brother of Charles

Charles Conneway (Conway)
1785, wife and four children
1786 listed as American
wife is Chloe Turner
1787 age is 32 wife is 29
family remains resident

Johnston likely from South Carolina
John Sr.
1785, wife and four children
1786 listed as American
1787 age is listed as 35 wife is 30
wife is Joyce Powell
Note John has sons named John and Daniel Jr., it is this Daniel Jr who is supposed to be the husband of Elizabeth Linder. 

Daniel (Jr.)
1787 age is 36 wife is 35

Daniel Johnston
1787 age is 65 wife is 48
is he a father/uncle to John Johnston Sr?

Family remains resident

Added to 1785 are the following in 1786
Joseph Lawrence
1786 resident
likely brother of John Lawrence, could be a son as John is listed with a child in 1785. No age in 1787, would be at least 20. A Mary Lawrence is a witness, this may be his wife or a niece. The family of George Strother Gaines and Young Gaines has Joseph as the husband of Ann Moore, and the mother of Esther Lawrence. While he is named as her agent, and listed as a tax payer for her property 1802-1804, it does not appear that he is her husband. Primarily because land property ownership at this time would take control of the land out of Ann's hands, and it is clearly granted to her in the American State Papers. Also, he is listed as single, and Ann a widow in censuses. I believe, that given the data, Joseph and John are brothers, and if anything, Esther Lawrence is a sister. The family bible is listed as being in the possession of a Marion Gaines in Mobile by the Alabama Archives. It would be interesting to see what the data contains, but as I am neither a Gaines or a Lawrence, I am not going to pursue this. 

Joseph disappears from records after 1806.

Ezechial William
1786 resident

William William
1786 resident

Robert Miller
1786 resident

John Randon, son of Peter Randon from Georgia
1786 resident
likely wife is Rosa Ana Holmes, listed in baptism as John Ransom
age in 1787 is 25 wife is 19
marries a daughter of Reuben Dyer, Tura after death of Rosa.
Died in Creek War, he is among Benjamin Hawkins papers as the son of Peter and a Creek Woman. His brother, David and wife Sukey are also named in the Hawkins Papers. Sukey Randon is listed as a friendly Creek with losses in the Creek war. In the Hawkins papers, he came to the Creek nation 1785 with Thomas G. Holmes, his father in law. In 1784, when his father died, John and his two brothers, James and Peters were minor, so I believe he's more likely 22 or 23 in 1787.

Besley Prouet (Bailey Pruitt?)
1786 resident

John Davis
1786 resident

George Philipe
1786 resident
Wife is Isabel Collins
dies 1797, widow marries Wiseman Walker
His son John Phillips dies at Fort Mims, as does Wiseman Walker. A son in law is James Farr.

William Powell from South Carolina
1786 resident
Wife is Ana Kane
also had children with Isabel Nash
1787 age is 52 wife is 47
William dies in 1796 I believe, his will is transcribed on the Washington county genweb.
It is not clear if he is related to Thomas and Theophilus Powell.

Besley Bailey Cheney
1786 resident
wife is Sara Jones
1787 age is 30 and wife is 22
Bailey is listed in many documents as a trouble maker. He moves to Mississippi Territory, but an Emanuel Cheney makes a claim in the area in 1805, likely his son.

Robert Killcrease
1786 resident
wife is Ana Clarke
1787 age is 30 and 20
Family remains in the area until after Creek War.

Richard Coleman
1786 resident
looks like he lived among the Creeks or Choctaw prior to 1786 as he was a witness to a theft in 1784.
1787 age 24 wife is 34
remains resident

John McGrew
1786 resident
wife is ? Clenky is this Chenky?
age in 1787 is 45 wife is 35
trader among Creeks
Remains resident

James McGrew
1786 resident
brother to John McGrew I think
1787 age 43 wife is 37
Remains resident

James Dandley (Denley/Donley)
1786 resident
wife is Elena Elders
1787 age is 35 wife is 26
?remains resident

Thomas Wheat
1786 resident
may be Thomas White who wife is Isabel Morgan in baptisms
partner of Samuel Brashears ? As a trader, listed together as debtors to Turnbull and Joyce
1787 age is 36 wife is 30
Remains resident, believe his son is listed after 1805, Solomon Wheat

