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Controversy on John and Isaac Brunson (South Carolina branch)

So there is two major problems with the genealogies out there on the Brunson family.

The first is who are John Brunson's parents?

Until Coddington published his articles, several books published that John Brunson who married Hannah Scott and went to South Carolina was the son of Richard Brunson and his wife, whose sister was a Weybourn.

Coddington used this logic.

John Brownson/Brunson of South Carolina was determined to be son of John Brownson, by conveyances in Farmington, Hartford County, Connecticut Land records dated 20 May 1739, 28 May 1739, 18 June 1739, 21 June 1739 and 25 June 1739 ... The various South Carolina heirs conveyed their rights to land in Farmington and Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut, which descended from "honour" predecessor John Brownson, formerly of Farmington, deceased, to John Brunson of Prince Frederick Parish, South Carolina, then Craven County, South Carolina, who conveyed this property 25 September 1739 to his cousin Aaron Brownson, Samuel, and Richard of Kensington in Farmington, Connecticut ... Under date of 24 Sept 1739 is the statement that John Brunson of Prince Frederick, Craven County, South Carolina, appeared in Farmington for purpose of signing this deed. From recordings of documentation, John Brunson of South Carolina removed himself to Connecticut in Sept 1739 to settle the claims of the branch of his Family. It is interesting all parties to the deed were descendants or husbands of descendants of John Brunson, and only one being descended from Richard Brunson ...

However, Samuel the son of Richard Brunson did have sons named Aaron and Samuel. I can't tell you why John Brunson Jr (son of John and Hannah) isn't in the will, he must be deceased, however, we know that John Brunson Sr died in 1711 and Isaac died in 1739. So perhaps the John Jr. is a grandson (as supported by the church records in the last blog). And the selling of the land was settling an estate with the remaining heirs of John Sr. signing over their rights to John Jr who acted as agent.

So as far as I am concerned, his logic is faulty.

Okay, about the Isaac's. Isaac is a very popular name, and we have few records to state with certainty which Isaac belonged to which son of John Brunson Sr. For years I had one of my lines as a son of Isaac, but then I ran across the following from Stewart County, TN from the estate of Isaac Brunson Jr. who had minor heirs at his death.

13                      account current of Isaac Brunson by administrator Nathan Ross; equal payments to:  
heirs of Daniel Brunson Sr. (Daniel Brunson Jr.,(Edgefield died in 1843?) Joseph Brunson (Edgefield), Polly Brunson, Sarah Brunson, Margaret Brunson),  All in Edgefield, SC

Moses Brunson, In Stewart Co, Tn, in 1820, he’s born 1795, MOST LIKELY a son of Moses Brunson, Sr

Josiah Brunson Sr., ** Has to be Joshua Brunson**

David Brunson Sr. (? Son of Peter)

Mathew Brunson, (son of Mathew Sr, Darlington District, SC)

heirs of Josiah Brunson Sr. (Hezekiah Brunson, Josiah Brunson Jr., Mathew Brunson, Daniel Brunson Jr. of (Lincoln County)Georgia, Lenorah Brunson, Allatha Brunson),

Susanna Platt; (widow of Randolph Platt(
commissioners John Ferrel, Thomas French, Jesee Morris; May term 1829

The folks named are all heirs of Isaac Brunson who married Margaret Oldys. Most are his grandchildren. It is not clear why the death of Isaac Brunson Jr started all this paperwork.

So Isaac Brunson Sr's will clearly states his heir who match the above named folks.
Will in 1770 names wife Mary, sons Daniel, David, Isaac, Josiah, Mathew, Moses and Joshua, and daughters Mary Mellett and Susannah” 

Daniel Brunson, my ancestor who married Mary Platt I have determined then to be the son of Isaac Brunson who married the Ellender, and in turn, is a son of James Brunson.
Here is a message I got from someone about these folks. She like me had the Isaac's attached incorrectly.

I didn't really research the Moses in Ga. but he received a grant for 200 acres in Burke Co Ga. 1789 but do not know which Moses this was. Which Isaac are you writing about. Isaac and Margaret had son Isaac who mar mary, Isaac III mar Susannna Ellender of Edgefield according to record he died intestate in 1827 and was listed as "of Cane Savannah." It is recorded that his estate was settled by his son-in-law Jeremiah Pitts. Papers are recorded in Sumter CO., Courthouse, Probate Jusdge's office Bundle 14, pkg 7 His children listed as James, Isaac 1V, Joseph, Susan, Daniel, Rebecca, Margaret, Valentine. Do you have a different record? Or is this your line. My line is from Abraham, brother to first Isaac. I do not know all of his children, it is possible he had a Moses. I only know of a few children. I have all the children of Joseph another brother and son of Abraham. Isaac Brunson the third wasborn 1745, died 1827, Every body had an Isaac all the way through all children even my line. They are hard to seperate. Does any record state where your Isaac was from and location of any family. I also have an Isaac who was son of John son of Abraham, my line.

