Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Hardy family part 3 -my family line

Shep Hardy Sr's family was previously listed, but now I want to go into a bit more detail on his children.

Harriet Elizabeth Hardy married Edward "Wash" Campbell. Wash was a son of Neil Campbell and Sarah Bowen, and thus Wash is a first cousin to Jane Bowen, the wife of John Wesley Hardin. At one time we thought that Nancy Bowen, the grandmother of Wash was a McCurdy because she is living with Thomas Sunday and Anna McCurdy his wife, and it may still be true, but now we know that Anna is the daughter of Martha "Mattie"Bowen, and that Nancy's husband was most likely her Uncle.

Harriet and Wash Campbell had the following children
Sarah Campbell
Nicey Campbell
Neill Campbell
Edward Charles Campbell
Leon Sheppard Campbell
Caroline Campbell
Bert Tram Campbell
Lawrence Campbell
Hattie Viola Campbell

Hattie Viola Campbell was the third wife of my great great grandfather Archie Bald Pyburn, and had three children, Eulene, Carlton and Claire Ruth Pyburn. As a child I remember going to see Aunt Eulene, who was not just my father's half great Aunt but also a cousin. Dad said that Carlton lived just around the corner and we used to see them too, though I don't remember that.

James T. Hardy married Roseada Little and had one son, Leander Hardy. The family lived in Baldwin county, Alabama.

Robert Henry Hardy married Roseanna Pierce. The family moved from Baldwin County, Alabama to Muscogee, Florida. Their children were Ella Hardy, William Shepard "Will" Hardy, Samuel Tilton Hardy, Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hardy, Nancy Jane Hardy, Virginia "Jennie" Hardy, and Lula Hardy. One of Robert Henry Hardy's granddaughters is among my correspondents.

William Sheppard Hardy Jr I will discuss separately.

Nancy Jane Hardy married John Richard "Dick" Boyington. The family resided in Baldwin County, Alabama. Their children were Cleyton Sheppard Boyington, Johnny Everett "Bye" Boyington, Herbert Hubbard Boyington, Lillie V. "Pat" Boyington, Bamma Boyington, Louis Alto Boyington, Sally Boyington, Nancy Boyington, and Doyle Boyington.

Laura Texana "Ada" Hardy married Christopher Columbus Collins. Their children were James Collins, Mamie Collins, Mary Jane Collins, Emily Margaret Collins, William Edward/Edwin Collins, Eli Augustus Collins, Flora Katherine Collins, Laura Helen Collins, Christopher Columbus Collins, Thomas Collins, Otto Tobias Collins, Sarah Collins and Ella Therese Collins.

Ebenezer "Eb" Hardy married Maggie Hayes but had no children.

Ella Ida Hardy married Phillip Arch Hinote. They resided in Baldwin County, Alabama and had the following children, Kassie McElveries Hinote, Otis Hinote, Gladys Hinote, Robert Mayo Hinote, Laskey A Hinote, Mattie Lee Hinote, Sally Elizabeth Hinote, Alice Hinote, Leskie Hinote, Ada Esther Hinote, and Woodrow Miley "Dub" Hinote.

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