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Pushmataha and Mushulatubbee family relationships

Notes from the testimonies and discussions and source materials

* Spouse Unknown 
James Madison 
Unknown child
 Betsy Moore *age 10-14 in 1822
Unknown Martha Moore * age 10-14 in 1822
Johnson Pushmataha *under age 1830 also known as Harshirutubbee

*Charles Lanman and Thompson McKinney 1851, Pushmataha had 5 children,
 in land scrip, Jamesiachinko says her children are only heirs of Pushmataha. She is also known as Immayahoka and Lunnebaka. In 1818 Congress relief of James Madison, son of Pushmataha. Johnson Pushmataha age 14 in 1838 in Choctaw Academy.Pushmataha’s eldest son died at age 21 (Mckinney) and was 15 in 1820 when attended Choctaw Mission School.

Happy Bird married John Garland (White)
* Documents in Washington DC confirm Happy Bird is sister of Pushmataha
Nahotima married twice, first husband same man as father of Mary McDonald/Rhodes and the mother of Robert M. Jones
* Letters and testimonies of children and grandchildren confirm this relationship

1813 Pushmataha wrote of the death of two of his nephews, and that four individuals, at least two family members are pursuing the murderers of these nephews.
Children of Happy Bird and Nahotima belong to same iska as Pushmataha.

 * Spouse Full Blood 

Spouse ¼ - ½ Choctaw
James Madison
Mary King1
Rufus *unproven*

*Choctaw missionary records, full blood sons, Peter the eldest, Charles youngest, mixed blood sons, Hiram and James Madison. (James Madison elder of the two). Unclear if Hiram Jefferson King in 1856 is the son of James Madison, Hiram or Mushulatubbee. Rufus King attended Choctaw Academy, no further documentation. Susan King proven by testimony, as is McKee King and Tecumseh (youngest child).

Caty married William Riddle and John Jones Sr.
*proven by Choctaw missionary records for Caty’s son’s John and William Riddle
Atoba (?spelling), proven by newspaper article. Killed himself after acquitted of murder
Sister m. Ebenezar Folsom and ? Kincaid/Kincade

*Peter Pitchlynn called nephew in two letters by Mushulatubbee. Peter refers to Uncle Capt. Kincaid on more than one occasion. John Pitchlynn writes inquiring about his nephew Kincaid. Mary Homer refers to Sophia Pitchlynn and her sister, and old Pontubbee, who her mother is a relative of. According to letter’s Ebenezar left after he had his mother, so Sophia is likely only child of Ebenezar Folsom. Peter Pitchlynn also writes of death of Aunt Eliza and Uncle Chilletah. Chilletah writes to nephew Peter Pitchlynn asking him to buy him a new wife, McKee Folsom assists with this letter.
This seems to indicate that Sophia had at least one half sister, and that Joseph Kincaid was possibly a half sibling. Chilletah and Pontubbee are possibly relatives further removed.

John Everson is called son of Mingo’s brother in Choctaw missionary school record.

Additional records from this record
Additional information from Indians and intruders, vol. III, p67-69

Boarded at the school (not including Riddle’s and Mushulatubbee’s relatives)
Elbert James {lahbinkubbee}, is about 6 years of age, not clear choctaw, is a very promising boy. Stands at the head of his class, generally, read a little. Has a good memory

Lyman Collins {ahkathteh}, a clear choctaw, about 15 years old, and has no parents living, but being an uncle of two of the boys {not named which, may be McCann or Mushulatubbee's sons}, it was desirable that he should attend school with them. He discovers {sic} a good mind, and a lively dispostion to improve it. He is resolute and full of ambition- the most promising boy in the school. He is not behind any in the highest class. He reads fluently and with propriety in any part of the bible, and is noted for his aptness in spelling. He is very studious and industrious, acquires the English very fast. He has also attend some to writing.

Lewis McCann, (No native name), half choctaw, about 9 years of age, makes but little improvement, he is in the next class to the lowest, he is capable of learning but too negligent and rude. (Son of Cornelius McCann)

Wm. McCann, {no native name} is between 6 & 7 years of age, makes the least progress of any boy in school, very dull, except at play. (Son of Cornelius McCann)

These scholars who lived at the greatest distances from their relatives were generally governed with the least difficulty, and were more attentive to their books than those who wee near their parents or relatives.

