Monday, April 29, 2013

Hinds Family Part 1 Massachussetts

Thanks to a distant cousin, Albert Henry Hinds, who in 1899 published a book on the Hinds family, we are able to trace our family's history in the United States quite thoroughly. For those of you related to this family, the book can be found here.

James Hinds, found with various spellings, was first found in Salem, Mass. in 1638. He then moved to Southold, L.I. where he died 1652-1653. His widow married Ralph Dayton in 1656. There is a Benjamin Hinds in the same area who may be a brother.

James left a will which names his son John but mentions no other names of children. This son, John Hinds was born August 28, 1639 and was married twice. The name of his first wife is unknown, but his second wife was Mary, the widow of James Butler.His will is found in Lancaster, dated March 8, 1719 or 1720. His children, named in this will are John, Jacob, Hannah, Hopestill, Deborah, Experience and Enoch.

The son, John Hinds was born January 19, 1683 in Lancaster, Massachusetts and died October 10, 1747 in Brookfield, Massachusetts. His wife was Hannah/Anna Whitaker, the widow of a Corlis. Not true, Hannah is a Corliss, mom has several DNA matches.  The name Corliss becomes common in the family after this. When John died, Hannah remarried a third time to a Oliver Heyward. An obituary for Hannah is found published in the New England Historical and Genealogical register, Vol. XII. John Hinds and Hannah had nine children mentioned in his will. They were sons John, Seth and Corlis, and daughters, Anna, Frances, Mary, Dinah, Tryphenah, and Susannah. The last three being unmarried at his death.

My direct line comes from John so I am only including the information about my line from this point forward.

Corlis Hinds, the son of John and Hannah was born April 28, 1724 and died in 1821 in Brookfield, Massachusetts. He was married to Janet McAlester and a Mrs. Cutter. Corlis and Janet had 10 children, the first nine born in Brookfield, Massachusetts, and the last in Barre, Massachusetts. They were Cornelius, Anna, Rachel, Corlis, Susannah, Submit, Howard, Forbes, Catherine, and Jesse Hinds.

My line continues with the second Corlis, who was born April 10, 1748 in Brookfield, Massachusetts and died at his son's home 1832 in Petersfield, Massachussetts. This Corlis Hinds married Mrs. Adah Hill Brownwell and Susannah Henry. He had one son by his first wife, Samuel, and eight by the second wife. These children were Henry, Corlis. Adah, Thomas, Watson, Jonas, Joseph Buckminister, and Susannah.

From here, many of the family move to Jefferson County, NY, which will be included in part 2.


  1. I wonder if James really was the father of John. I can see no connection between John and Long Island. He doesn'r seem to be a cooper. One source says he came to Lancaster from Woburn. There is also the different spellings of the names.

    I go from the first Corliss to Cornelius, then to Abijah, and from him to Martha Stoddard Kendall. I am a Kendall.
    Anne Smith

    1. found out he had the Corliss part all wrong. Hannah was a Corliss, mom's matching dna too so that strengthens the evidence I found. IT's one of the few errors I found though

  2. The source of that is the Hinds Book, and to be honest, I haven't tried to verify that information.