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Tensaw Settlement Part 4 1800-1816

Washington, Clarke and Baldwin County Land Records
Tensaw Settlement

Land Ownership prior to 1810, most of these are original land from 1805, taken from Plat maps. These were done later so heirs are often listed

Township 1N Range 1E (Mobile River, Tensaw Lake joining, and then Tensaw River)
Joshua Kennedy as representative of J.B. Laurendine
Part of Reuben Dyer's
Marian Dupont
Joshua Kennedy as representative of J.B. Alexander
William Mitchell

Township 2n Range 1E (Junction of Tombigbee and Alabama, Mobile River)
James Caller
Augustine Rochon
Seth Dean
John Haines
Sterling Dupree
Joseph Bates
Nat. Christmas
Benjamin Few
Howell Dupree
Edward Garland
Narcissa Broutin
Edward Smith
Heirs of Godfrey Helveson (Rachel, widow)
Nicholas Weeks
Joseph Campbell
Richard Barrow
Harry Toulmin
Simpson Whaley
Adam Scott
Wilson Carmon
James Caller

Township 3N Range 1E (Tombigbee and Cutoff, western part)
James Powell
John Johnson
Ann Lawrence (Widow of John Lawrence)
Cornelius Rain
Bridget Burke
Heirs of Mathew Bilbo (Bilbo Island)
Seth Dean
Thomas Bates
Adam Hollinger
Thomas Carson
James Caller

Township 4N Range 1E (Tombigbee and Three Rivers Lake)
John Brewer
Sanders Rea
P. Lewis
Wiley Barker
Ephraim Barker
Heirs of John Copeland
Tom Sullivan Sen
Geo. Dickey
Figures Lewis
John Hinson for heirs of Owen Sullivan (Sullivan's Island, now Ginhouse Island)
Daniel Johnston
Thomas Basset
John Johnston
Jas. Powell

Township 1N Range 2E (Tensaw River and Tensaw Lake)
Jos. Stiggins
Heirs of John Weakley
Richard Coleman
Rep of Simon Weeks
Heirs of Frances Steele
Heirs of Michael Milton
Reuben Dyer
James Cochran
Francis Gerard (Guirard)
Legal representative of Louis Boudin
Catherine Edenfield
Mary Bennet
Conflicting claims overlap next two
Joshua Kennedy representative of heirs of Cornelius McCurtain
Richard Farmer

Township 2N range 2E (Alabama River and Tensaw Lake (actually river)
James Carpenter
N. Broutin (part of)
Wm. McDaniel
William Buford

Township 3N range 2E (Alabama River and eastern part Cutoff)
Josiah Fletcher
Representatives of Samuel Mims
Representatives of Joseph Thompson
Wm and John Pierce
John Randon
Cornelius Dunn
Abraham Walker
William Clarke
George Weekly
Moses Steadham
B. Hoover

Township 1S range 1E (Mobile River)
William E. Kennedy (Note think he's an heir of Jeptha)
Joshua Kennedy
Louis Chastang
James Innerarity
Louis Troillet
Hillarie Dubroca
Maximillian Dubroca

Township 2S range 1E (Mobile River)
Maximillian Dubroca
John Forbes Sr
William E. Kennedy
Theophilus Powell 
Representatives of William Simpson
Samuel Acre
Benjamin Dubroca

Township 1S range 2E (Tensaw River)
Gerald Byrne
Mary Bennet
Joshua Kennedy Representative for heirs Cornelius McCurtain
Samuel Kitchen
Joshua Kennedy
Heirs of R. Kilchrist (Kilcrease)
Ann Kilchrist
J and B Griffin
Aaron Barlow and wife

Township 2S range 2E (Tensaw River)
Joshua Kennedy
Heirs of Robert Wellington
J.L. Seabury
William Mills
Charles Hall
Thomas Byrne
Heirs of V. Dubroca

Mississippi Territory Washington County
Note: year of taxes is often different than year done
taken from original images from and in three cases from transcriptions already done of these images at

Capt Mills September 1802 (all residents listed as living in Tensaw Settlement)
David Allen
James Bready (Brother in law of Samuel Mims)
Richard Coleman
William Cannon
Reuben Dyer
Josiah Fletcher
Benjamin Hoven
Thomas Kirk
John Mills
Michael Milton
David Mims
Wm Mcdonald
Andrew Mcneely
Samuel Mims
James Mills
James Proctor
Arthur Patton
William Reeves
John Randon
William Shields
Fanny Steele
Joseph Stiggins
Richard Turvin
David Tate
Joseph Thompson
Wiseman Walker
George Weekly
William Weekly
William Webber
John Weekly
Abraham Walker

1803 Capt Mills District
James Brady
Richard Coleman
Reuben Dyer
Cornelius Dunn
Josiah Fletcher
Lemuel Henry (Powell's in 1802)
Benjamin Havin
Samuel Mims
Michael Milton
Roger Qualls
John Randon
Joseph Stiggans
William Shelds
Moses Stedham
Joseph Thompson
Richard Turvin
William Webber
John Weekly
George Weekly
Simeon Willks

1804 tax list, done Feb 2, 1805
Capt Weekley District
William Buford
Whiters Brunson
Richard Coleman
jacob Carpenter
Cornelius Dunn
Reuben Dyer
Josiah Fletcher on Alabama
Benjamin Hoven
Phillip James
The estate of Frances Killingsworth
the estate of Michael Milton other records show wife is Mary
William McDonald
Samuel Mims
Robert McConnel
James Mills
John Mills
Stephen McDonald
William and John Pierce (had store)
Jeremiah Phillips
John Randon
Frances Steele
Moses Stedham
Henry B Slade
Joseph Thompson Nanahubba Island
Richard Turvin
George Weekley
William Weekley
John Weekley Tensaw

