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The Tensaw Settlement Part 3 1788-1799

1788 and 1789 Baptisms Tensaw and Tombigbee

Baptisms recorded from Love's legacy and transcribed at


CHILD'S NAME                         FATHER                             MOTHER
Ana Bates                                  Josef Bates                         Martha Lantrip
Juan Bates                                 Josef Bates                         Martha Lantrip
Juan Johnson                             Juan Johnson                        Joyce Powell
Isabel Linder                              Juan Linder                      Maria Killingsworth
Sara Linder                                 Juan Linder                     Maria Killingsworth
Enrige Conway                           Carlos Conway                       Chloe Turner
Margaret Kane                         Guillermo Kane                      Rachel Haven
Jacobo Kane                             Guillermo Kane                      Rachel Haven
Sara Dunn                                 Juan Dunn                               Maria Palmer
Isabel Dunn                               Juan Dunn                               Maria Palmer
Guillermo Dunn                         Juan Dunn                               Maria Palmer
Guillermo Powell                       Guillermo Powell                        Ana Cane
Juan Phillips                               George Phillips                        Isabel Collins
Maria Stedham                          Mayesis Stedham               Willingen Gringer
Benedicto Stedham                    Mayesis Stedham               Willingen Gringer
Santiago Mayesis Stedham       Mayesis Stedham               Willingen Gringer
Juan Jesse Stedham                   Mayesis Stedham              Willingen Gringer
Timothis Stedham                       Mayesis Stedham              Willingen Gringer
Santiago Bailey                           Ricardo Bailey                              India
Margarita  Bailey                       Ricardo Bailey                              India
Maria Ransom                            Juan Ransom (Randon)             Rosa Ann Homes
Martha Ransom                          Juan Ransom                      Rosa Ann Homes
Santiago Donnelly                       Santiago Donnelly                   Elena Elders
Antonio Donnelly                         Santiago Donnelly                   Elena Elders
Maria Donnelly                           Santiago Donnelly                    Elena Elders
Benedicto Newton                       Josef Newton                      Margarita Beechuns
Maria Newton                             Josef Newton                       Margarita Beechuns
Juan Magnus                               Juan Magnus (mcgrew)                            Isabel Clesky
Viente Bannow                             Rubin Bannow                         Jane Johnson
Guillermo Jones Chaney              Bailey Chaney                           Sara Jones
Ana Susan Chaney                        Bailey Chaney                           Sara Jones 
Maria Sara Joyner                       Guillermo Joyner                          Ana Fibs
Ana Magnum                                Santiago Magnum (Mcgrew)      Constance Tillett
Maria Casia Magnum                  Santiago Magnum                 Constance Tillett
Guillermo  Magnum                     Santiago Magnum                 Constance Tillett
Juan Magnum                               Santiago Magnum                 Constance Tillett
Pablo Rubin Lee                                 Juan Lee                              Isabel White
Maria Lee                                          Juan Lee                               Isabel White
Miquel Lee                                        Juan Lee                               Isabel White
Maria Morris                                  Juan Morris                            Isabel Wimpy  
Ana Hockitt                                 Wilford Hockitt                            Tempe Ivy
Agata Hockitt                              Wilford Hockitt                            Tempe Ivy
Maria Sara Hockitt                     Antonio Hockitt                           Sara Wilson
Maria Olivia Collins                    Guillermo Collins                       Ruth Renfrow
Ana White                                     Thomas White (Wheat)                    Isabel Morgan
Isabel White                                  Thomas White                           Isabel Morgan
Juan Powell                                 Guillermo Powell                            Isabel Nash
Guillermo Mayse                        Ricardo Mayse (Moses)                          Sara Fletcher
Pedro Abram Mayse                  Ricardo Mayse                            Sara Fletcher
Ricardo Mayse                           Ricardo Mayse                             Sara Fletcher
Guillermo Bates                          Thomas Bates                               Massy Powell
Miquel Tobias Jackson               Santiago Jackson                         Hana  Johnson
George Washington Jackson      Santiago Jackson                         Hana Johnson
David Jackson                             Santiago Jackson                         Hana Johnson
Brigida Bouyen