New additions in 1787

Jeremiah Phillips
1787 age 49 single
brother to George Phillips, dies at Fort Mims

John Morris
1787 age 35 single

Cornelius Dunn
1787 age is 34 wife is 23
1789 age is 36 wife is 26
1789 baptism wife is Hannah Rains, child is Tom Dunn
Remains resident

Web genealogy has Cornelius married to a Sarah Lucas prior to Hannah Rains. Sarah was born in 1757 in Spanish Territory, Florida. Note, though family history gives this information that she is the mother of all of his children, baptism records for Tom at least contradicts this. Hannah Dunn, the wife of Thomas Byrne is younger than Thomas, whereas Margaret Dunn the wife of George P. and Buford Weekley is older, thus it is quite possible they all don't have same mother. It is my opinion that Cornelius Dunn married Sarah Lucas (? married or maiden) after the birth of Thomas Dunn in 1789. There is a William Lucas in 1797 with a wife age 28 (born 1769, same age as Sarah Dunn age frame in 1830)

Cornelius Dunn bought Michael Skipper's claim via John Joyce, and then gave this to his son in law George P. Weekely. Another son in law, was Thomas Byrne is in a lawsuit where he sold the land of Cornelius Dunn in 1813, Thomas Dunn objected but died, the court sided with Byrne (Hall Vs Doe dem Root Alabama).
Cornelius Dunn has a will listed page 1 of Book A for Baldwin county, he died 1811-1813.
Thomas Dunn died 1813, probably in the War of 1812, as he is listed as a commandant of Fort Mim's.
Sarah (Lucas) Dunn is listed as a resident in 1820 in Baldwin County, Alabama and again in 1830, age is 60-69 (born 1761-1769)

James Jackson
1787 age is 36 wife is 28
wife is Hannah Johnston, Hannah is likely a sister to Daniel and John Johnston.
I believe Jackson's remain in the area

William Lucas
1787 age 27 single
Likely related to Margaret Lucas, who married Cornelius Rain, Moses Moore, and John Linder Sr., and the Lucas  married to Cornelius Dunn.

Charles Hall
1787 age 33 wife 33
1789 age 41 wife 37
Remains resident. 

John Douglas
1787 age 60

James Dean
1787 age 23
A John Dean and Seth Dean show up in later records, unclear of how they relate to James, as they are adult males in 1805.

William Winnritte (Wainright?)
1787 age 39 wife 34

John Keanon
1787 age 24

Josiah Fletcher
1787 age 21 wife 21
Remains resident, escaped Fort Mims. Wife is Elizabeth Bailey.

Arthur Rials
1787 age 25
Father of Archibald Rials, fought war of 1812 from Tensaw and later moves to Covington. Per my aunt, Archibald is the best friend of Jacob Pyburn, and likely the namesake of his son Archibald.

William Kindred
1787 age 18

William Turvin
1789 age 45 wife 35
Resident through 1810 when leaves will most likely brother of Richard Turvin.

Michael Hartley
1787 age 33 wife 22
1789 age 35 wife 36
remains in territory but sells his land by 1805

Michael Jones
1787 age is 29 wife is 20
wife is Martha Spears (baptisms)
not listed in 1789 is Mia Jones age 26 widowed his widow?

Skippeth Durbin
1787 age is 32 wife is 18
Probably son of Joseph Darbin listed in 1781
wife is Anna Bashears (Brashears ?)
moves to Mississippi territory

Thomas Harrison
1787 age 38

Joseph Newton
1787 age 28 wife 30
wife is Margarita Beechuns

James Welch
1787 age 40

Thomas Summerling
1787 age 48

Talbot Carrol
1787 age 37

Daniel McGillvray
1787 age is 52
related to McGillvray's of 1781, not sure which one's his dad

William Wright
1787 age is 44

James Bigdue
1787 age is 50

James Randle
1787 age 20
Is Benjamin J. Randal a relative or the same person? He shows up in 1820 as commissioner.
Most likely this is James Randon as often the Randon's are shown as Randle.

Reuben Dyer
1787 age 37
1789 age is 40 wife is 29
baptisms give wife as Maria Coussin(s)
Family remains resident. Reuben died about 1805 and his wife at Fort Mims.


