Wednesday, June 4, 2014

23 and Me and Ancestry Composition

While I prefer the admixture programs available at (hint, donate, I am not affiliated with them, but it's a great site and I would hate to see it go away), I found a useful tool to find the specific Chromosomal information of the Ancestry Composition in Start and Stop points.

Since my mother has Native DNA, I am hoping (and sadly found out with this, we have none yet) that I can break down some brick walls by matching DNA with some of my Choctaw kin. When using DNAgedcom to export the information I needed for Genome mate, I noticed in the files an AC or Ancestry Composition CSV file.

When I opened the file, which opened in a spreadsheet, it was the breakdown of the ancestry components by chromosome from the Ancestry Composition at 23 and me. I use Open office and not Microsoft Works so I can only tell you how I made myself a spreadsheet from there.

When I first opened the file, it was all in the first column, so I clicked the Data option at the top and clicked Text to Columns, and changed the parameter to commas. I then had a table but it wasn't sorted. So I then went to Column A, do not highlight whole column, and then chose Data and Sort. I sorted by Column A.

What I ended up with is a Table sorted by Chromosome (though not in order Ch1, Ch10, Chr 11 ect then Ch 2, Ch 21, etc. ).

I then took my matches (from genome mate or 529) and compared the matches to the numbers. You have two separate sets of data. One I think is for when you show the Subgroups and the other for when you don't, either way the data is the same. The native matches are designated eana and American.

Hope this helps

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