Although these are Catholic Baptisms the Priest made a note that MOST of these parents were Protestant or Anabaptist.
Child's Name                               Father                                      Mother
Carlotta Michel                      Juan Michel                            Sally Brewer
Euprasina Olive**                  Domingo Olive**                 Maria Louisa Boudin
Tom Dunn                             Cornelius Dunn                          Hana Reins
William Hollinger
Jacobo Blackwell                 Nataniel Blackwel                   Priscilla Corbin
Franca Kane                          Guillermo Kane                     Maria Palmer
Guillermo Lot                           Thomas Lot                        Isabel Johnson
Juan Abram Jones                  Miquel Jones                       Martha Spears
Jacobo Johnson                      Juan Johnson                        Joyce Powell
Guillermo Dyer                          Rubin Dyer                         Maria Cupins
Isabel Dyer                                Rubin Dyer                         Maria Cupins
Sara Dyer                                 Rubin Dyer                           Maria Cupins
Eupresina Saucix                    Carlos Saucix                 Margrita Juan Boudin
Miquel Nathaniel Fulsome     Abasion Fulsom                        Sara Paul
Sara Tally                                   Juan Tally                         Madaline Hart
Juan Levi Barrow                   Rubin Barrow                        Juana Johnston
Catalina Baker                        Juan Baker                            Isabel Mosley
Juana Magrew                        Juan Magrew  (Mcgrew)                           ? Clenky
Anna Frasix                             Jacobo Frasix (Frasier)                        Maria Pixxy (Perry?)
Maria Beshears                   Ledeck Beshears                 Susanna Vaughan  *choctaw  nation*
Elisabeth Turnbull                   Juan Turnbull                    Catalina Rickers *Choctaw nation*
Isabel Penny Turnbull             Juan Turnbull                    Catalina Rickers
Juan Turnbull                          Juan Turnbull                     Catalina Rickers
Sara Kilcrease                     Roberto Kilcrease                      Anna Clarke
Anna Juana                                                                               Niece Smith
Maria Derwin                        Shippith Derwin                        Anna Bashers
Bernado Piere Basitista       Pedro Basitista                          Margarite Jagus   
** These names are given in "Love's Legacy", Page 373 as Euprasina and Dominique Dolive.

Also from Charlene Moore, via rootsweb, we have baptisms of the Steadham family.
Submitted by Charlene Moore,
January 2001

Records below from Records of Old Mobile Parish of the Immaculate 
Conception Mobile, Alabama  Book 2 Baptisms  1781-1850

1. Act # 102  Mary Stedham
         On 8 November 1788, I, the undersigned pastor of Mobile, 
solemly baptized in the house of Samuel Mims, Marie, born on 7 March 
1780.  Godfather was John Phillips.   Signed: Rev. Miguel Lamport

2.  Act #103   Benedict Benjamin Stedham
          On 8 November 1788, I, the undersigned pastor of Mobile, 
solemly baptized Benedict Benjamin, born on 7 Febuary 1783.  
Godfather was Samuel Mims.   Signed: Rev. Miguel Lamport

3. Act # 104 James Moses Stedham
          On 8 November 1788, I, the undersigned pastor of Mobile, 
Baptized solemly James Moses, born on 13 March 1784.  I was his 
Godfather. Signed: Rev Miguel Lamport

4. Act #105  John Jesse Stedham
           On 8 November 1788, I the undersigned pastor of Mobile, 
solemly baptized John Jesse, born on 26 October 1786.  Godmother was 
Mrs. McCurtin.  Signed: Rev. Miguel Lamport
* In 1788 Cornelius McCurtain's wife was Marie Margerite Lefleau (Leflore) sister of Adam's wife Marie Francoise Lefleau
5. Act # 106  Timothy Stedham
           On 8 November 1788, I, the undersigned pastor of Mobile, 
solemly baptized Timothy, born on 20 May 1788. (No Godparents 
listed).  Signed: Rev. Miguel Lamport  

All five above children are children of Moses Stedham and Willinger 
Epinger,  Protestants, Natives of North America, Residents of the 
Alibamons River in this District.  Signed Rev. Miguel Lamport

6. Act #218 Elizabeth Stedham
On 30 June 1794, I, pastor of Immaculate Conception Church of 
Mobile, baptized and put the holy oils to a girl, daughter of 
Moses Stedahm and Winifred Epinger and gave her the name of 
Elizabeth.  Godparent was Rev. Francis Lennan. In faith whereof I 
sign it, Rev. Constantine McKenna
       7. Act # 225  Thomas Stedham   Edward Stedham
             On 1 July 1794, I, the pastor of Immaculate Conception 
Church of Mobile, baptized and put the Holy Oils to two boys of Moses 
Stedham and Winifred Springer, Americans, Protestants, and gave them 
the names of Thomas and Edward.  Godparents for bothe were William 
Piercy and his brother.  In faith I sign it, Rev. Constantine McKenna.
* the godfathers are William and John Pierce.

