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More on the early Pyburn's

A time line will follow.

Most likely Lewis and Elias are brothers. Ben Jr is probably their brother. Are the also my Jacob's brother? And is the James whose stealing in GA a relative?

Questionable as to there relationship to Richard. Is he a cousin or brother tp Elias?

Benjamin and Richard in SC in 1790 could be Benjamin Jr and Richard who was in KY (and seems to return). I suspect this is the Benjamin who stole the horse and not Benjamin Sr on Am Rev paperwork.

Speculate Nancy the wife of Jacob Pyburn is a Choate which is how Austin Jr and Omi Pyburn are cousins, explains the name of Christopher Pyburn also. Because the source of Austin Sr married to Elizabeth Naomi Pyburn has no factual information attached to it, I am seriously doubting it's accuracy. I suspect that someone years ago ran across the Eastern Cherokee Applications of the children of Edward Choate and Elizabeth Cole, which state that Austin jr and Omi Pyburn were cousins, and that he was half indian and she was full. We know she can't be full indian because none of the Pyburn's were indian, they were English/Scottish. We don't know enough on the wives of generation 2 to say if they married an Indian or not. Christopher Choate, the father of Austin Sr is supposed to have married a Cherokee woman Prudence. If this is true, then Austin Sr and his sister (by my guess, not proven) Nancy Choate are part Cherokee and so the cousins would have been equally Cherokee, not one half the other full.

These are the folks that descend from William and Mary Pyburn of Maryland.
Generation 1
John B 1686
Richard n 1686
Edward (baptisms in 1720's mean he shouldn't be son of John or Richard)

Generation 2 (males only)
Jacob (Richard) b. 1722
Jacob (John) at least 21 by 1747 (before 1725)
Benjamin (before 1725)
John (before 1725)
Thomas b. 1729
Joshua on list of 1757.. has to fit into the 2nd generation as a son of ? Edward or Richard. Assume if he can sign a lease he's 21 or born prior to 1736

The question remains which Jacob and.or which of the cousins are the parents of Generation 3. One cannot assume because John and Benjamin are in Bedford that Jacob is there brother and not their cousin. We know that his sons were of age to be executors (over 21) in 1747, so that means that both Jacobs are likely close in age. We have Thomas showing up there by 1775 so it isn't like they were strangers.

Generation 3
Jacob born 1745-1757 goes to MS
Jacob marries Nancy (probably Choate) (born 1745-1760)
Benjamin stole horse (born before 1754) should be brother to Lewis and Elias
Elias (born before 1754) should be brother to Lewis and Benjamin
Lewis (born before 1754) should be brother to Elias and Benjamin
Richard (?son of Thomas) age 60-69 in 1830 I Indiana puts birth about 1761-1770
Sarah (dtr of Jacob) m Charles Eades (born 1760 ish) (which Jacob is her father?)
James Pyburn (born before 1764)
John? Pyburn listed as VA solder am rev (find nothing on this gentleman)
Richard Pyburn 60-69 in MO in 1830 ??? household doesn't match the other Richard. I find a Frances Pyburn a widow in Illinois in 1840 age 50-59.

Generation 4
NC Jacob
Jacob who marries Mary Webb (Probably son of Jacob and Nancy)
Christopher (Prob son of Jacob)
Edward /Ned (son of Jacob)
Omi Pyburn (dtr of Jacob) m Austin Choate
Nancy Pyburn (dtr of Jacob) m Christopher Choate
? husband of the widow Sarah Pyburn

AL Jacob
Jacob b 1777
Phoebe b 1779
James b 1780 ish
Mary b 1784
Benjamin b 1786

Lewis Sr.
Lewis Jr
Enos (age 26-44 in 1810)

William (TN/AR) (1840 his widow? Under Wm in Ar)
William (MO)
Amon (MO)
Richard Jr (IN)
Riley (TN)
Lone (TN)
these in Arkansas in 1840 could be next generation..
William (AR)
John (AR)

