Monday, September 15, 2014

Genealogy and DNA results

Since I tested both my parents, I have been checking the matches on 23andme and on gedmatch weekly. Some areas have proven to be frustrating, but as of now, this is where I stand.

My Mom's 8 great grandparents and their matches.

1. John S. Hager, parents William Dan Hager and Eda Burnett/Barnett- three confirmed matches to a sibling of John S. Hager, which also show a match to a Burnett we haven't identified the connection of yet.
2. Martha Collins, parents Martin Daniel Collins and Martha Mangrum- one confirmed match to a sibling of Martin Collins.
3. Jason Adams, parents George W. Adams and Louisa Rogers- four matches to the Rogers family, three confirmed from a sibling of Louisa, and one from a sibling of her grandfather. Several other matches that aren't yet identified.
4. Margaret Trahern, parents Robert Trahern and Cornelia Gardner- no confirmed matches, though we have three small matches to known Choctaws that will connect to this line.
5. Francis Marion Hinds, parents Thomas Hinds and Mary Crawford- one confirmed match to a sibling of Francis Hinds and two matches to the Corless and/or the Hinds family.
6. Emma Paxton, parents Benjamin Paxton and Mary Douglas- no matches confirmed.
7. George Timmins, parents Joseph Timmins and Sarah Phillips- two confirmed matches from his sons
8. Sarah Brampton, parents Edward Brampton and Ruth Spicer- same as for her husband, two matches from her sons.

There are several matches for Mom that are English in origin, but identifying them hasn't been my top priority. The Choctaw families just haven't shown much promise yet in testers.

My father's 8 great grandparents and their matches.
1. John Lunsford Barnes, parents John Sanders Barnes and Sarah Owens- one confirmed match from a sibling of John Lunsford, and one from a daughter.
2. Margaret Eleanor Baker, parents Abner Baker and Margaret Vaughn, a confirmed match from a sibling of her father and the match from her daughter.
3. Jacob Barnett Franklin, parents Greenberry Franklin and Holland Merrill, a confirmed match from a sibling of Holland Merrill, and a match from their son.
4. Amanda Octavia Thomas, parents Daniel Thomas and Sarah Martha Brunson, only a match from her son.
5. William Shepard Hardy Jr., parents William Shepard Hardy Sr and Sarah Nelson, no confirmed matches.
6. Talula Johnson, parents William W. Johnson and unknown, no confirmed matches.
7. Archibald Pyburn, parents Benjamin Pyburn and Mary Jane Chitty, two confirmed matches with siblings of Mary Jane Chitty.
8. Plina McCurdy, parents William M. McCurdy, and Amanda Beck, two confirmed with siblings of Plina McCurdy, and one possible match also for the Beck side that shares too much for her connection with the McCurdy family. Several matches with the cousins (9) but none with the 2 known Sunday only descendants

So, for Dad, his weak matches still are with the Brunson, Franklin, Barnes, Owens, Hardy and Pyburn families. Literally half of his tree.

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