Additionally there are three baptisms not recorded on either of these transcriptions, they are for the children of Frances Pyburn.
November 1788, Tensaw
Mary Pyburn born September 1784 and Benito Benjamin born April 26, 1786
The above are children of Jacob Pyburn and Frances Mullis. The Godfather was Kassian C. Kastaneres (Castanares), who also witnessed the marriage of Adam Hollinger and Marie Josephine Juzan
Isabelle, natural daughter of Frances Mullis. Godfather K.C. Kastaneres (Castanares)born March 30, 1788.

The 1789 Census is as follows
from Vidas Legacy
NameAgeMarriedSpouses Age
Carlos Hall Charles Hall and Aurilla Dupree41X37
Vicenie Walker ?Wiseman Walker28
Guillermo Walker William Walker40
Franco Paiban Frances Pyburn33
Guliiermo Dreuo William ?41
Juan Manden John McGrew? wife Isabel Clenky27X22
Mia Jones Madame Jones?X26
Carlos Canabay Charles Connaway wife Chloe Turner34X31
Jorge Bick George Beck48X46
Guillermo Cane William Cane wife Maria Palmer40X39
Juan Tilis John Tilis46
Samuel Mims wife Hannah Rains/Brady47X22
Adam Hollinger wife Marie Josephine Juzan49X19
Cornelius Dunn wife Hannah Rains36X26
Mig Sullon Michael Sullivan?28X20
Juan Johonston John Johnston wife Joyce Powell37X32
Rubin Dyer wife Maria Coussins/Cupins40X29
James Frazer22
Benjamin Stedan Half brother, mestizo of Moses23
Moses Stedan Moses Steadham wife Willingen Gringer38X39
Abraham Walker39
Josefros Nelson Joseph Newton? wife Margaret Beechuns24X32
Naran Lawell Nathan Blackwell wife Priscilla Corbin31X36
Dabiz Mims David Mims33
Josiah Fleicer Josiah Fletcher25
Samuel Lyons41X39
Micara Burfod Micaja ? Buford or Brewer?31X23
Guillermo Tervin William Turvin45X35
Juan Morgan John Morgan43
Jorge Fallar George Fallar ?Feller32
Jorge Filler25
Guillermo Sabeson William Saveson/Sabeson23
James Mcbride31
Guillermo Hall William Hall26
Guilermo Little William Little29
Eduardo Charlo Edward Charles36
Jose Lauson Joseph Lawson30
Juan ?37
Juan Dunnefor John Dunn?24
James Barren29
Migl. Hartey Michael Hartley35X36
Cornelius Macar Cornelius McCurtain  wife Marie Marguerite Leflore36X28
Juan Donaba John Donly?40
Juan Miguel John Michael/Mitchell wife Sally Brewer38X38

The Census transcription you can find online for 1797 is missing several key members of the commmunity. I will compile a list of the 1797 residents, as per the land records, and include it after the table.