Benjamin (AR)
1750's John Pyburn Constable in Bedford
1758 John Pyburn militia in Bedford
1765 John Pyburn caught in NC accused of Murders and atrocities (probably hung)
1769 Jacob Pyburn land Bedford
1773 Thomas Pyburn in Bedford
1775 Benjamin Pyburn land in Washington Co, TN
1777 Elias, Lewis, Benjamin Jr and Benjamin Sr Pyburn on list of expenses for Am rev War
1777 Payroll James Knox Co, 8th VA Reg Benj Pyburn deserted May 20 1776
1778 Washington Co Benj Pyburn stole a horse from John Steel (he escaped the gaol)
1779 Watauga TN Benj Pyburn sold 480 acres to George Webb

1779 Jacob Pyburn and his wife Nancy sell land in Bedford
1780 Lewis and Richard sign a petition in Kentucky

TN soldiers in AM Rev John and Benjamin Pyburn

1782 Benjamin and Jacob Pyburn militia in NC (Harpers)
1783 Court Record (Dropped Stitches in Tennessee History)
Lewis and Elias Pyburn hiding from law. Appeal for right to post bond and return home.
Case against Elias Pyburn was for horse stealing.

Prior to 1784, James Pyburn named as a person stole a slave with John Lawrence in what is now Bulloch, Georgia. (Spanish Archives)

Dec 1784 Jacob Pyburn signs oath to Spanish King, Tensaw
1785 Jacob Pyburn Tensaw (four minor children)
1786 Jacob Pyburn Tensaw
1787 Frances Paiban Tensaw
1789 Frances Paiban Tensaw

Another entry 1790, Elias Pyburn punishment was to have his ears nailed to a board, cut off and then be branded with an H and T on both cheeks.
1790 Richard Pyburn in SC
1790 Benjamin Pyburn in SC
1790 Jacob Pyburn in NC
1791 Elias Pyburn listed on Conways Regiment US Levies

1797 Jacob Pyburn listed in Tensaw age 20, wife 18

1797 Petition signed by Jacob Pyburn and Webbs (knox), records found for these folks in Buncombe and Washington and White co TN during this time.
April 1, 1799 Jacob Pyburn signs petition in TN (presumed Knox county) However this is also signed by Christopher and Austin Choate Jr who we know are in NC with a Jacob Pyburn. Edward Uborn is probably Edward Pyburn who also signed petition. Found a second petition dealing with Knox for this year signed by Jacob and Ned Pyburn

1800 Lewis and Richard in Kentucky
1800 Jacob and Christopher in NC

1805 Am State papers lists Frances Steel and Benjamin Pyburn (alabama claims)

1810 Christopher Pyburn in NC
1810 Sarah Pyburn in NC
1810 Richard Pyburn in KY
1810 Edwin (Edward?) Pyburn in NC
1810 Frances Steel formerly Pyburn, Baldwin Co, AL, 1 male over 21 1 male under in home
1812 Christopher Pyburn tax list of Warren County, TN

Lewis Pyburn Sr 1812, Baton Rouge land claim
James Pyburn Baton Rouge land claim 1818
Robert Pyburn 1812 Baton Rouge Land claim

War of 1812
Lewis Pyburn in LA
Jacob Pyburn in MS

1816 Jacob Pyburn executor of Merry Webb's estate, mentions dtr Mary Pyburn in Marion Co TN

1820 Baldwin County, Al (state census) Jacob Pyburn
1820 Christopher Pyburn TN
1820 Sarah Pyburn TN
1820 William Pyburn TN
1820 Enos Pyburn LA
1820 Richard Pyburn in KY
1822 Jacob Pyburn mentioned as early settler of Hardin County, TN
1825 Christopher Pyburn land in Harden County, TN
1830 Christopher Pyburn land in Wayne County, TN

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  1. Hello, I ran across your blog while searching for information on Nancy Choate, who appears to be my Great-Great Grandmother on my father's side. I am very new to the world of genealogy and I don't have much information, but you mention that Nancy Choat might be part Cherokee. The stories told of her in my family is that our Great-Great Grandfather married an Indian squaw (actually, the tale is he stole her from the reservation). As I said, I'm new to this, but this information might be helpful.