The excitement which had been in the family, was in great measure concealed for many weeks; yet it was pleasing to find such feelings {sic} as there were still existing in the minds of some. The death of one of the Minko's youngest children seemed to have some affect upon his mind, which gave hopes of better privileges than we had enjoyed for a long season. But no soonner {sic} had the family taken some liberty to express their feelings as formerly, and manifest their respect for religious instruction than the same difficulties and opposition revived, and more formidable than heretofore, as the minko's influence has a greater weight upon the children than my influence had. Some fo them became more & more ungovernable, and being debared {sic} the privilges of spending the Sabbath agreeable to my wichies, and after having received the treatment of a servant by the minko's hands; with the advice of the brethen, I removed from the minko's for a season on June 25th, 1824. I could not but be effected, when taking my leave of he family; the minko not being present, to see the queen but out her hand with her eyes buried in tears, and the dear children standing around in perfect silence, with deep anxiety {word crossed out and not legible}{ to hear me name of my return. The lord will provide, I am your humble & obe servant with much Respect Adin C. Gibbs {signed}

Robert M. Jones and James L. McDonald

Robert M. Jones and James Mcdonald cousin’s per McDonald’s letter in 1831, Peggy and Delilah distant relatives.

Robert M. Jones also states they are relatives, and that James Trahern lived with him before attending the Choctaw Academy.

From Sandra Riley
James D. Hamilton has lately died.  The said deceased has left no relation nearer than the sister of his mother, or her son, Captain Jones, who is the proper heir. Later Jones goes on to call Hamilton nephew and cousin.

Joseph Kincaid, and Mushulatubbe, sign a statement that Robert M. Jones is the only heir.
James D. Hamilton, his father and mother are also dead, his uncle James L. McDonald is also dead, his grandmother Mary McDonald is also dead.  R. M. Jones the cousin of J. D. Hamilton is now living and the only heir in this nation or any other place that we know of.

With the death of Mushulatubbee in 1838 or so, this claim had to occur prior to the 1851 claim for the heirs of Molly/Mary McDonald in which the following are named… Sealey Mackey (Wife of Dave Mackey), Susan Craft, (born 1812, widow of Whitmell Craft, Jr.) Smith County, MS, Benjamin Nubbe, born 1816, Smith County, MS, and Rebecca McAfee (not found).

Jones was born 1808, Benjamin Nubbee 1816, and Susan Nubbee Craft 1812, based on the ages of her children, Sealey (Celie) Mackey was born 1810-1820.

Additional testimonies in Dawes files, sometimes conflicting, state Robert M. Jones is kin to Martha James (first cousin to Basie James Folsom, a daughter of Tom James, Basie doesn’t mention she’s kin so this may be through Martha’s mother). Richard Brashears testified Eli Mackey was the son of Robert Jones’ brother (he may mean half brother or maternal cousin) while Patsy Poff stated Mary the wife of Elijah Mackey was a cousin of Robert Jones.

James Hamilton, the son of Alexander Hamilton is the grandson of Molly McDonald. If Jones was born in 1808, his mother was born no later than 1794, but more than likely in the 1780's as the latest. James McDonald was born about 1800-1804. I don’t see how Robert M. Jones can claim he’s a nephew and a cousin, unless James’ mother was Robert’s sister. Through the matriarchal line, he is one of the heirs of James, but clearly, the other heirs of Mary McDonald are also heirs. Clearly though, Peggy and Delilah can’t be related through their mother Nahotima, as none of their children are named as heirs, this leaves their father as the relative, and Molly or Mary McDonald as the only possible link between James McDonald, Robert M. Jones, Peggy and Delilah.

Molly McDonald 1770-1780
Alexander Hamilton was involved in treaty of 1820, so he was already an adult, and was older than James. Estimate birth 1790-1800.
James L. McDonald born ca 1800-1804

Given that there are four additional heirs in 1851, they would have to be siblings, nieces or nephews of Jones, or first cousins. (Though the earlier claim names no other heirs) It is clear that he does not consider cousins through a maternal Uncle as heirs, as he forgoes the children of his Aunt’s, Delilah and Peggy. What is unclear, is why he completely ignores these four other heirs in his earlier claim that occurred sometime 1834-1838. If in fact Susan Craft was born 1812, she was about 22 at the death of James Hamilton, and Benjamin Nubba/Nubby was about 18. Given the name of Benjamin Nubby, and the fact that Robert M. Jones’ mother was still alive in 1834, it does seem possible he is a half brother or a nephew. Susan’s birth in 1812 makes it entirely possible she is a sibling. It is not clear who the siblings of Robert M. Jones were if at all.

Susan and Benjamin's mother was born no later than 1798, and likely around 1792. Given the time frame, if we put the age at 16 for these women (young for the Choctaws), then in order for these to be children of Robert’s sister(s), his mother was born about 1780.