Here are some notes I have on the family. (various records).

Edgefield SC

Isaac Brunson, deed of sale, wife Ellender, 1805 (this is not this line, this is son of James Brunson)

Isaac Brunson Jr. deed Jan 1797, witnessed by W. Coursey, Daniel Brunson, Abraham Holsenback, Jean Holsenback (not sure which, could be either Isaac son of James or Isaac son of Isaac)

Joshua and Moses Brunson deed 1802
Aug 16, 1796 Daniel Brunson mentioned as land owner
Joseph Brunson deed 1804

Joseph Brunson Estate 1837 with Thomas Brunson and Caleb Tally Admin, account to Daniel Brunson … This is the son of Daniel Brunson Sr. (In Edgefield)

May 1828 Daniel Brunson, deed from John Simpkins, witness W. Brunson

Old bible records. Memory Lee Alldredge Lester
William son of Daniel and Charity, married to Sarah Thomas, dtr of James Thomas
Born May 1, 1800 died march 1846, (Daniel’s will 1843, Edgefield, this is the grandson of Isaac Brunson Jr.)

This is the Bible record for  David Brunson,  Sr,

David d. Oct 24 1785 age 55 (born 1730)
Wife  Elizabeth
William b 1756
David, dec 1 1758 died age20 2 mos and 24 days
Daniel jan 1761
Jesse b 1764 died 1767
Margaret 1766
Susanna 1768
George 1773
Elizabeth Cantey 1777

Robert D. Brunson, son of Randolph Platt Brunson (died Jan 1852) and Susan Margaret Lanier, born Dec 11, 1841

Josiah Brunson, Of St Johns, died 1760 calls William Bannister and James McKelvey his brothers,  Ann Bannister, John Cantey and John Cook administer for William Bannister, 1775,  1763, John Cantey is brother in law of Samuel Little and William Little, minors of Samuel Little Sr. ** not sure who this is***

Stewart County TN
359                           John MANNING to Isaac BRUNSON, 22a on Saline Creek, on MANNING’s N bou.; wit:  Samuel ROSS, Willis MANNING; 30 May 1816
73          Isaac BRUNSON to John MANNING, 22a on the Cany Branch of Saline Creek, adj. Cornelius ANDERSON’s W bou.; wit:  Samuel ROSS, Willis MANNING; 31 May 1816

Phillip HORNBERGER to Jesse A. BRUNSON (Madison Co., AL), 81a & 11a tracts on Wells Creek for $300, adj. William FAWN, John SHELBY; test:  Jacob MARBERRY, William TAYLOR

Moses BRUNSON (Trigg Co., KY) to John MANNING, 60a, adj. Samuel LUTON, Cornelius ANDERSON, John FULLERTON; wit: William M. MANNING, Joseph McCLANAHAN; 20 Jan 1829
479          Nathan ROSS, admr. of Isaac BRUNSON, to Creford BRADFORD & David GRAY, 500a; 8 Feb 1823

 Joshua BRUNSON, Susanna PLATTS, Daniel BRUNSON, Jonah BRUNSON & Morris BRUNSON to Moses BRUNSON, their interest in 500a across the mouth of Saline Creek; 6 Feb 1823
-          Reed Luton produced in Court the will of Isaac Brunson, which is contested by Moses Brunson; Court orders a jury trial
-          Feb 1821
                - Reed Luton produced in Court the will of Isaac Brunson, which is contested by Moses Brunson; Court orders a jury trial
 Court appoints Nathan Ross administrator of the estate of Isaac Brunson until a decision is reached in Circuit Court regarding the contested will
-          Court appoints Ewin McKinney guardian to Keziah Brunson and Jane Brunson

March 1805 Appearance Docket:

                Parties’ Names Hezekiah BOYCE vs. Isaac BRUNSON
                Cause of Action case
                Plaintiff Bail
                Defendant Bail
                Sheriff Return
                Rule of Court:  plead and try at next Court; subpoena Ebenezer PYATT, James HAGGARD, Cyntha BAILISS; testified:  Thomas FRENCH, James HAGGARD, Henry GIBSON, and John HOBBS, on the part of the defendant
1812 Tax list, Moses, Peter and Isaac  Brunson (Stewart County) two Isaacs
1807 tax list 2 Isaac Brunson, second just slaves?, Charles Brunson
1809 Isaac  Brunson
1808 Isaac and Moses Brunson

1840 heads of households
Abraham, Peter and Isaac Brunson



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