1805 tax list
only Tensaw and Nanahubba Island folks taken
William and John Pierce for themselves Nanna Hubba Island
Joseph Thompson for himself nanahubba Island and Alabama
Nathaniel Christmas for himself Nanahubba Island and Tombigbee (Capt Powell's 1802)
Jeremiah Phillips for himself Nanahubba Island
Joseph Bates Sr. for himself Nanahubba Island (James Powell's co in 1802)
Reuben Dyer for himself Tensaw River
Reuben Dyer for Frances Steele Tensaw Lake
Joseph Stiggins Tensaw Lake
Joseph Stiggins for Mary Milton Tensaw Lake
Richard Coleman for himself Tensaw Lake
Samuel Mims for himself Nanahubba Island
Adam Hollinger for himself Nanahubba Island and Tombigbee
Cornelius Dunn for himself Nanahubba Island
John Randon for himself Nanahubba Island
William Buford for himself Tensaw Lake
George Weekly for himself Nanahubba Island and Tensaw Lake
Augustin Rochon for himself on Tensaw and Mobile River junction
Lewis Collins for himself on Tensaw Lake

*note everyone else from earlier list is listed as living on Alabama

1807 list done in 1808 does not list where people lived and does not seperate folks
  • Reuben Dyer not on here, but William Dyer listed. Mary Dyer not listed
1808 tax list done July 1, 1809
all alphabetical lists location, again only picking Tensaw and Nanahubba folks
William Buford Tensaw Lake
John Buford Tensaw lake
William H. Buford Tensaw Lake
James Caller Nanahubba and Tombigbee
Mary Dyer Tensaw Lake and River
John Randon Alabama and Tensaw Rivers
James Reeves Alabama and Tensaw Rivers
William Reeves Alabama and Tensaw Rivers
John Rhodes Alabama and tensaw River
James Donnelly Tensaw Lake and River
James Depriest Tensaw Lake and River
John Dunn Tensaw Lake and River
George Weekly Tensaw Lake
William Webber Tensaw
Jesse Womack Sr. Tensaw

Non Residents Lorenzo Dow Tensaw Lake purchased Frances Steele's property

1810 Baldwin County Tax List
Only Tensaw Settlement and Nanahubba taken (Tensaw if not stated)
William Buford
Mary Dyer
Joseph P. Kennedy
Thomas G. Holmes
Lorenzo Dow (has agent Lemuel Henry)
Jacob Pyburn poll tax
James? Phillips Nanahubba
William Plumley ? Plummer Nanahubba
Andrew Melton
William Milton
Robert McEwen
James H. McEwen
William Mitchell
Samuel Mims listed as cutoff not Tensaw or Nanahubba
Joseph Stiggins
John Randon Alabama and Tensaw
James Reeves Alabama and Tensaw
Moses Stedham Nanahubba
William Sims
John Sutton
Charles Smith
George Weekley

Cut off Folks
Samuel Mims
George Weekly
Buford Weekly
Sarah Weekly
Joseph Weekly
Joseph Thompson
Samuel Mims as agent for Robert McConnel
Patrick Mahony
Mary Hollinger

Sullivan island (Note Sullivan Island is north east from what I can find, and far from Baldwin)
Joseph P. Kennedy

nothing listed
Cyrus Sibley
Jacob Pyburn
William Patton
James Pollard

Lemuel Henry
James Carpenter has agent Lemuel Henry
William and John Pierce
John Mills