1797 Tombigbee Census (missing key Tensaw folks)
from usgenweb
First Last Name Age Wife’s Age Nationality Children Slaves
Abraham Bacon 46 44 American 6
John Baker 38 33 American 2
Thomas Basset 38 35 American 4 6
Nathaniel Blackwell 33 28 American 4
William Bore 39 22 American 1 4
John Boris 26 22 American 1
Francis Boykin 34 31 American 2
John Boykin 23 American bachelor
Anne Brewer 62 American widow
Charles Brewer 33 32 American 4
Elizabeth Brewer 94 American widow
John Brewer 50 50 American
Joseph Bryan 38 26 American 2
George Bussey 37 24 American 3 3
Julian de Castro 40 22 Spanish 2 1
Daniel Crump 24 American bachelor
James Daniel (Danly?) 46 21 American 6 7
Jacob Diny 36 American bachelor
Juan Bernardo Dubrocal 26 French bachelor 3
Peter Dunn 30 Irish bachelor
Francis Estrigna
40 23 American 2 2
Simon Favre 30 French bachelor 3
Francisco Fontanilla 40 48 Spanish 6
James Griffin 29 American 5
George Johnson 26 American bachelor
Daniel Johnston 70 58 American 2
John Johnston 47 41 American 7 10
Thomas Jones 36 18 American 2
Anne Lawrence 50 American 1 widow 6
Thomas Lee 38 American bachelor
William Lucas 36 28 American
James McGrew 52 44 American 9
John McGrew 58 43 American 8 16
Abraham Mounger 23 American bachelor
Jacob Moseley 20 American bachelor
Henry Nell
35 25 American 3
Elias Passell 18 American bachelor
Thomas Price 40 French bachelor
Jacob Pyburne 20 18 American 3
Cornelius Rains 23 20 American 2 10
Tobias Rinies 43 39 American 3 4
Eugene Sullivan 45 42 American 5 1
Mrs. Griffin 24 American widow
Samuel Griffin 76 61 American 1
Weber Guinn 39 32 American 2 4
Thomas Gulfanton 40 American bachelor
Mary Gult? 68 American 3 widow
Thomas Guiten 39 33 American 5 3
Elizabeth Thompson 48 American 1 widow 1
Richard Vicker 44 21 American 1
Robert Welch 48 38 American 8 1
John Woods 22 American bachelor
From the American State papers and territorial papers, we can obtain the following information however,
American State Paper information
Robert Welch had a Choctaw family and moved near the Trading house (Fort Stephens), his son in law was Henry Nail, who sold his patent to Young Gaines in either 1795 or 1797. Henry Nail's wife was Molly Nail, who is spoken of frequently by Gaines.