The source of John Jones as Robert’s father comes from the Oklahoma Historical society and has not been confirmed. Since he names the death of Uncle Sam Jones in 1831, it seems that this is Samuel Jones Sr., listed as deceased on the Armstrong roll of that year. That leaves only John Jones Sr. to have been the ancestor of Robert M. Jones. The following affidavit puts John Jones in the area 1789-1799, and likely earlier, so there is time for John Jones to have had a Choctaw family prior to his marriage to Caty about 1818 or so. John isn’t named as a resident in 1781, so he likely arrived shortly thereafter. A copy of a will from Amherst Va. in Robert M. Jones’ records suggest he knew where his relatives came from.

Sumter County, Alabama deed book 3, page 223. John Jones affadiavit, received and recorded April 2nd 1839. The state of Alabama, Sumter County. Before me John A. Cowan as acting justice opf the peace for said county ? affadavit john jones who being duly sworn according to law deposes ? and sayethe that he was acquainted with Simon Faver in his lifetime that said Simon Favre ? forty and fifty years ago married an indian woman named M? daughter of france Mastubbee as I understood from communtications and by his had simon's children said Favre married in the Choctaw tribe of indians and resided on the Tombigby river. Deposee sayeht that he is satisfied and confident the above named ? unreadable eree married although he was not there from the fact that he was invited to the marriage and from what ? who was there told him and also from the fact that he was not more than two miles and a ? from unreadable at the time of the wedding

The following in 1830 gives a clue to John’s age…
1830 Marengo County, John Jones 70-80, with female 60-70 and one 40-50, is this him?
Washington Co. 1830 Alabama {alphabetical}
Males 30-40 and 60-70, females 2 20-30, and one 60-70

John would have been born anywhere from 1750-1760 or 1760-1770 according to these two censuses. The Marengo County household has him arriving at the age of mid twenties, which makes more sense than as a teenager. We do know Samuel Jones was a brother. Both of the females were born 1760-1770, and this is the right age for Caty. Caty’s first child with William Riddle, who was in the nation in 1781, is in 1792, and her last was born about 1812, putting her 42-52 years of age at the time of his birth. There is no Jones listed for Tombigbee or the Choctaw nation in 1781, so it’s likely that John and his brother arrived 1781-1785. Notations for the Choctaw inhabitants are not on any other census other than the 1781 when Spain took over the area. Caty was about 22-32 at the birth of her first child, and the age of 22 does seem to be more in keeping with the traditions. This has William Riddle in the area for 12 years before he married the sister of Mushulatubbee, and we know that Homomastubbee was influential at that time. William Riddle was a trader of whom Benjamin James objected. Benjamin James was likely in the area longer than William Riddle, and married much sooner. In 1830 Adam James has adult children, which puts him born more than likely in the 1770’s.

It seems that Molly was from the Oklafalaya district, (she lived on the Pearl River in 1820), whereas Robert M. Jones lived in the Okla Apetat district, it suggests that his mother moved there. Since Peggy and Molly's father also married within the Oklafalaya district then it adds another layer to the political marriages of the Choctaw in the late 18th century. Molly and her family received preferential treatment in the education of her sons and in the treaty of 1820 and 1830 which leads me to believe she was related to one of the key players of the area. In 1820 that would have been Apuckshunnubbee, but it is unclear if and exactly what that relationship is. Given the ages, it is possible that her mother was a sister of Apuckshunnubbee, but that is not proven at this time. It is important to note that there is never a connection between Robert M Jones and the Juzan’s, Tappenahoma and Oklahoma. We know from Peggy's daughter Eliza Ann that Peggy was a mixed blood and that her Uncle was Pushmataha, and by all other accounts Tappenahoma and Oklahoma were full bloods, so it appears that Tappenahoma and Oklahoma weren’t full siblings of Peggy or Delilah, and that they were older.

We don’t know anything about Delilah, who she married or anything other than the fact her children were minors in 1830. This would have them born no earlier than 1810, and likely 1810-1820. Since Delilah dies shortly after the treaty, I suspect she was close or over 50 at that time, so her children may have all been over 10 at the time of the treaty. If she was older than Oklahoma, she would have to be born before about 1784, (46 in 1830). If she were born 1780, then she was 30-40 if her children were born 1810-1820. Her son Joseph P Lancaster was sent in April 1831 to the Choctaw Academy along with his cousin James Trahern, and James' cousin (paternal) George Washington Trahern. Joseph died 1850's in Jackson. His elder sister Betsy died prior to him and land records say she had no heirs. His sister Susan Lancaster married Harden Taylor, and lived next to Susan Nubbee Craft in Smith in 1850, her husband is listed in Indian territory as a white in the 1860 census. We know little of Charity/Charlotta and the other sister Sarah.