  1. Wow! I accidentally stumbled across your blog, and I am very impressed with your dedication. I see you live in Arkansas, so I'm very curious as to the possible connections you have to the Tensaw Region. I live in Baldwin County and reenact at Fort Mims every August. Will you be here this year for the 200th anniversary?

  2. Love what you are doing here.. I decend from John Linder Sr., John Johnston, Francis Killingsworth and William Powell!!
    You might be interested to know that the last John Linder b.1782 (son of John Linder Jr) married Sophia Durant, dau of Ben Durant and Sophia McGillivary. I can only find record of one child, a daughter named Harriet Linder born 1805 who married her 1st cousin, Daniel L. Johnston, Son of Daniel Johnston and Elizabeth Linder.

    1. Betty: Good to touch base again since we both descend from John Linder, Sr. Why does he (and his children) not appear in the tax rolls after 1795? I know that he owned a number of parcels?



  3. Oh... Reuben Dyer's wife Tura.. her name was actually Natura..

    1. Thanks for the responses, sorry I just found them.

      Reuben Dyer's family is such an interesting one for me because he was the closest neighbor along with Stiggins to Frances Pyburn and her family. As luck would have it, on my mom's side, I am related to the nieces and nephews of Adam Hollinger's wife, Mary Juzan, so when I found out that Teresa Robine/Robina the daughter of Mary Pyburn was married to her son, I was quite surprised.

      I love the Tensaw settlement to research, if you can't tell. I would love to tweak what I have on the Linder's. I have quite a bit on Sophia Durant's family, mainly because two of her sons married into my Juzan's and then her daughter married into the Leflore's (and a child married into my Juzan/Leflore line).

    2. hello Jennifer-- what a terrific blog & thank you for all of your work! I found you while trying to locate Mary Cussins/Cozens/Cozzens/Cousins, wife of Reuben Dyer. I can't prove any of the linkages, but am wondering if Mary Cussins/Cozzens was kin to the "Mr. Cozzens" Indian trader, and/or the Billie Cousins, son of George Cousins, of the Eufallie Creek tribe, mentioned in Benj. Hawkins letters? It's a longshot, but just thought I'dask if you knew anything further about her Cussins side?-- thank you for any light you may shed!! :)

    3. that's the theory of a Dyer researcher I know. Somehow Dyer's wife is related to Adam Hollinger's sons' mother (possibly a sister?.. he claims kinship to the Dyers, that makes him sound like a sibling with the matriarchal society, likely his mother and theirs were sisters)..

      I don't know if anyone will prove it though. :)
      I still can't find a name for my ancestor's wife in tensaw in 1797!

    4. Hi Jennifer & it's now a year later since we spoke above, lol, & thank you for your reply-- I've been slogging away at the Mary Cussins/Cousins Dyer connections & my "theory" is she's descended from a 1760's Scottish Indian trader, James Cussings/Cousins, who traded with a remnant Natchez tribe living among the Upper Creeks close to the Cherokee in what's now NE AL. These Natchez also lived near & intermarried with the Abikha, & I believe Joseph Stiggins traded with the Abihka. Joseph Stiggins, father of George Stiggins, later settled in Tensaw with his Cherokee wife Nancy Haw, & I'm sure you know a Lot more about everybody in Tensaw from that point onward than I do! But somehow, the Cousins/Dyers/Stiggins are affiliated, & I'd love to exchange more info on this with you & the other Dyer researcher you've mentioned above? My interest is the Cousins-- I believe the NA "Cousins/Cussings" stem from a Scottish Jacobite rebel who got into the early Indian trade in Dorchester SC with the McGillivrays, McIntoshes & later, the Griersons. But at the moment, I'm very excited at finding an 1814 record wherein 5 enslaved people, part of Mary Cussins Dyer's estate after she was killed in the 1813 Ft. Mims Massacre, were then sold by Theophilus Powell (Mary Cussins Dyer's son in law, who'd married her daughter Margaret Dyer--) to, of all people, Gen'l Andrew Jackson. I'm quite puzzled as to how this came to be, & wondering if you could shed any light on it? Or could refer me to anyone who might??-- thank you for any help you may give, Jennifer-- I'd sure appreciate it! :)

  4. Hollinger married a female Lyons in another part of the Samuel Lyons family tree I recall. My part of the family tree decends from Charles Lyons one of Samuel Lyons sons.