American State Papers, Volume 1
Information taken from Testimony
Joseph Wilson lived next to John Kennedy on Tombigbee
Mathew Shaw lived on Tombigbee near William Rogers
Robert Sorrel lived on Little Bassets Creek
Thomas Malone on Tombigbee at upper corner of Francis Stringers
William Rogers on Tombigbee at upper corner of Raleigh Greens
John Canneda's (Kennedy) Tombigbee between Joseph Wilson and James Dennely
Wilson Carman on Mobile near where Alex Troillet now lives, by James Caller's and below Fort Stoddart
John Denley (Donley?) on Tombigbee at upper corner of George Dickey's
Thomas Sullivant Jr. West Tombigee and upper mouth Three River's lake
Levin Hainsworth, claim not supported.
Nathaniel Ross claim not supported
Thomas Sullivant no river's landmarked
John Dunn west Tombigbee at upper corner of Nathaniel Blackwells
William H Hargrave bordered by Richard Lee, James Denley, Hiram Mounger and Jordan Morgan
Edmund Smith west Mobile bordered by heirs of Godfrey Helveson and Edward Garland
George Farrar begins at corner where these meet John Johnston, Moses Moore (Ann Lawrence) and Bridget Burke, also bordered by James Lowe
George Dickey Tombigbee bordered by Ephraim Barker
John Dease's (Dees?) East Bilbo's creek
John Hawkins Richard Barrow and Barrow's creek and Mobile River
Simon Andrey Mobile River and Joseph Chastang
Thomas Goodwin (Godwin?) Right of Hiram Younger, Benjamin Harrison and Solomon Wheat
Dominique DeOlive, representative Young Gains, borders George Brewer Jr, originally claimed by Valentine Dubroca
Thomas Malone, representative of John Arnot West Tombigbee to George Brewer Jr
John Chastang Mobile River, Cedar and Groghall Creeks
George Brewer Tombigbee, John Brewer l claim was Charles Armon Dubroy
John Brewer representative of Charles Armon Dubroy Tombigbee near James Dennelly claimed under Daniel Ward
Joseph Chastang Simon Andrey to Mobile to John Baptist Trenniers
Richard Brashears, representative of Patrick Brewer Hiram Mounger, William H Hargrave and Stephen Williams
James Callier rep of Joseph Anderson Tombigbee west bank and Joseph Carson
James Callier rep of Isabelle Troillet near Alex Troillet to a sluice or bayou near fort Stoddart off of mobile river
Jordan Morgan claim not supported but entilted to this land west Tombigbee at place called Ward's corner Thomas Wheat, Daniel Ward, Nicholas Perkins and Denley's claim
Solomon Wheat James Scott
Solomon Johnson Johnson's creek
Hezekia Carter Hardy wooten and William Hunt
John Baptist Trennier west Mobile channel, Groghall creek, Doctor John Chastang
Simon Andrey Mobile River
William Coleman not entitled
Young Gaines claim not supported or entitled
Edward Lloyd Wailes, rep of John Baker John Baker purchased from Pleasant Rose 1803, William Brewer no longer lives in territory and Emanuel Cheney is dead. Land was bordered James Griffin and John Chastang
Solomon Johnson Johnson's Creek in Washington County
Nicholas Weeks executor of Dominique dOlive Mobile River bounded by M. Narcisse Broutin and Augustin Rochon spanish warrant 1793
Benjamin Fews Mobile one mile south of forks of Tombigbee and Alabama came in 1802 from Georgia
Joseph Thompson rep of Adam Hollinger Alabama River, John Randon, George Weekley to Phillips and Mims lines. Spanish Warrant to Adam Hollinger for 20 acres on Tensaw on island by name of Nanna Hubba 1787 claimed by Joseph in 1795 per testimony, signed deed 1804
Joseph Thompson's case adjoining Samuel Mims, James Randon on Alabama and Holly Creek
William and John Pieece as representatives of Jeremiah Phillips east of Tombigbee on Alabama riverdeed dated 1805 John Mills and George Weekly testified. On Nannahubba Island, flooded frequently and was occupied by Jeremiah Phillips in 1797
John Mills Alabama River on Nannahubba Island testified by Joseph Thompson and Moses Steadham that he was present in 1797
Francis Killinworth representative of William Mills east of Tombigbee and Alabama was owned by Thomas Hudson who gave all of his estate to his wife Sarah (daughter of Charles Hall) dated February 1900, statement by James Thompson that he married Sarah Hudson and William Mills March 17, 1800. Sold to Francis Killingsworth by William Mills in 1804, testified Francis Killingsworth is dead/
George Weekly, representative of Michael Skipper representative of Michael Skipper, spanish warrant dated 1787 to Skipper east of Tombigbee on west side of Alabama river. This land was sold to John Joyce 1792 then to Cornelius Dunn, then in 1796 Cornelius Dunn signed this land to his son in law George Weekly.