Not listed location
Thomas Adcock

1810 Census Baldwin County from trackingyourroots

ADCOCK, Thomas - 2,2,2,1
ANDRY, Simon - 1,0,0,0 & 9 free persons of color & 18 slaves
ARMSTRONG, John - 1,1,1,2 & 18 slaves
BALDWIN, Benjamin - 1,0,0,0 & 1 slave
BALDWIN, Mordecai - 2,0,2,0 & 2 slaves
BALDWIN, William - 1,0,0,0
BARRON, Richard - 2,1,1,1 & 1 slave
BATES, Joseph Jr. - 2,4,2,0 & 3 slaves
BATES, Joseph Sr. - 3,0,2,5 & 1 free person of color & 14 slaves
BATES, Thomas Sr. - 3,2,2,6 & 11 slaves
BATES, William - 1,0,0,0 & 2 slaves
BOOTH, Gilliam - 1,0,0,0
BRIGHTWELL, Theodore - 2,0,0,0
BRYARS, Lazarus Jr. - j1,4,1,0 & 3 slaves
BUFORD, John - 1,1,1,0
BUFORD, William - 2,4,1,3 & 6 slaves
CARMAN, Wilson - 2,1,1,1 & 14 slaves
CARPENTER, Joseph - 2,0,0,0
CARSON, Jane - 3,3,2,1 & 12 slaves
CARSON, Joseph Jr. - 1,0,0,0 & 1 slave
CARTER, Hezekiah - 2,2,1,4
CHASTANG, Jean - 1,0,0,0 & 8 free persons of color & 15 slaves
CONAWAY, Jesse - 2,0,1,0
DANNELLY, John - 2,2,0,1 & 5 slaves
DAVIS, Samuel - 4,3,1,2 & 2 slaves
DUNN, Cornelius - 2,3,1,1 & 10 slaves
DUPREE, Howell - 1,2,1,2
DYER, Mary - 0,2,2,2 & 12 slaves
DYESS, Dempsey - 1,0,1,1
EAGAN, Michael - 1,1,10
EILAND, Stephen - 1,0,0,0
FARR, James B. - 2,4,2,1
FLEMMINGS, Thomas - 1,1,1,1
FRIAR, John - 1,3,1,4 & 7 slaves
GAINES, Edmund P. - 1,0,1,0 & 2 slaves
GALE, Matthew - 2,0,0,0 & 16 slaves
GILLIAM, William - 1,0,1,2 & 5 slaves
GORHAM, Nancy - 1,2,1,3
GRAVES, Phillip - 1,5,1,4
GRAY, Curtis - 1,0,0, 0
GRAY, Thomas F. - 1,2,1,2
HARGRAVES, William H. - 1,1,1,0 & 2 slaves
HARRISON William M. - 1,1,1,0
HATCH, Benjamin - 1,1,1,1 & 23 slaves
HAYNESWORTH, Richard - 1,1,1,1 & 11 slaves
HELVERSON, Rachel - 0,3,2,1 & 1 slave
HIGHTOWER, Pleasant - 1,1,1,0
HINSON, John - 3,2,1,1 & 4 slaves
HODGE, Elliott - 1,0,0,0
HOLDCRAFT, John - 1,0,0,0
HOLDER, Jesse - 1,2,1,1 & 1 slave
HOLLINGER, Mary - 2,2,1,3 & 72 slaves
HOLLOWAY, William - 1,2,1,0
HOLMES, Thomas G. - 2,0,1,0 & 13 slaves
HOVEN, Benjamin - 2,6,1,4
IRVIN, Samuel - 2,0,0,0 & 23 slaves
IVY, William - 2,1,1,2
JOHNSTON, Daniel - 2,3,1,1 & 15 slaves
JOHNSTON, John - 2,4,2,1 & 20 slaves
KENNEDY, Jeptha - 1,0,0,0
KENNEDY, Joseph P. - 3,1,0,1 & 14 slaves
KIRK, Thomas - 1,1,1,0
LANE, Pierce - 1,2,1,4
LEWIS, Robert - 1,3,1,3 & 13 slaves
LOTT, Thomas - 4,10,3,3
MCDANNELL, Archibald - 1,1,1,0 & 3 slaves
MCDANNELL, John - 1,1,0,0 & 1 slave
MCDANNELL, William - 1,3,1,5
MCEWEN, Robert - 2,1,1,3
MCGOFFIN, James - 1,0,0,0
MELTON, Andrew - 3,4,2,2 & 3 slaves *is he son of Michael Milton?
MILLS, John - 1,0,0,0 & 8 slaves
MIMS, Samuel - 3,4,1,1 & 33 slaves
MITCHELL, William - 1,0,0,0 & 3 free persons of color & 5 slaves
MITCHELL, William - 1,0,0,0 & 5 free persons of color & 10 slaves
MOUNGER, Hiram - 1,1,1,2 & 2 slaves
NETTLES, William - 2,2,1,2
NORRIS, Notley - 1,1,1,1
O’NEAL, James - 1,5,1,3 & 14 slaves
PERKINS, Nicholas - 0,0,0,0 & 14 slaves
PHILLIPS, Jesse - 1,2,2,3 & 5 slaves
POLLARD, John - 3,1,1,1 & 10 slaves
POWELL, James - 1,3,1,4 & 6 slaves
POWELL, John - 1,2,1,2 & 7 slaves
RAIN, Cornelius - 1,3,1,3 & 4 slaves
RANDON, John - 2,3,2,1 & 50 slaves
REEVES, James - 2,0,0,1 & 4 slaves
REEVES, William - 1,1,0,0 & 4 slaves
ROBERTSON, John - 1,0,1,4
ROSHON, Augustin - 1,1,0,0 & 14 slaves
RYAN, Isaac - 1,3,1,3 & 4 slaves
SHAW, Neil - 1,0,0,0
SIMS, Abigail - 1,2,1,3
SIMS, William - 1,1,1,2
SLADE, Henry B. - 2,2,1,2 & 17 slaves
SMITH, Charles - 1,7,1,0
STEDHAM, Moses - 5,2,2,3 & 8 slaves
STEELE, Fanny - 1,1,1,0
STIGGINS, Joseph - 3,1,1,3 & 10 slaves
STRONG, Thomas J. - 1,1,1,1 & 13 slaves
SULLIVAN, Owen - 2,3,1,1
SULLIVAN, Thomas - 1,3,1,2 (*ancestor of WebMaster, Lisa R. Franklin)
SUTTON, John - 1,0,1,4
TAYLOR, John T. - 1,1,1,0
THOMPSON, James - 1,0,0,0
THOMPSON, Jesse - 1,0,1,0 & 1 slave
THOMPSON, Reuben - 1,4,3,0 & 11 slaves
TOULMIN, Harry - 2,2,1,3 & 7 slaves
TURNER, Noel - 3,4,1,4
TURNER, William - 1,2,3,1 & 1 slave
TURVIN, Richard - 1,1,1,2 & 7 slaves
WATSON, Anthony - 1,0,1,0 & 1 slave
WATSON, John - 1,0,0,0
WEATHERS, William - 1,0,1,0
WEEKLY, Buford - 1,4,1,0 & 2 slaves
WEEKLY, George - 1,0,1,4 & 10 slaves
WEEKLY, Joseph - 1,0,1,1
WEEKLY, Sarah - 0,2,1,2 & 6 slaves
WEEKLY, William - 1,0,1,0
WHEAT, Solomon - 1,0,1,1 & 2 slaves
WHEELER, Noel - 1,2,1,3
WHITE, Thomas - 3,2,1,3 & 14 slaves
WHITEHEAD, Benjamin - 1,0,0,0 & 5 slaves
WHITFIELD, William - 2, 0,0,0 & 4 slaves
WILLIAMS, Benjamin - 1,3,1,3
WILLIAMS, John - 1,2,1,3
WILSON, Joseph - 1,0,1,0 & 4 slaves
WITCHER, Ambrose - 1,0,0,0
WORKMAN, Richard - 2,0,1,0

