Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Franklin Family Surname Project

We have long wondered about Henry Franklin our ancestor. I know he came from Sumter, SC to Clarke, Alabama about 1808. By the census records he was born about 1771. In Sumter County, there were two other Franklin's who were neighbors and likely relatives, Reuben b about 1765 and Laurence b 1780-1790. Laurence leaves a will in 1822 in Sumter. Reuben shows up no longer after 1820 and there is no more Franklin's there to follow.

The Franklin Surname Project shows the following as ydna matches to William Barnett Franklin, my ancestor and Henry's son.
The Haplogroup is R1B1A SNP M-629

Only 2 STR's difference, (rapid change)
Esom Franklin, Early County, Georgia, b 1780 (related to William Franklin, Sr of Va)
Nathaniel Franklin, Tennessee, B. 1807

3 STR difference (rapid change)
Richard Franklin, Georgia, b 1807 (? Habersham) (two matches)
Jonathan Franklin, Virginia, b 1766 (two matches)
Clark Franklin (no info, I believe he is in TN/KY)
Gov. Jesse Franklin, North Carolina
Job Franklin, Virginia, b 1789 (lived in Habersham, Georgia)
William D. Franklin, b 1822, Tennessee

4 STR difference
Bentley Franklin, Chester, SC

If anyone is interested in collaborating to look for the common ancestor please get in touch with me.

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  1. The Hapologroup has been defined more with a recent test by a member of this group who ancestor is the Nathaniel Franklin line. It is now SRY2627. I am waiting om my results for that particular terminal SNP to see if I also show the same.

    Steve Franklin