Narciso Broutin (MALE) was militia leiutenant spanish grant 1793 between alabama and tombigbee, Young Gaines was Attorney in fact. Narciso resident in Mobile per C. Dunn
Heirs of John Linder Jr. East of Tombigbee and Alabama on west side of Tensaw Lake adjoins Alabama River. Spanish grant 1788
Benjamin Hoven East of Tombigbee on Alabama River settled 1797
Josiah Fletcher on cutoff Island commonly called Nanna Hubba east side of Tombigbee
Moses Steadham on Curry's lake, east of Tombigbee, George Weekly
Cornelius Dunn east of Tombigbee on Holly Creek
John Randon East of Tombigbee on Nanna Hubba Island butting Alabama
George Weekly east of Tombigbee and Alabama on Steadham's lake, Killingsworth and Mims borders
James Randon on Holly Creek beginning at Mims corner. Testimony that James was brother of John and part owner of slaves who cultivated this land in 1797
William Weekly east of Tombigbee, cultivated in 1803
Benjamin Steadham East of Tombigbee and on Alabama, cultivated by his son Moses Steadham in 1797
Jesse Ross, representative of Abraham Walker on Hollow Creek east of Tombigbee and Alabama cultivated in 1797 by Abraham
Lemuel Henry, representative of John Linder Sr. East of Tombigee and Alabama on mouth of Tensaw lake and on Alabama. Spanish grant to John Linder Sr 1788, conveyed in 1800 to John Mills and Mary his wife and then in 1803 from John Mills to Lemuel Henry.
James Mills representative of John Linder Sr.West side of Tensaw Lake. Same warrant information as Lemuel Henry, John Linder 1788 to John Mills 1800 to James Mills 1803
William and John Pierce, representatives of Francis Ballard Alabama River. Francis Ballard to Seth Dean 1801, Seth Dean to David Allen 1801, 1805 from David Allen to William and John Pierce. George Weekly came 1796, Francis Ballard 1797 land was cultivated by his son in law, Ballard moved to Mississippi.
William Shields East side of Tombigbee. George Weekly testified that Shields moved from Pensacola to Tensaw 1797
Nat (Nathaniel) Christmas representative for Michael Hartly on Nanna Hubba between Benj. Few and
Sterling Depree, deed dated 1805
James Callier representative of Joseph Campbell east of Tombigbee nearly opposite Fort Stoddart. Mentions an Isabella Campbell cultivated land in 1797, Michael Harltey said the land was cultivated by Mrs. Troullet. Widow of Pierre or Peter Trouilett.
Simeon Wilkes, representative of James Proctor Tensaw Lake deed 1803
William Collins representative of Charles Conway East of Tombigbee bounded by Tensaw Lake and John Weekly testimony land was not cultivated by Conway but by Richard Harkins in 1797
John Weekly representative of James Farr east of Tombigbee bounded by Tensaw Lake, Richard Coleman and Simon Wilkes deed 1804, cultivated by Farr in 1797
William Webber East of Tombigbee cultivated 1797
Fanny Steele Tensaw Lake Wm Buford agent, cultivated 1797
Jordan Proctor Tensaw Lake cultivated 1796 and 1797
Heirs of Michael Milton, Benjamin Hoven agent, Tensaw Lake cultivated 1797
Reuben Dyer, forks of Tensaw River and lake, cultivated 1797, frequently floods
Richard Coleman Tensaw Lake cultivated 1797
Joseph Stiggins Stiggins Lake, Tensaw Lake cultivated 1797
James Cochran, representative of Samuel Lyons Tensaw Lake, cultivated by Lyons 1797 til death 1802
Samuel Trends east of Tombigbee and Alabama on Pine log creek cultivated 1797, interferes with Francis Killingsworth's claim
William Buford representative of Conrad Selhoof bounded by Tensaw river, includes Piney Island, floods. Spanish warrant 1788, then there is on back of warrant. Cornelius McCurtain power of atty for widow Colate sells to John Linder Sen 1794, then to John Jr 1798, deed 1803 to Wm Buford. Testimony that Mr. Colate died on property, and they knew of no Conrad Selhoof.
Adam Hollinger, east of Tombigbee on bank of Cutoff spanish warrant 1794. Land was cultivated by tenant of Adam's named Watkins in 1795 and by Hollinger ever since
Thomas Bates Sr. Tombigbee, Thomas Bates Jr and Joseph Bates Sr cultivated since 1791, spanish warrant 1795
Richard Turvin Tombigbee, Adam Hollinger and Thomas Bates Jr, not cultivated until 1798
Samuel Mims east of Tombigbee on Alabama river or Cutoff (Nanna Hubba Island) cultivated 1797
James Callier, representative of Joseph Campbell, cont testimony. Alexis Trouillet overseer for Isabelle Troillett who resided in Mobile and was widow of Pierre Trouillet cultivated in 1797
Nat Christmas representative of Michael Hartly cont. testimony cultivated 1796-1798 but not sure if inhabitable
Benjamin Few cont. cultivated last four years