1811 tax list
(not complete for all residents of county)
Thomas Adcock nothing listed
William Buford Tensaw lake and Redhill Creek
John S. Buford Redhill Creek
William H. Buford Redhill Creek
Mary Dyer Tensaw Lake
Lemuel Henry Alabama and Mobile Rivers
Lemuel Henry for Lorenzo Dow Tensaw Lake
Lemuel Henry for James Carpenter Alabama
Lemuel Henry for Richard Hainsworth Alabama
Mary Hollinger Cutoff
Andrew Milton Tensaw Lake (spelled Melton in other documents)
Patrick Mahoney Tensaw Lake
Robert McConnell Tensaw Lake
Samuel Mims Cutoff
John Randon Alabama River
William and John Pierce Cutoff, Alabama and Pine Log Creek
William Patton Sullivan Island
Mathew Rayfords Sullivan Island
Cyrus Sibley Sullivan Island
Joseph Thompson Cutoff and Holly Creek
Moses Steadham Cutoff
Benjamin Smoot as agent for Meeker, Williamson and Patton Cutoff and Nannahubba Bluff
John Taylor Nannahubba Bluff
William Turner Nannahubba Bluff
George Weekly Tensaw Lake and Cutoff

1812 Tax list Baldwin
select location only
Tensaw unless specified
William Buford
John S. Buford
William H. Buford
Lazarus J. Briars
Joseph Bates Jr
Mary Dyer
Samuel Edmunds
Michael Eagan or Eazan (Elhert)
Samuel Ervin for himself and as agent for estate of John Ervin
Lemuel Henry as agent for Lorenzo Dow
Lemuel Henry as agent for James Carpenter Bear Creek
Mary Hollinger Cut off
Kennedy and Brightwell
Samuel Mims Cut off
Andrew Milton
Benjamin Oneal Cut off
Joseph Stiggins
George Weekly Cutoff and Tensaw
Buford Weekly Cutoff
Sarah Weekly Cutoff
Ben Whitehead Cutoff

1813 taxlist Baldwin County
done December 15, 1813
Many folks don't have location. I am looking to see if they are listed from prior years, only those listed 1812 or prior will be included in this transcription

Benjamin Whitehead
Lazarus Bryers
Margaret Weekley (? widow of George), others are his family listed before
Richard Turvin Nanahubba
new person George Tucker Steel (Pyburn formerly) Creek, to east of Tensaw lake
Benjamin Smoot for Meeker, Williamson and Patton New Orleans Nanahubba
Cyrus Sibley Sullivan Island
George Stiggins Tensaw Lake
John Powell none
William Sims
Moses Steadham Sr. nanahubba plane and Steadham Lake
William and John Pierce nanahubba Plane
William Milton Tensaw Lake
Samuel Mims Jr.
Samuel Mims Sr (? deceased by then) Nanahubba plane and Island
Mary Hollinger Nanahubba Island
Alexander Hollinger
John Haines Sullivan Island
Jeptha Kennedy Sullivan Island (Joshua)
Richard Hainsworth
Mary Dyer Tensaw (dead by then)
Lorenzo Dow tensaw lake

1813 Voters Baldwin County from trackingyourroots
BALDWIN, Benjamin BATES, Joseph Jr. BATES, Joseph Sr. BATES, Thomas Jr. BATES, Thomas Sr. CAMPBEL, Peter CARMAN, Wilson CARSON, Joseph CARSON, Thomas CASH, John CHRISTY, Cary DENLEY, John DUNN, Thomas DUPREE, Howell ERVIN, Samuel FOSTER, James GARDNER, James GRAVES, Philip GULLET, George HINSON, John HOLLINGER, Alexander HOOVEN, Benjamin JOHNSTON, Daniel JOHNSTON, James JOHNSTON, John Sr. JOHNSTON, Joseph KENEDY, Jeptha KITE, Stephen LEWIS, Robert MCDONALD, John MICKLES, Peter MILLER, Samuel MIMS, Joseph MIMS, Samuel Jr. MIMS, Samuel Sr. MOUNGAR, Hiram ONEAL, Benjamin PIERCE, William RAIN, Cornelius SLADE, Henry B. SPILMAN, Armsted STRONG, Thomas J. WALKER, Wiseman WHEAT, Solomon

1814 Tax list Baldwin (partial) (my index)
Samuel Ervin
Estate of John Ervin
Estate of Augustine Rochon
Estate of Joseph Bates Sr
Richard Turvin
Estate of Patrick Donnely
James Carpenter
Lorenzo Dow
William Buford

