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Analysis of the beneficiaries of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek

Analysis of Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek

By district (not including provisions based on acres of cultivation, specific gifts)
Nitakechi 22 sections
Mushulatubbee 40 sections
Leflore 33.5 sections
Lived outside CN (mostly near Jackson) 9.25 sections
Unknown 7 sections

Out of Nitakechi district, 5 sections went to him and his son, 4 sections went to full bloods without a known relationship, and the remaining sections went to members of the Kunsha family group, see below (Juzans, Oklahoma, Tappenahoma, and two Garlands) 4 sections also went to Allen Yates and his wife.

Out of Mushulatubbee district 6 sections went to him and his sons, 3 sections to the James family, the Nail family had 3 sections, 1 section went to Choccohuma and the rest went to either the Pitchlynn or Folsom family except the 1.5 sections to Robert M. Jones

Out of Leflore District, of those where location is known, 4 sections went to full bloods, and the bulk went to the Leflore family and their relatives. The Vaughn Family group got 5.5 sections, and the Turner Brashears group got 3 sections.

The signers included 3 from Mushulatubbee district, 7 from Nitakechi and 5 from Leflore and one that I can't determine if he's from Nitakechi or Leflore, of the signers, only 3 maybe 4 did not benefit from the supplement.

Interpreters married into Choctaw nation
Middleton Mackey
John Pitchlynn (Ebenezar Folsom's dtr) and his three sons Silas, Thomas and Jack Pitchlynn

Folsom Family or married to a Folsom (Nathaniel's line only)
David Folsom
Peter Pitchlynn
Israel Folsom
Jacob Folsom
James Campbell
Giles Thompson (married to Walls)
Noah Wall (Lucretia Folsom)
Thomas Wall
David Wall

Descendants of Shumaka (Leflore/McCurtain/Nelson/Cole) or their husbands
Robert Cole
George W. Harkins
Louis Leflore
Benjamin Leflore
Garret Nelson
Samuel Long
Vaughn Brashears *note he is also listed with his family connection, wife a Leflore
Reuben Harris
Daniel mcCurtain
Willis Harkins
Greenwood Leflore

*Polly fillecuthy was the half aunt of Greenwood Leflore

Descendants (or husbands) of Turner Brashears (Franchimastubbee/Tobaca relative)
Thomas Everidge
Silas D. Fisher

Vaughn family relatives (includes Zadoc Brashears relatives)
James Vaughn
Turner Brashears
Vaughn Brashears
William Trahern
Wesley Trahern

Kunsha Family group (Pushmataha/Nahotima/Happy Bird)
Samuel Garland * married to daughter of John Pitchlynn
John Garland
Pushmataha's widow
Charles Juzan
William Juzan
Pierre Juzan
John Bond *wife Rebecca Juzan*

Nitakechi and Nails *claims Emily Yates was niece*
Henry Graves
Robert Nail
Molly Nail
Allen Yates and his wife Emily

James family
Susan Colbert
Benjamin James

relatives of Molly
James L. McDonald
Robert M. Jones
James Hamilton
probably Alexander Mckee ** known he is son of John Mckee**

himself and his two sons Hiram and James Madison
*John Pitchlynn was married to his niece, and Thomas was his nephew

Unknown Fullbloods
Samuel Worcester
T. Magaha
Little Leader
Capt Red Dog (Ofahoma)
Hopaii Chahubbi

Michael Leflore, wife from Okla falaya, uncle to Greenwood Leflore
Moses Foster
Samuel Foster
Louis Durant
Following likely Full bloods
Charles Scott
Phillip Hays (Jr or Sr? a trader Phillip Hays married into Leflore district(
J. Doke
George Hunter
Charles Scott

Article 15
To each of the Chiefs in the Choctaw Nation (to wit) Greenwood Laflore, Nutackachie, and Mushulatubbe there is granted a reservation of four sections of land

Article 19
. Colonel David Fulsom four sections Robinson Road, Mushulatubbe District
Two Sections
To I. Garland, (John Garland) Hassawaoli Creek, Nitakechi District
Colonel Robert Cole, Yalobusha, Leflore District
Tuppanahomer, Tappenahoma, Lost Horse/Pante Creek, Nitakechi district
John Pytchlynn, Interpreter, Mushulatubbee distrit
Charles Juzan, Lost Horse Creek, Nitakechi District
Johokebetubbe, (?Iahokatubbee, Chickasawhay River) Nitakachi district
Eaychahobia, Eyarchohuparye on Armstrong, Capt, Pante Creek Nitakechi district
Ofehoma (Capt Red Dog) Hanging Racoon Village Leflore District

  • prior to treaty, David Folsom and John Garland claimed to be Chief over Mushulatubbee and Nitakechi. Robert Cole and Tappenahoma served as chiefs 1825-1829.
Two Sections

Pierre Juzan, Tombigbee, Nitakechi District
Peter Pitchlynn, Near Robinson Road, Mushulatubbee District
G. W. Harkins, Yalobusha, Leflore District
Jack Pitchlynn,dead, widow on Sukenatcha, Mushulatubbe District
Israel Fulsom, Suckenatcha, Mushulatubbee District
Louis Laflore, Yazoo valley, Leflore District
Benjamin James, Tombigbee, Mushulatubbee District
Joel H. Nail, Buckatuna Creek, Mushulatubbee District
Hopoynjahubbee, ?Hopaii Chahabi Capt Chickashaway, Nitakechi district
Onorkubbee, Unnatanubbee on Armstrong, Black Creek Leflore District
Benjamin Laflore waters Pearl River and Young Warrior, North side, Leflore District
Michael Laflore Little Black River, Leflore District
Allen Yates and wife Buckatuna Creek, Nitakechi District
shall be entitled to a reservation of two sections of land each to include their improvement where they at present reside, with the exception of the three first named persons and Benjamin Laflore, who are authorized to locate one of their sections on any other unimproved and unoccupied land, within their respective districts.