We also know that Peggy’s daughter’s Mary and Delilah both married 1820-1822, suggesting they were close to the age of 20, so Peggy was likely born 1780 or earlier. Peggy’s children give perhaps the clearest picture of her siblings, her first child is named Mary, after her aunt?, and her second Delilah after her sister. Peggy and Delilah may be half Choctaw instead of the full we have always suspected. Peggy’s other daughter’s Rebecca, Lucy and Eliza Ann may also give clues to any additional relatives. We know Pierre was named for the father of Charles, or for Charles himself, whose likely baptismal name was Pierre Charles Juzan (family tradition is a saint name, generally the same for the family, in the Juzan’s only the father, first son (elder brother of Charles) and grandfather are available, but the name Pierre is given for all of them. The elder brother of Charles went by Francis, even though his baptismal name was Pierre Francois Juzan, while the father of both went by Peter or Pedro, his name was Pierre Gabrielle Juzan in baptismal records. He named his first son after his father Pierre Francois Juzan.) Jackson appears to be named after Andrew Jackson, and William has no known namesake.

In 1822 two sons ages 14 and 12 are mentioned as attending the Mission School at Juzan’s. (born 1808 and 1810). I am guessing this is William and Jackson Juzan as Pierre was older than that in 1822 (he was in his 20's when he attended Choctaw academy)
1Testimony of Lucy King says that Mushulatubbee only had one daughter who survived childhood.


  1. Rebecca King is the first born daughter of Chief Moshulatubbee
    The following information was found on the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma website.

    I am the 4th great grandson of Rebecca (King) & Samuel Jake Williams.
    The 5th great grandson of Moshulatubbee & Meleah

    Lenora Anabella Williams Dendy – Roll #15528

    Born Februrary 27, 1879, Walnut Hill, Williams Mtn., Eagle Co., Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.

    Died October 4, 1961.
    Married Daniel Baker Dendy – Feb. 10, 1856 to June 11, 1942
    Father: Samuel Williams
    Mother: Parilee Hoff Williams

    Grandmother: Rebecca Williams (Moshulatubbee’s Daughter)
    Grandfather: Samuel Williams; Believed to have been caucasion Captain in the army.

    *Samuel Marcus Dendy: October 31, 1893 to July 12, 1924.
    *Minnie Idella Dendy Jameson: March 3, 1897 to Oct. 21, 1975.
    *James Lindly Dendy: May 15, 1899 to June 13, 1985.
    *Ozella Dendy Mcdonald: July 31, 1901 to Sept. 25, 1990.
    *Herbert Buck Dendy: September 7, 1903.
    *Yula Berl Dendy Urice: August 1, 1905.
    *Lenora Lenoa Dendy Smith: Sept. 1, 1907 to Dec. 22, 1992.

    Six of seven children were enrollees.
    Samuel Williams

    Lauda Rebecca Williams
    Ozella Williams
    Lena Clementine Williams
    Laura C. Williams

    Children Of Samuel Marcus Dendy:
    King Williams: Birth Date Unknown
    Mark Williams: Birth Date Unknown

    Children Of Minnie Idella Dendy Jameson:
    John Herbert Jameson: Birth Date Unknown.
    Betty Jo Jameson: Birth Date Unknown.
    Stuart Jameson: Birth Date Unknown.
    Ginger Jameson: Birth Date Unknown.
    Loa Jameson: Birth Date Unknown.
    Ralph Jameson: Birth Date Unknown.

    Children of Ozella Dendy McDonal:
    Lenora Foster Arguellas: July 28, 1926.

    Children of Yula Beryl Dendy Urice:
    Joe Roy Urice: March 1, 1924.
    Wynona Jane Urice Morrow: August 29, 1926.
    Billie Marion Urice Byers: January, 17
    James Arthur urice: February 11, 1931.

    Childen of Leonora Leona Dendy Smith:
    Jeanne C. Smith: Sept. 16, 1928.
    James Leonard Smith: July 28, 1932.

  2. Children of Joe Roy Urice: Joe Scott Urice/Roy Kirk Urice/Mary Kathleen Urice
    Children of Wynona Jane Urice Morrow: Ann E Morrow/John Dale Morrow/Susan Morrow Winstead/Beryl Morrow Schewe/Robert Morrow
    Children of Billie Urice Wright Byers: James Wright/Richard Chester Wright/Aletha Kay Wright
    Children of Jame Arthur Urice: Thomas Duke Urice/Rex Urice
    posted by Kathy Urice 3/17/15

  3. Me and my wife are studying about Moshulatubbee because she is related by blood through a thrird gMusholatubbeeeneration grandmother named Manirva Cogbill, her son was Jesse, my father in law was George Smith and would have to be fifth generation my wife would be the sixth and my daughter would seventh! Now that is just to cool for school!