1816 Census Baldwin County, Alabama from trackingyourroots
ANDRA, Maximilian - 1,0,0,0 & 18 free persons of color & 23 slaves
ARON, Samuel - 1,1,1,0
BALDWIN, Mordica - 1,1,2,4 & 5 slaves
BATES, Joseph - 1,3,1,1 & 10 slaves
BATES, Mrs. E. - 2,0,1,2 & 4 slaves
BATES, Thomas - 1,2,1,5 & 1 free person of color &13 slaves
BATES, William - 1,0,1,1 & 9 slaves
BEARD, henery - 4,1,1,2 & 1 slave
BRIARS, l. - 2,4,0,0 & 2 slaves
BUFORD, John - 1,4,1,1 & 3 slaves
BURNS, Thomas - 1,2,1,0 & 6 slaves
CARNEY, Josiah - 3,1,2,4 & 29 slaves
CARSON, Mrs. Jane - 2,2,1,1 & 7 slaves
CARTER, H. - 1,2,1,4
CHASTANG, E. - 0,0,0,0 & 2 free persons of color & 1 slave
CHASTANG, Louisa - 1,0,0,0 & 8 free persons of color & 13 slaves
CHASTANG, Zeno - 0,0,0,0 & 4 free persons of color & 1 slave
CHRISTAIN, Cary - 1,0,1,2
DUNHAM, Mrs. H. - 0,4,1,1 & 17 slaves
DUNHAM, R.C. - 1,1,1,1 & 3 slaves
DUNN, Mrs. S. - 0,1,1,1 & 8 slaves
DUPREE, Howell - 1,3,1,1 & 4 slaves
DURETTE, Nanette - 0,0,0,0 & 5 free persons of color & 14 slaves
EADES, John - 1,1,1,1 & 7 slaves
ETHREDGE, James - 1,1,2,2 & 2 slaves
FAIR, Mrs. E. - 0,6,2,0 & 2 slaves
FEE, Samuel - 2,3,0,1 & 16 slaves
FOSTER, Arther - 1,4,0,3 & 10 slaves
GARNER, Arther - 1,1,0,1 & 1 slave
GRAVES, Phillip - 3,3,1,6
GULLET, George - 2,0,0,1 & 14 slaves
HARVELL, Robert - 2,1,1,2 & 21 slaves
HINSON, John - 2,2,1,0 & 7 slaves
HOLDEN, J. - 1,4,1,4
HOLLINGER, A. - 1,0,1,0 & 1 free person of color & 13 slaves
HOLLINGER, Mary - 2,2,1,5 & 2 free persons of color & 71 slaves
JINKINS, James - 1,0,1,2 & 4 slaves
JINKINS, John - 1,3,2,4 & 3 slaves
JOHNSON, Daniel - 3,3,1,2 & 17 slaves
JOHNSON, Isaac - 1,1,0,2 & 2 slaves
JOHNSON, John - 2,0,1,1 & 27 slaves
JOHNSON, Joseph - 1,0,1,0 & 6 slaves
KENADA, Jeptha - 1,0,1,1 & 4slaves
KILLCREAS, Robert - 1,1,1,1 & 3 slaves
LACKLIN, William - 1,1,1,1 & 2 slaves
LEWIS, Mrs. P. - 0,2,1,1 & 3 slaves
LEWIS, Robert - 3,0,1,0 & 14 slaves
LOVE, Samuel - 2,0,0,0 & 5 slaves
MACK, Phillip - 1,0,0,0 & 4 slaves
MAHONEY, Patrick - 1,0,0,0 & 5 slaves
MCCONNEL, James - 2,2,1,4
MCDANAL, A. - 1,0,0,0 & 2 slaves
MCDANAL, John - 2,0,1,1 & 3 slaves
MCDANAL, William - 1,2,2,4
MCGASKEY, John - 1,2,2,2 & 10 slaves
MIMS, Joseph - 2,1,1,1 & 9 slaves
MIMS, Mrs. H. - 3,2,1,1 & 31 slaves
MUNGER, Hiram - 3,3,1,1 & 3 slaves
O'NEAL, Mrs. E. - 2,2,1,3 & 11 slaves
PERRY, William - 1,1,1,1
PIERCE, W. - 2,0,0,0 & 13 slaves
POWELL, James - 1,5,1,4& 16 slaves
POWELL, John - 2,2,0,4 & 8 slaves
RAIN, Cornelius - 1,4,1,3 & 7 slaves
RIALS, A. - 1,0,1,2 & 1 slave
ROBERTSON, John - 1,0,1,2
SLADE, Henery B. - 2,3,1,3 & 25 slaves
STEADAM, Benjamin - 2,0,1,0 & 7 slaves
STRONG, T.J.- 3,1,1,1 & 14 slaves
SULEVENT, Mrs. - 2,2,2,2
HELVERSON, Rachel - 0,2,1,0, & 1 slave
THOMAS, William - 1,2,1,1 & 2 slaves
TOULMIN, Harry - 1,5,2,4 & 24 slaves
TROUILETTE, P.L. - 2,0,0,0 & 40 slaves
WEAKLEY, B. - 1,3,1,1 & 1 free person of color & 2 slaves
WEAKLEY, Mrs. M. - 0,0,1,5 & 12 slaves
WHEAT, Joseph - 1,1,1,0 & 1 slave
WHEAT, Solomon - 1,0,1,2 & 6 slaves

Family relationships of Tensaw Settlement

James Innearity had one, and likely two children with Mary Pyburn, Teresa born about 1805 and Jaime or James born 1807-1808.

Cyrus and Origin Sibley were brothers and came 1808 to the area.

