Saturday, July 16, 2016


I found a great new blog today. Since it does a better job than I do of explaining DNA inheritance and how segments are passed, I suggest you read it if you are new, (or not so new) to Autosomal DNA, genealogy and triangulation. The blog is called segment-ology and can be found here.

What I can do though is provide a visual representation of three generations and various matches using the segment map and genome mate. One note, the first portion of chromosome 14 is not showing up as a match for anyone.

So as I have stated before, I tested myself, my mother and my father. Since I give my daughter all of half her DNA let's start with just my daughter and her grandparents. Dad is in blue, mom is in pink.

Note the differences in inheritance and the block segments in all the photos.

Now let's look at the DNA shared with my mother's maternal Aunt by my mom, myself and my daughter. Photos are in order (closest to farthest).

Now let's look at the three of us in comparison to my first cousin (my mother's nephew).

Now let's look at the three of us when compared to my mother's father's first cousin.

 This one I find the most interesting, here is my mother, myself and my daughter when compared to my mother's paternal half first cousin. (share only a grandfather).

And here is a comparison between my father, myself and my daughter when compared with my (double) third cousin. (we share four of our great grandparents).

While the pattern of DNA inheritance is random, it is interesting to see in pictures how DNA is represented across three generations.

And seriously, read that blog!

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