Lemuel Henry representative of Michael Hartly, East of Tombigee to Alabama, lower end of Nanna Hubba island, same testimony as that for Nat Christmas
Samuel Mims, representative of William Clarke 80 miles from Mobile bounded by Alabama, british warrant 1778 to William Clarke, 1801 from A. Lindrat to Jesse mcCall then to Samuel Mims. Testimony that land was cultivated by Mims since 1795, that William Clarke owned land then and lived in Georgia, but that Mims was tenant.
Joseph Stiggins representative of John Johnston bounded on South by Mrs. Steel and Tensaw Lake. 1788 Spanish Warrant to John Johnson, 1796 conveyed to Arthur Rials and in 1796 deed from Rials and Samuel Lyons to Joseph Stiggins. Testimony that the land was cultivated prior to 1796 by John Johnston then by either William Hillis or James Upton
William Webber's claim cont. something about indian claims to the land had been estinguished
heirs of Valentine Dubroca, east of Mobile bounded by Joseph Campbell, representative of Augustin Rochon, widows name is Marton Dubroca, cultivated in 1797 by slaves under control of one of Dubroca's sons
Joseph Campbell representative of Augustin and Louisa Rochon east of Mobile bordered by Daniel Ward and Dominique (dOlive), cultivated 1793 until 1799 when spanish troops evacuated with his mother Louisa Rochon. Supposed to have 2 spanish warrants but they were not in this testimony
Thomas Bates Jr. Tombigbee River, Richard Turvin cultivated 1797, single in 1797
James Callier representative of Joseph Campbell, cont. testimony by a Henry Weathers that he worked for the widow, and by Richard Barrow that he thought she lived on the bluff opposite
Nat Christmas and Lemuel Henry, each saying they represent Michael Hartly, cont. lots of testimony. John Henry (brother?) of Lemuel got Michael Hartly to sign for 20 dollars. There was something about Antonio Espaho, representative of John Turnbull and it being conflicting claim and due to when Michael Hartly started occupying land he had no right to exemption.Then testimony that Nat Christmas' agent bought the land for 100 dollars from Michael Hartly in April.
Antonio Espaho, representative of John Turnbull on east of Tombigbee, claimed by Lemuel Henry 1790 Spanish Warrant to Turnbull for land on Nanna Hubba Island. Testimony that John Turnbull had not lived on this land 1795 it was cultivated by a man named Alexander who did not pay rent to Turnbull and that this warrant conflicted with several claims (Michael Hartly's two conflicting claims and Thomas Bates Jr and Joseph Bates Sr)
Testimony from Thomas Marshall that he came to Tensaw in 1795. Mentions death of Townsend, this was on behalf of William Buford's claim.
William McDaniel representative of George Phillips east of Tombigbee on Major's Creek, testimony land cultivated in 1797, widow of George Phillips married to Wiseman Walker who sold land to McDaniel and that George Phillips had two children, a son and a daughter.
William Buford representative of George Weekly sr. east of Tombigbee bounded north by Major's creek and John Mills land to south by Conrad Selhoof and to west by Glade Rasley testimony that land in 1797 cultivated by Peter Rolly a Spanish Commandant by permission of John Linder sr, and that land was continued to be cultivated by Linder after spanish troop evacuation in 1799. Testimony that Thomas Marshall came to land with Rolly, that Linder moved to Honeycut's bluff ant that Arthur Patton resided on the land in 1803 as tenant of John Linder.
Joseph Campbell representative of Augustine and Louisa Rochon, spanish warrants 1794 for both Augustine and his mother Louisa, sold to Campbell 1804.
James Carpenter, heir at law of Richard, Caleb, and Joseph Carpenter, british grant alabama river, north of mobile 35 miles bounded by Jacob Blackwell warrant dated 1769. James lives in Adam county MS, testimony that Richard lived at Baton Rouge when surrendered to Spain then moved to Natchez district
Alexander Macullagh representative of Thomas Underwood Alabama river 65 miles above mobile, bri
british warrant conveyed 1779 to Alexander Macullagh, uncle of claimant and he's his heir
Abijah Hunt representative of Augustine Rochon, basically, he now has claim that Joseph Campbell had. Deed of conveyance 1801 from Joseph Campbell and Isabelle his wife (formerly the widow Trouillet)
heirs of Robert Farmer, Tensaw River and Lake, claimed by attorney for Heirs of Major Robert Farmer deed of conveyance from Francis Daran to Robert Farmer 1764, next from Peter Deforge conveyance dated 1768
Lots of decisions