James McGrew Sr. a son in law was Julian D'Castro

Daniel Johnston was married to Elizabeth Linder, daughter of John Linder

William E., Joseph P and Jeptha/Joshua Kennedy were brothers. (wills) William E. Kennedy married Marie Eusophine Dolive and Joshua married Sarah Kitchens (fathers Dominique Dolive and Samuel kitchens)

Theophilus Powell is a brother of Thomas Powell. Theophilus Powell's wife was Margaret Dyer.

William Powell (died 1796) wife was Elizabeth. He had a daughter Martha who was married to a Bates (Joseph Bates Sr. I believe). Sons also in will were James Powell, John Powell and Elijah Powell. Unclear that either Thomas or Theophilus were relatives. Martha Bates is listed after the Creek War in documents.

Robert Kilcrease (Kilchrist) wife was Ann Clark Thompson. Daughter Sarah married Aaron Barlow.

Charles Hall Sr. wife is Auriela Dupree per online. His daughter Sarah married Thomas Hudson and William Mills. His son Charles Jr. married Anne and Mary Byrne. His daughter Mary Hall is said to have married Lachlan Durant.

Gerald Byrne. His daughter Margaret Byrne married a William Mcvoy, they move to Florida (Escambia or Santa Rosa area). His son Thomas Byrne married Hannah Dunn. His other two daughters married Charles Hall Jr.

Cornelius McCurtain had two wives. The first was Marie Frances Lefleur, the second was Eusophine Pomponne Bausage, she later married Diego McVoy.

Louisa Durant, daughter of Ben Durant and Sophia McGillvray married Sefroy Dolive.

David, James and John Randon were half breed Creeks, the sons of Peter Randon and a Creek woman of the Cotchulgee (Hawkins letters). David Randon and his wife Suckey are mentioned in letters from the Creek nation. Thomas G. Holmes, Fort Mim's survivor (married Elizabeth Weakley), was the father in law of John Randon (Rosa Ann Holmes). John and his brothers went to the Creek nation with Dr. Holmes in 1785, with some of their father's properties, the other being in the property of Francis Paris. Jacob Townshend, later murdered, was also mentioned by John Randon in 1797 complaint.

Fievre/Favre and Rochons
Marie Louisa Fievre (Favre) was the mother of Louis Augustin Rochon. Narciso Broutin was either her grandson or son in law. Louisa Rochon is also granted land in the area. Another daughter, Celeste married Simon Favre, and another named Constance was the wife of John Joyce.

Valentine Dubroca married Marie Martha Fievre (Favre) From the internet here is there family.
to Louis Valentin Dubroca, (1734-1799), a native of Bordeaux, France, who was 
appointed in the 1750s as the "Garde Magasin du Roi" (storekeeper) at Ft. 
Tombecbe, north of Mobile. In 1764, as a result of the French and Indian War, 
he is shown as turning the fort's stores over to the English. Afterwards he 
became a large landholder and distinguished citizen under the British and, 
later, the Spanish regimes. In 1759 he married Marie Marthe Fievre, whose 
father, Etienne Fievre, was a carpenter in early Mobile. Louis and Marthe had 
ten children - Marie Marthe, Valentin, Louis Joseph, Francois, Bernard Maurice, 
Rose, Eugene, Jean Baptiste, Maximillian, and Hilaire; all but Bernard Maurice 
became established in the vicinity of Mobile
Isabelle Narbone was the wife of Joseph Campbell, Peter Troillett and had a child with John Forbes. Her mother was Marie Anne Krebs. Her daughter Heloise Isabelle was the wife of James Innearity.
According to online genealogy, Alexis Troillett was the illegitmate mulatto son of Pierre/Peter Troilett.
Peter Troillet was a son of Marguerite Rochon.

The Rochon family come from Charles Rochon and Henriette Colon. Her brother Henri Colon (Collin) was also in mobile. Marguerite Rochon Troillett was the Aunt of Marie Louisa Favre's husband also named Augustine Rochon (Sr).

The Favre's, Jean and Etienne were early settlers. Marie Martha and Marie Louisa Fievre are both the children of Etienne (Steven) Fievre (I think it's Favre) and his wife was Marie Grise.

Creole relationships
Augustin Rochon
Joseph Chastang, brother of John Chastang
Alexander Boudin
Daniel Juzan (later)
Simon Favre (Simon married a sister of Augustine Rochon)
Augustin Collins
Sylvester Dubroca
Hiliarie Dubroca
Augustin Miguel

Victims of Fort Mims and/ or the Creek War

Fort Mim's massacre, Harry Toulmin's letter 1813
About 100 noncommissioned officers and privates of Mississippi Territory Volunteers, about 24 families, 160 souls. Among those 6 mixed blood families and 7 indians, almost all who perished. About 100 slaves, most of whom died.247 bodies buried.
Escaped massacre
Peter Randon, Thomas G. Holmes, Hester, Socca, Josiah Fletcher, Sgt Mathews, Mathew Rigdin, Samuel Smith, _ Morrice and Joseph Perry, John Hoven, _ Jones and W. R. Chamberlain

American State papers, indian affairs vol 4 part 2 1832
Creek Agency Sept 16, 1813
A slave what escaped gave names of those killed. Among them, McGirth, Jones, mcCarty, Sam Smith, Dixon Bailey and his two brothers, Mims and his family, Capt Melton, John Randall (Randon) and all his family except Peter Durant and one of his daughters, all killed. Many of dead he didn't know. McGirth's and Jones' wife and children except one of Mcgirth's children who was killed were taken. Another letter names the child as Vicy Randall (Randon) who was with Peter Durant  and was not in the fort.

This is my list compiled from folks who disappear between 1812-1813 and aren't on tax list of 1814 and from sources such as Halbert, etc.