section and a half of land, (to wit)
James L. McDonald Outside Choctaw Nation, Jackson, Leflore District
Robert Jones near Factory, Mushulatubbee District
Noah Wall Mayhew Mushulatubbee District
James Campbell Mayhew, Mushulatubbee District
G. Nelson Yalobusha, Leflore District
Vaughn Brashears, Honey Island, Leflore District
R. Harris Yazoo Valley, Leflore District
Little Leader, Sukenatcha, Mushulatubbe District
S. Foster Yalobusha, Leflore District
J. Vaughn, Chickashaway River, Mushulatubbee District
    L. Durans,Long Creek, Leflore District
    Samuel Long Black Creek Leflore District
    T. Magagha, ? Can't find him
    Thos. Everge, Leflore district
    Giles Thompson Mayhew, Mushualatubbe District
    Tomas Garland, (Thomas Wall), Mayhew Mushulatubbe District
    John Bond, dead, widow on Tombigbee, Nitakechi district
    William Laflore Yazoo valley, Leflore District
    Turner Brashears Yazoo Valley, Leflore District
    the two first named persons, may locate one section each, and one section jointly on any unimproved and unoccupied land, these not residing in the Nation; The others are to include their present residence and improvement.

Also one section is allowed to the following persons (to wit)
Middleton Mackey, near agency, Mushulatubbee district
Wesley Train, Shoknacha Creek/Tombigbee Nitakechi District
Choclehomo, Yanilla Village 4 miles from agency Mushulatubbee district
Moses Foster, Honey Island
    D.W. Wall, not listed separately from his father, was teacher at Juzan's Mushulatubbee District
    Charles Scott, Not on armstrong
    Molly Nail, Mushulatubbe district, as Nelly nail, near agency
    Susan Colbert, who was formerly Susan James,
    Samuel Garland, Robinson Road, Mushulatubbee District
    Silas Fisher, Leaf River, Leflore District
    D. McCurtain, old Natchez Trace, Leflore District
    Oaklahoma Tombigbee River South (? was on Lost horse creek) Nitakechi district
    Polly Fillecuthey, setpiah creek, north of Natchez Trace, Leflore District
John Pitchlynn has long and faithfully served the nation in character of U. States Interpreter, he has acted as such for forty years, in consideration it is agreed, in addition to what has been done for him there shall be granted to two of his children, (to wit)
Silas Pitchlynn, and
Thomas Pitchlynn one section of land each, to adjoin the location of their father; likewise to James Madison
and Peter sons of Mushulatubbee one section of land each to include the old house and improvement where their father formerly lived on the old military road adjoining a large Prairie.
And to Henry Groves son of the Chief Natticache there is one section of land given to adjoin his father's land.
And to each of the following persons half a section of land is granted on any unoccupied and unimproved lands in the Districts where they respectively live (to wit)
Willis Harkins, lived with father, Leflore district
James D. Hamilton, outside nation, lived in Jackson
William Juzan, lived with father, Nitakechi district
Tobias Laflore, not specified, Leflore district
Jo Doke, J. Doak, not specified Leflore district ? outside
Jacob Fulsom, Nosheshia Creek, Mushulatubbe District
P. Hays, Phillip Hays, not specified leflore district ? Out of district
Samuel Worcester, not on armstrong
George Hunter, not on armstrong
William Train, Lived outside nation, Leflore district
Robert Nail not listed, living with mother, Mushulatubbee district
Alexander McKee. Lived outside Nation, Leflore District
And there is given a quarter section of land each to Delila and her five fatherless children, she being a Choctaw woman residing out of the nation; also the same quantity to Peggy Trihan, another Indian woman residing out of the nation and her two fatherless children; and to the widows of Pushmilaha, and Pucktshenubbee, who were formerly distinguished Chiefs of the nation and for their children four quarter sections of land, each in trust for themselves and their children.
All of said last mentioned reservations are to be located under and by direction of the President of the U. States.
Signers (supplement only)
Jno. H. Eaton, [L. S.]
Jno. Coffee, [L. S.]
Greenwood Leflore, [L. S.]
Nittucachee, his x mark, [L. S.]
Mushulatubbee, his x mark, [L. S.]
Offahoomah, his x mark, [L. S.] see above Leflore District
Eyarhoeuttubbee, his x mark, [L. S.] Leflore disrict vs. Nitakechi district see above
Iyaeherhopia, his x mark, [L. S.] capt Nitaketchi district
Holubbee, his x mark, [L. S.] Leflore district
Onarhubbee, his x mark, [L. S.] see above Leflore District
Robert Cole, his x mark, [L. S.] see above Leflore District
Hopiaunchahubbee, his x mark, [L. S.] Nitakechi see above
David Folsom, [L. S.] see above Mushulatubbe DIstrict
John Garland, his x mark, [L. S.] see above
Hopiahoomah, his x mark, [L. S.] Nitakechi district
Captain Thalko, his x mark, [L. S.] Mushultubbe district brother to Little Leader
Pierre Juzan, [L. S.] Nitakechi Distrtict
Immarstarher, his x mark, [L. S.] ? leflore Disttrict
Hoshimhamartar, his x mark, [L. S.] Hoshishimataba Capt Nitakechi district

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  1. Jo Doke or Josiah Doak was a son of William Doak of North Carolina, and was active at Doaksville, then Indian Territory, for a while
    Josiah's brother, William, operated at Doak's Stand