Sunday, January 17, 2016

Is DNA leading us to a clue on George Washington Adams?

Among the DNA matches two of my mom's Adam's cousins have is a family that descends from Robert Warson Adams and Rebecca Wylie through their son James Robert Adams born 1769 and his wife Annie Blankenship.

Though the family doesn't reside in a county adjacent to Hamilton County, they do live in Tennessee. Thus far we  have only a few connections to this family, but it is a common match for descendants that only share Jason Arthur Adams in common.

Our elusive ancestor, George Washington Adams, the father of Jason seems to be the best place to look for the match. The Rogers DNA is showing clear direction to the relatives of Henry Rogers, and none of the members of these matches trees relate to those families (Anderson, Wallen and Blevins). Given that the only other member of the family who could relate to this family would be Mahala, the wife of Henry, we know that one of those two would have to be the connection.

If in fact we can identify further matches to the cousins (mom, her second cousin and her first cousin once removed) to this Adams family, I think we may finally have the break we need.

We know that the family resided in Monroe county, Tennessee. Descendants end up in St. Clair, Alabama and in Pulaski county, Missouri. For those other Adams descendants out there, I wanted to share this possible link as a place to look.

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  1. My Grandmother, My mother and I are direct descendants of Rober Warson Adams, and his son George Washington Adams. My grandmother's brother is still alive and so is his son. They are both part of the unbroken male lineage of Robert Adams. I have a LOT of information (including records) on his line, but we do not currently have a DNA test on file (for either of them).