Joseph Stiggins died prior to the massacre. His wife was likely killed there.
Mary Dyer
Thomas Adcock (listed through 1812 as resident) and his wife, daughter of Reuben and Mary, his daughter is a survivor
George Weekly (listed as survivor with family killed, however, he is not shown in 1813 tax list)
Benjamin Hoven
William Buford or William H. Buford (William Buford listed in 1814)
Frances Steele Possible, sold land so no longer on tax list, last in 1810 record
Samuel Mims, wife Hannah and son David survived
Jacob Pyburn Jr. (son enlisted after massacre). Signed will in 1812 for Joseph Stiggins, in no other records after this
Benjamin Oneal (widow on 1814 taxlist)
Joseph Thompson
Robert McConnell
Jeremiah Phillips
John Randon and his wife
Joseph Bates Sr. and Thomas Bates Sr
Dixon Bailey and his brothers
Augustine Rochon (possibly)
Moses Steadham Sr. (missing in 1814, possible)
Samuel Edmunds (missing after 1812)
Michael Elhert (missing after 1812)
Andrew Melton (missing after 1812) was soldier at Fort
William Milton (missing after 1813)
Carson (widow on 1814)
Patsy Lewis is administrator for ? (possible)
W. Walker (estate in 1814) (Wiseman)
John Powell
Richard Barrow

Below is a list as published on the Web. My notes are next to it. NOTE, I do not have a list of soldiers who were at the fort, so I am unable to confirm them as victims. I have put in bold the names I agree where among the dead.

The following list was complied by Mr. David P. Mason and is excerpted from "Fort Mims and The Tensaw Settlement", by Dess L. and Tom Sangster, 1988. The booklet may be purchased from Coffeetable Publications, PO Box 884, Bay Minette, AL 36507. 

NOTICE: Some researchers have disputed the accuracy of this list as it pertains to the Bryars and Hadley familes. Fort additional inofrmation please contact John Dean

Adcock (agree)
Allen (no Allen's on tax list prior to war)
Barlow ( Susan Marlow is named as a friendly Creek, not sure that any of the Barlows died. It is possible some Barrow's died)
Bates (Joseph Bates Sr and Thomas Bates estates in 1814)
Benjamin (none on tax list prior to war)
Beckum (none on tax list prior to war)
Bennet (none on tax list prior to war)
Bonner (none on tax list prior to war)
Bradley (none on tax list prior to war)
Breed (none on tax list prior to war)
Bryars (Lazarus shows up in December 1813 and 1814, disagree)
Buford (William or William H. is missing after 1813)
Byrd (none on tax list prior to war)
Campbell (Peter Campbell before War
Capel (none on tax list prior to war)
Carson (on 1814 tax list is a widow and a Thomas)
Cato (none on tax list prior to war)
Chatham (none on tax list prior to war)
Clark (none on tax list prior to war)
Cobb (none on tax list prior to war)
Connell (probably McConnell, agree)
Coppedge (none on tax list prior to war)
Crossman (none on tax list prior to war)
Curry (none on tax list prior to war)
Dale (none on tax list prior to war)
Daniel (none on tax list prior to war)
Darling (he is on 1814 taxlist, disagree)
Davenport (disagree, on 1814 taxlist)
David (none on tax list prior to war)
Davis (none on tax list prior to war)
Devereau (none on tax list prior to war)
Dennis (none on tax list prior to war)
Dewitt (none on tax list prior to war)
Dismukes (none on tax list prior to war)
Dixon (none on tax list prior to war)
Dubose (none on tax list prior to war)
Durant (probably, they were mixed bloods and not listed on tax lists)
Dunn (Sarah Dunn was widow of Cornelius, and shows up after, his son Thomas was in Militia and likely died during the war)
Dywer (This is Dyer, and Mary Dyer did die during war
Earle (none on tax list prior to war)
Edmunds (none on tax list prior to war)
Ellis (none on tax list prior to war)
Espy (none on tax list prior to war)
Fields (none on tax list prior to war)
Fleming (none on tax list prior to war)
Fletcher (family of Josiah could have died, he is a survivor)
Frazer (none on tax list prior to war)
Ferguson (none on tax list prior to war)
Gasque (none on tax list prior to war)
Gates (none on tax list prior to war)
Gayle (Mathew on tax list prior and after, disagree)
Glenn (none on tax list prior to war)
Goolsby (none on tax list prior to war)
Granade (none on tax list prior to war)
Green (none on tax list prior to war)
Hadley (none on tax list prior to war)
hall (none on tax list prior to war)
Haley (none on tax list prior to war)
Hammand (none on tax list prior to war)
harris (none on tax list prior to war)
Hart (none on tax list prior to war)
hays (none on tax list prior to war)
Holmes (none on tax list prior to war)
Hollinger (all of the Hollinger's survived that we know of, none died)
Howell (none on tax list prior to war)
James (none on tax list prior to war)
Jernigan (none on tax list prior to war)
Joiner (none on tax list prior to war)
Jones (none on tax list prior to war)
Kelly (none on tax list prior to war)
Kennedy (disagree, Joseph P isn't on 1814 tax list, but he left a will as did both his brothers post Creek war)
Kimbrough (none on tax list prior to war)
King (none on tax list prior to war)
Lancaster (none on tax list prior to war)
Langston (none on tax list prior to war)
Lee (none on tax list prior to war)
Leslie (none on tax list prior to war)
Lindsey (none on tax list prior to war)
Lipscomb (none on tax list prior to war)
Little (none on tax list prior to war)
Loper (none on tax list prior to war)
Martin (none on tax list prior to war)
Matthew (none on tax list prior to war)
Meek (none on tax list prior to war)
Miles (none on tax list prior to war)
Middleton (none on tax list prior to war)
Milstead (none on tax list prior to war)
Mims (agree)
Mizel (none on tax list prior to war)
Monger (Hiram Mounger on tax list 1814 and prior, disagree)
Murphy (none on tax list prior to war)
Myles (none on tax list prior to war)
McCall (none on tax list prior to war)
Mcconnell (agree)
McGee possible
Mcdonald (the male McDonalds are still on taxlist, so if any where killed would have to be female)
Mcintosh possible
McMillan (none on tax list prior to war)
McNeal (none on tax list prior to war) there were Oneal
Nelson (none on tax list prior to war)
Newman (none on tax list prior to war Thomas listed 1814)
Owen (none on tax list prior to war)
Page (none on tax list prior to war)
Perkins (Nicholas Perkins on tax list prior to war)
Perry (William Perry on tax list prior to war)
Perrymand (none on tax list prior to war)
Phillips Jeremiah Phillips did die
Pierce (Unclear since both William and John are still on tax list and in deeds after war, disagree)
Pollard John Pollard on prior
Powell (on tax lists in 1814 is Theopolis administrator)
Raines (Cornelius on prior. I believe he died before war, and his heirs are questionably victims, I believe they survived and are listed in 1820)
Randon (agree)
Richbourg (none on tax list prior to war)
Rhodes (none on tax list prior to war)
Riley (none on tax list prior to war)
Reuben (none on tax list prior to war)
Robinson (none on tax list prior to war)
Richardson (none on tax list prior to war)
Scott (none on tax list prior to war)
Simmons (none on tax list prior to war)
Simms William Sims on prior
Salde Slade? A Henry B. Slade on prior and after doubtful
Slay (none on tax list prior to war)
Senegochee possible wouldnt be on tax list
Sizemore Possible wouldn't be on tax lists
Smith (none on tax list prior to war)
Spivey (none on tax list prior to war)
Stiggins (agree)
Sumlin (none on tax list prior to war)
Shamburgur (none on tax list prior to war)
Tanner (none on tax list prior to war)
Turvin (supposedly William Turvin and his wife died during war, but William died 1810, and the land the heirs went after was for his land purchased. It is in same group of claims as a friendly creek presentation to the congress, and I think folks got confused).
Taylor (John Taylor on prior)
Terry (none on tax list prior to war)
Thigpin (none on tax list prior to war)
Slaughter (none on tax list prior to war)
Thompson (none on tax list prior to war)
Tryer (none on tax list prior to war)
Tucker (none on tax list prior to war)
Weekley (George disappears and a Margaret appears after war)
Womack (none on tax list prior to war)
Whitehead on tax list 1814
Williams (none on tax list prior to war)
Wood (none on tax list prior to war)
Worsham (none on tax list prior to war)
Wright (none on tax list prior to war)
Young (none on tax list prior to war)


