Tuesday, June 28, 2016

DNA Melting Pot Surprise

My great Aunt wanted to get her DNA tested. She's 86. We joked, she was English, we all know that, but she wants to know what her results are. Surprise!... this is what ancestry says she is

Irish 32 %
Scandinavian 23 %
Iberian Penninsula 17 %
British  15 %
Western European 11 %

So why is this a surprise. Well, her mother was the first one born in the United States. Both of her mother's parents were born in England. And except for her maternal grandmother's grandmother, who we have no name for, every one of that family has been born in Staffordshire since the 18th century.

Her paternal grandmother's father said he was born in England (I can't find his parents) in about 1825. Her paternal grandmother's mother was either a Canadian or English immigrant, who was English as far as we all know.

Her paternal grandfather's family is exclusively from colonial (think Plymouth Rock and shortly there after) with one exception, one man born in Ireland in 1740.

So how in the heck did we get 32 percent Irish? I am clueless. But she will be tickled pink.

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