Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Where were the Johnson's in Conecuh

I have always wondered if the Johnsons and some of the Johnston's of Conecuh were related in ways we just haven't identified. Looking at where my family lived in Conecuh I have found the following. Given that each section is defined as a square  mile, I am using that as a basis for my description of locations based on the landmarks found in plat maps located here. Neighbors are coming from the BLM patent search which gives related documents in the same section, neighbors listed had land at the same time or before the patent issued to my relative.

William Burton Johnson has two land patents for Township 6 range 11e,parts of sections 28 and section 14 in 1843 and posthumously in 1848. His brother Washington Johnson purchased parts of section 20 in the same township and range in 1835. The earliest patent for William B Johnson is in 1826 as an assignee for William D. Stone for part of section 28 in the same township.

From the plat map I found, it looks like section 14 is north of Evergreen and the Olive Branch Church is located in it, and Section 28 is part of Evergreen. William Burton Johnson's neighbors were Mitchell Burford, William D. Stone and John Salter in section 28 and in Section 14 his neighbors were Ezekiel Attaway, Green Brantley, Lewis Franklin, Michael Harris, Elisha Joiner and James Salter. His brother Washington's land would have been just northeast of the current town of Evergreen and the section is divided diagonally by Cane Creek. His only neighbor in 1835 was James Tomlinson.

 The brother in law of William and Washington Johnson, Wesley Young had land in township 6N range 10e part of section 25 and also in township 5N range 10e section 35. Section 25 of township 6N range 10e has Murder Creek running through it and the western border of the section is about 3/4 a mile east from New Centennial No 1 Church and Riley Cemetery. Wesley Young's neighbors for this section was Isaac Brown. His land in Township 5N range 10e section 35 would have been about 3/4 mile south to the  northern boundary line of the section from Hamlin Ridge Church. His neighbors were Curry Claiborne, John McIntyre, Samuel Oliver, William Lyman and Mabry thomas.

In 1860 Elizabeth Parker Johnson obtains land in Township 7N range 10e part of section 24 while William Washington Johnson obtains land in 1848 in township 6N range 11e part of section 23 and in 1860 in township 7N range 10e  parts of section 35 and section 26. His brother George N. Johnson bought land in part of section 20 of township 7N range 10E in 1860 as well. Samuel C. Johnson purchased land in township 6N range 11e part of section 11.

It looks like William W. Johnson's closest neighbors in section 26 were his cousin Smith Johnson, Edmond Joiner and Benjamin Amerson all buying the land also in 1860 and an Amos Archer who patented land in the section in 1835. This section is  about 1 mile south and east of Centenary Church and a road labeled 22 runs through it. Additions neighbors in Section 35 were George Stokes, Josiah Kolb, James Witherington and James Stallworth. Section 35 is just below section 26 contains a town Bookers Mill and is just over 1 mile slightly northwest of Witherington Cemetery (the southern boundary line for the section).  His earlier land, located in section 23 of township 6n and Range 11e in 1848 would have been about 3/4 mile to the northern boundary of the section line from Olive Branch Church. His neighbors in Section 23 were Archy Gary, Joshua Evers, and William Rabb.

Elizabeth Parkers land in 1860 would be in the section above the section just east of William W. Johnson's. Her closest neighbor who had land in that section was Harris Brantley. George N. Johnson's land was located less than a mile from Fairnelson and within 3 miles of the land of his brother William W. Johnson and his mother Elizabeth Johnson. His neighbors were Louisa Auld, Douglas and Susan Harris, and  Henry Waldron. George N. Johnson died during the Civil War and his children were raised in Georgia.

Samuel C. Johnson's land was located about a half a mile north on the southern boundary for the section of Millageville Church. His only neighbor was Thomas Mosely who purchased land in that section on the same date in 1858. We know that Samuel C. Johnson was a minister who preached in Santa Rosa county, Florida before moving to Texas later in life.

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