  1. I was told that Samuel Mims wife, Hannah was in Mobile at time of Fort Mims Massacre.. She had several of her children with her. Hannah (or Anna) was sister of Cornelius Rain. Their mother, Margaret Lucas first married Cornelius Rain Sr in Georgia. 2nd married Moses Moore in Spanish West Florida (1789) and last husband was John Linder Sr.

    Daniel Johnston who married Elizabeth Linder was killed by Creeks in Jan 1816.

    Survivor of Ft Mims, Elizabeth Randon who was 4 yrs old at the time, Married James Alger Newman in Mississippi. After his death in 1854. She went to Texas with her children. She died in Ft. Bend County TX abt 1866.

    1. That is correct, Hannah and some of Samuel's children weren't at the fort.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Truly - a genealogy addict. GREAT stuff.

  3. Surviving slaves would not be on tax lists; nor would members of the Creek Nation.

    1. Since Mary Dyer and the Stiggins are listed, as is Peter Randon, not true. I never talked about the slaves because we don't have names for them

    2. that's the problem, disinterest in slaves because you lack names is no reason not to include their numbers -- dyer, stiggins, and randon passed for white and were regularly included in tax lists. true creeks did not, such as the durants, or mcgillivrays, the moniacs, or any of the sehoy lineage -- but otherwise a great job

  4. Do you have any info on Tensaw Creek/metis persons named Robinson? I'm a 7th gen descendent of a white soldier John Rotan who fought in the first Creek war and his Creek/metis wife Sarah Robinson. She seems to have been sister or dau of Richard Robinson (Creek.metis) & his wife Margaret Peggy Bailey (Creek/metis, probably a niece/cousin to Alexander MacGillivray. Peggy was a hero of Ft Mims --saved a group of women piloting them down river to Mobile). Peggy Bailey lost her brothers at Ft Mims. Richard & Peggy moved west afterwards and John and Sarah ultimately settled in the Alabama-Coushatta(Creek) res in Texas. Any Robinson (alternate Robertsons) show up anywhere in your research?

  5. You list the source of the 1813 & 1816 census as "Tracking Your Roots" which appears to be an abandoned site. Do you by any chance know the source of these two Census?

  6. What happened to the Linders after 1800? My gggf was John Linder Jr and gym was Sara Linder Henry (wife of Lemuel)
    Not seeing any Linders on the rolls
    John sold Honeycutt plantation of 5,000 acres and island bounded by Tensaw River on East and Lizard Creek on west of 8,000 acres both in 1811