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It's all in the Recombination

So I blogged recently about the McCurdy cousins and our DNA results. I found a few other cousins that were from another branch of the family, and the results seem interesting to say the least. It speaks volumes as to the recombination of DNA, and the many possibilities. Now if we can only figure out which DNA is which.

The ancestor's in question are
John Sunday and his wife Barsheba Collins.

John Sunday was most likely Sondes, Sontag or Sondag and from France or Belgium. He emigrated to the United States prior to his 1809 marriage to Barsheba Collins in Baldwin County, Georgia.

We have no clues as to Barsheba Collins family except at the same time two other Collins married in Baldwin County, Georgia, Absey Collins married Brittain Pearman and moved to Coffee County, Alabama, and Mary or Polly Collins married a William Owens. I have been unable to trace her.

John was born 1780-1790 and Barsheba about 1784.

The other ancestor is  Elijah McCurdy born 1793 in Pendleton District area of South Carolina. Elijah married a Martha "Mattie" Bowen prior to his marriage to Barbara/Barsheba Sunday in Pensacola, Florida.

The cousins are as follows.

LM and JH who are 4th great grandchildren  with the common ancestor being John Sunday and Barsheba Collins. (5th cousins to most of the participants)

Elijah McCurdy is my father's 3rd great grandfather, and John and Barsheba are his 4th great grandparents.

GK shares the same relationship to them but through a different brother. LH shares the same set of 2nd great grandparents as my father. SM is a 3rd great granddaughter of Elijah and his first wife, and of John and Barsheba. SF is both the 2nd and 4th great granddaughter of Elijah, and the 3rd and 5th great granddaughter of John and Barsheba. CB is the 3rd great granddaughter of Elijah and his first wife and is not related to the Sundays. CV hasn't shared her info, but based on her age and what I know of her genealogy, she is either the 3rd or 4th great granddaughter of Elijah and the 4th or 5th of John and Barsheba.

Thus, Dad, GK, LH, and possibly CV are 5th cousins to LM and JH.
SM is fourth cousin once removed to LM and JH.
SF is fourth cousin once removed and 6th cousin to LM and JH.

The relationships of the cousins as McCurdy's is a bit more complicated.

CB and SM are full fourth cousins, and half fourth cousin to my father, LH and GK, and CV (or half fourth cousin once removed). To SF they are half 3rd cousin once removed twice on the McCurdy side. My father and LH are 3rd cousins.

Since SM is also a Sunday through a different line, she is through the Sundays, a fourth cousin once removed to my father, LH, GK and CV (or fourth cousin twice removed). To SF she is 4th cousin and fourth cousin twice removed.

Complicated isn't it?

GK's great Grandfather is also SF's great great Grandfather. And her other Great Grandfather was the Uncle to that one on a totally different line. Thus not only are both GK and SF McCurdy's twice, but they are also a Morris.

SF tested at a different company and so we can only compare her to those who are on gedmatch.

Aside from a few  matches we have in common, we have some interesting results.

None of the matches match CR except a Sunday, a family she does not descend from. CR matches my father and SF, but so does her mother, which indicates an unknown relationship for us both to her mother's side of the family. Although I match CV, LH, GK and SF, I do not match CR or SM.

Of the remaining cousins
LM is matching SM, GK, and SF.
JH is matching SM only. We can't test against SF.
SM matches my father, GK, LH, LM, JH, and CV. We can't test her just yet against SF.
GK matches my father, LH, CV, SF and SM.
LH matches GK, CV, my father and SM. We can't test against SF.
CV matches GK, LH, SM and my father. We can't test against SF.
My father matches GK, LH, SM, CV and SF.

Of the matches it is even more odd.I have omitted GK and SF because of the complexity of their relationship.

 On chromosome 1
GF, myself and my father
SM and JH also share a match
SM and LH as well.

Chromosome 3 has several sets of matches.
Dad, myself and CV share a few matches on one segment.
SF, GK, and LH match on another.
On another, Dad, LH, myself and CV all match
And on one more Dad, LH and myself match.

On Chromosome 6
SM and LM

On Chromosome 7
SF and LM
GK and SM have two different segments

On Chromosome 10
SM, GK, LH, CV and my father all match
SF has no matches on that Chromosome with my father or the others.

On Chromosome 12
Dad and SF match
CV and SM match

On Chromosome 14
Dad, CV and SF

On 17
Dad and LH

On 19
Dad and GK

On 20
Dad and CV

And finally on the X chromosome
Dad, GK and I all have a match
LM and GK have two small segments
LM and SF also have a small segment.

Given that she has double the X data from the Sunday family (two of four great grandmother's, both on her mother's side), it makes sense that GK is sharing the most X chromosome DNA. That the last common female they had in common (my Dad and GK) is Barbara Sunday is I think pretty special. Of the 182 cM of X chromosome I share with Dad, 37.3 cM is shared with Gloria (20 percent). I think that is a pretty significant chunk of DNA to share. Add that to the 36.3 cM she shares with LM and 40 percent of her X chromosome is from either John Sunday or Barsheba Collins.

The total DNA shared is also of interest.

SM with Dad 13 cM, with GK 15 cM, with LH 11 cM, with CV 20 cM and with LH  19 cM, and 6 cM with JH.
LM is additionally matching 27.3 cM with SF and 36.3 cM with GK.
GK with Dad 60 cM, with me 46 cM, with LH 49 cM, with CV 8 cM
LH with Dad 42 cM, with me 22 cM and with CV 27 cM
and finally CV shares 100 cM with Dad and 38 cM with me.

SF is harder to compute, as we can't compare her to everyone. Of the above not mentioned already, we show a match of 70 cM with Dad, 32.9 cM with me, and 256 cM with GK.

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