Wednesday, October 1, 2014

If I won the lottery - a genealogists dream

With the mega jackpots of the lottery these days, most of us dream of what we would do if we win. Here is what I would do, of course, to win you have to actually buy a ticket.

My grandfather has about 12 or so first cousins alive. I would do a DNA test on as many as I could to see if we could break down those genealogical walls. Most especially, I want the mitochondrial group of the one cousin whose got the female native mitochondrial DNA, Roverta's son, and the ydna of the Adams side.

I would do the ydna of my cousin from the Hagers, both my mom's male first cousin and her nephew. I would do the ydna on my Dad and his brother, or my brother. I would search out some of those Pyburn, McCurdy and Hardy males and do one on them too. While I am at it I would do an autosomal test on at least a few cousins from the Hardy, Pyburn, and Beck family. I would test some of the descendants of John Lunsford Barnes to see if we can finally match some of those Brunsons and Franklins I know we have to match somewhere. I would track down another branch of those families and test them too.

I would take a trip to Richmond, Virginia, Washington D.C, and the archives in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Heck, if I won enough money, I would just move within 4 hours of D.C., since so many of my ancestors are from Maryland or Virginia early on. I would visit the archives in Oklahoma, with enough, I would just see if I could purchase the microfilm that has all the Choctaw records I need to look at. I would visit the archives in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida too.

I would take the time off, and finish the fiction book I am writing, and maybe start the non fiction book I want to write on the Choctaw. I would visit Syracuse and Jefferson county, NY, maybe even the areas in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont that my early colonial's lived in.

I would organize a gigantic reunion in Florida for my family there, and one in Oklahoma for the family there. I would finally meet some of those "cousins" that I have corresponded with for so many years.

I would finally have the time, money and resources that every genealogist dreams of.

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