William McDaniel representative of George Phillips testimony from Jeremiah Phillips brother of George, names John Phillips age 18 or 19 and James Farr as husband of the daughter. George died in 1797, wife married Wiseman Walker
Extract of a table from Am state papers, Vol 3 not 1, these are listed as Louisiana, but are Tensaw and Mobile are folks.
Claimant Original claimant location
Heirs of V Dubroca Joseph Badon Tensa
Gerald Byrne Peter Vivarent (Vinzant?) Tensa
Francis Mazurier Francis mazurier Tensa
Charles Conway John Truillet (Troullet) Tensa
Regis Bernody Joseph Munora Mobile
Henri Boden Daniel Jusan Fish River *possible
Thomas Powell Louis Boudin Fish River
Hiliarie Dubroca Valentin Dubroca Mobile
Maximilian Dubroca Valentin Dubroca Moble
Heirs of Robert Farmer St. Miebel Tensa Not allowed
Heirs of Robert Farmer Robert Farmer Mobile not allow
A, Rochon A Rochon
Joseph Barbeuiuer Joseph Barbeiur Mobile
Sheffield Howard Sheffield Howard Horn Island
Rep. Of Sim Favre Simon Andrey Near mobile
Miguel Eslava Joseph Chastang Near the Fort (Stoddart)
Heirs of C. McCurtain I dela Sausage Fowl River
Francis Alexander C. Lardass Mobile Bay
Widow Cheariac Unknown 7 leagues from Mobile
James Navarn Pelagie Lorriens Mobile Bay
Heirs of Mrs. Baden Unknown 10 leaques from Mobile
Widow Guillory Peter Guillory Mobile Bay
Francis Gerard Manon (free negro) Bayou Rahon
Daniel Johnson John Lynder Mobile Bay
John McCallister John Lynder Honey Cut Island
Joseph McChandless Patrick Fin Tombigbee
Charles and Francis Paxent (Parent) Francis Parent Mobile Bay twice
Another table from American state papers volume 3, most of these I know are in Alabama.
Claimant Original claimant
Elizabeth Chastang Joseph Chastang
Heirs of Simon Landry Rochon
Francis Gerard Benjamin Dubroca
Bazile Chastang John Chastang
Lewis Judson Madam Favre
Regis Bernody Fran Fontinilas
Regis Bernody Louis Durant
Regis Bernody Isabelle Chastang
Regis Bernody Isabelle Chastang
Mary J., Eteine, Genevieve and Placide Krebs
As above M. fran Buisnan
As above James Campan
Nicholas Cook John Chastang
Dominique Salle John Harn
Mary Rochon, Isabelle, Hypolite, Marcelle and Augustin Demony Augustine Rochon
Benjamin Dubroca M. Krebs
Baptiste Freniez P. Gilchrist
Mariane D. Franienz Mariane Guillory
Mariand D. Franiez Margarite Narbone
Thomas Powell Dominique Salle
William Mitchell J. L. Lusser
Ann Surtill Diego McVoy
Ann Surtill Valentine Dubroca
Ann Surtill John Murrell (three)
Ann Surtill Joseph Ortis
Isabelle Vourrier Pierre Lucien
Pierre Lucien Mrs. Toinette
James Wilson Jack Jaco
Phillip a free negro Joseph a free negro
Constance Hugon Francis Suarez
Lucy, Trasy, Daniel, Pierre, Benjamin, Clare, Cydoine Lorinding (Laurendine) Joseph Chastang
Pierre Lorendine Raphael Hildalgo
Lucy Landry Maria A Dufey
Lucy a free negro Nicholas Mangula
Alexis Trouillet Etienne Fievre (Favre)
Alexis Troullet Antonio Espejo
Joseph Ortiz Francisco Fontanille
Joseph Ortiz Antony Espejo
Joseph Ortiz Peter Vincent
Stephen Spalding Pedro Garzon
Heirs of Louis Duset Jean de Lusser
John Forbes and Co Multiple unknown
John Bosarge
Melany Rochon Cuffy a free negro
Rosalie Jacques Angeliza a free negro
Jean Chastang Joana Montlimar
Lewis Judson Augustin Rochon
John Chavares Joseph Ortis
Benito Caro Francisco Alexander
Benito Caro Vincent Gonzales
Lewis Judson Nicholas Weeks
Frances Baudin Lordas
Wm Pollard Charles Baron
Armand Duplantier Simon Andry
Martha B stewart J T Franier (twice)
Clara Favre Jaques Jaco
Augustin Colin Julia Villars
Ferine Frenier Francis Alexander
Heirs of R. Farmer Grondel
Diego Alvarez Joshua Gracie
Heirs of C. McCurtin Suanion and mcgillfray
Heirs of C. McCurtain James de la Sausage
Heirs of A. Rochon Favre (three)
Francis Hendersburg Mary Josefa
Heirs of Jesse Embree Andrew Bernard
Miguel Eslava Joq'n de Osorno (four)
Heirs of Leroy Peter Lansevien
Achille Burrell Burrelle
Pierre Lucian Unknown
John Coffee William Fisher
John Coffee William Fisher
Madam Freniez Matthew Flaux
Boisbriant Unknown
Residents who signed petition 1799 (also transcribed on usgenweb).
1799 Petition Tensaw and Tombigbee
Berry, Presley
Berry, John Blackwell, Nathan Boykin, Francis Brewer,. Charles Brewer, Geo Callier, John Cheney, Emanuel De Castro, Julian Denley, James Gains,Young Hollinger, Adam Hunt, Henry Hunt, William King, Ben Lee, Rd Lukas, William McGrew, John McGrew, Fld (John Flood) McGrew, Clarke McGrew, Will Morgan, Hiram (I think this should be Hiram Mounger, brother of Sampson) Mounger, Sampson Rogers, Wm Stringer, Francis Vardeman, William Vinson, Jas (Vinzant) Welch, Robert Wootan, Harde

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