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Transcriptions of Obituaries and News Articles -Hinds Family

Obituaries (and news notices) of the Hinds Family and the Paxton Family originally from Jefferson County, New York and other Tidbits from newspapers, courtesy of and Old Fulton Postcards and

Additional information in parenthesis.

Most of these obituaries are from the children and grandchildren of Thomas W. Hinds and Mary Crawford Hinds and Benjamin Paxton and Mary Douglas Paxton. The Hinds family moved to Jefferson county before 1820. The Paxton family moved to Houndsfield after the Civil War and remained there until about 1878 when they moved to Mexico/Colosse, Oswego NY. Most of Thomas’ descendants remained in Jefferson County, NY, but Albert moved to Illinois, and Frank and Mary moved to Syracuse, NY.

Watertown Daily Times, December 30, 1872
Married Hinds-Paxton, At Pillar Point, Thursday December 5, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev H. G. Millar, Francis M. Hinds and Miss Emma Paxton, all of Pillar Point.

Also in this issue, died, John Sherry of this city at 10:30 pm at age 20. Funeral at his home on Tuesday at Grove Street and at St. Patrick Church.

Watertown Daily Times, October 3, 1878
In the town of Houndsfield, September 27th, Mary, wife of Benjamin Paxton, aged 51 years, 1 month and 8 days.

The Syracuse Courier, Monday February 4, 1895 (Old Fulton Postcards)
A Young Girl at Jordan Commits Suicide
Left Letter and Will
Made all funeral arrangements in her own hand Unfortunate circumstances drove her to suicide.
Cora Belle Hinds, the 21 year old daughter of Francis Hinds, a farmer, living two miles south of Jordan committed suicide early yesterday morning taking a dose of rough on rats.
The young woman had carefully planned to take her own life, and left instructions for the disposal of her remains, what church she should be buried from, whom should bear her coffin to the grave and other minor details. She also left a will disposing of all her personal effects.
She states in her letter to her relatives, she is tired of life but,does not go into detail as to the reason of her taking her own life.
She was the oldest daughter and had much her own way. It is said she had been keeping company with a man at Lysander, and at the time of her death she was in a delicate condition.
The article then goes on with details of her death, her letter and will that she wrote.

December 19, 1899 (Jefferson Journal, also in Watertown Daily)… this legal notice lists all known living heirs of Thomas Hinds (Sr.) in 1899 since Carlos had no children. In parenthesis is included the sibling of Carlos the person descends from if known.

To Mrs. Carlos W. Hinds (Mary nee Minthorn), Lois Longworthy, A. G. Glass, H. D. Gurley, Andrew J. Green, E. M. Hammond, P.S. Maxson, Fred C. Bailey, Leonard Green, William P. Green, James C. Heath, the trustees of Union Cemetery Association Adams Centre, NY, Charles E Chemey, Minnie Laird, Nettie Lord, Mrs Mary Hinds (not sure whose widow, I think this is Silas’), Luther Colby, Isaac B. Rich, trustees Daniel Minthorn, Heavy Pollock, G. F. Brockings, as admin of the estate of Silas Hinds, deceased, Mary Williams (sister of Carlos), Albert Hinds (son of Albert) , William R. Hinds (son of Albert), Orvis Hinds (son of Albert), Allen Carlos Hinds (grandson of Albert Hinds), Emily Littlefield (daughter of Watson), Mary Schley, Watson Fults (grandson of Watson Hinds), Earl Hinds (son of Thomas), Albert Hinds (son of Thomas), Frank Hinds (son of Thomas), Huldah Bird (daughter of Thomas), Mary Vroman (daughter of Thomas), Gertrude Luther (granddaughter of Thomas), Austin Hinds(Thomas), Ida Hinds (granddaughter of Thomas), Maggie Boyle(granddaughter of Thomas), Minerva Roat (daughter of Thomas), Oliver Copley (grandson of Thomas), Bert Patrick (grandson of Thomas), Walter Patrick (Grandson of Thomas), Nathan Elmer (son of Tamer), Celesta Pritchard (Daughter of Tamer), Phoebe Whitford (daughter of Tamer), Sevellon Elmer (grandson of Tamer), Irving A. Elmer (grandson of Tamer), Elmer Underwood, Adelbert Underwood, Charles N. Thomas, Rhoda E. Masey, Mary Hawn (daughter of Betsy), Martha Beckwith (daughter of Betsy), Nettie Betts, Frank A. Hinds (son of Earl), Oscar E. Hinds (Son of Earl), or to any other descendant of a brother or sister of Carlos Hinds, or his brother Silas Hinds, deceased, or his nieces, Clara Stanton and Minerva Elmer.

Note- Descendants of Silas Hinds are not listed.

Watertown Daily News, December 31, 1902
Pillar Point, December 24, 1902, Mary Crawford Hinds, age 83 years.

July 22, 1903, taken from the Mexico Independent, July 19, 1926, Twenty five years ago…
Mrs. Mary Abbott of Jersey City, NJ and her daughter Emily have been the guests of Mrs. Abbott’s faithful father , Mr. Benjamin Paxton who is in very poor health.

Mexico Independent...
Obituary of Benjamin Paxton, from Colossus, NY Dec 21, 1903.
On Tuesday, December 11, 1903, occurred the death of Benjamin Paxton. He passed away quietly after a prolonged illness. Mr. Paxton was born in Buckinghamshire England in 1823, and he came to America in 1935, being at the time of his death eighty years old. He was a resident of Oswego County for 30 years, and spent the last five years at his home in this village.
Mr. Paxton was a soldier in the Civil War, and belonged to the 106th regiment, US Infantry. He was a man respected by all who knew him, and was known far and wide as "honest Old Ben." He leaves besides his widow, (Olive Almira) nine children, six daughters and three sons. Mrs . (Minnie, spouse Henry) Fuller and Mrs. (Emma, spouse Francis) Hinds of Syracuse, Mrs. (Ida, spouse Edwin) Lindsley of Phoenix (NY), Mrs. (Matilda Mary, spouse W. D.) Abbott of Jersey City, Mrs. Fenton of Ohio (Unknown), and Cora, his youngest daughter of this village, William and Albert of Jersey City, and Frank of Aurora, Illinois.
The funeral services were held at Colossus Baptist Church at 12 pm Sunday and the Burial was at Mexico.

Note- from various social notes, Cora Paxton married George Howard and they divorced and she married Louis Deshane. Cora’s son was George Franklin Howard and her daughter Evelyn married Gordon Mckay.

Watertown Daily Times, Monday afternoon, August 16, 1904
Pillar Point, August 13 – Monday August 8 at his home in Pillar Point occurred the death of Albert Hinds. He had been sick nearly a year. He lived such a life that none could say aught against him. On June 26 he was received and baptized in the Pillar Point M. E. Church. His funeral was held Thursday at 10:30 at the church a very large congregation attesting to the esteem at which he was held.
He was a veteran of the Civil War and and a charter member of the G. A. R . post of Dexter. A detail of that post was present and acted and acted as bearers and conducted the GAR services at the grave. He leaves besides his wife, three sisters Mrs. (Huldah) Bird of Illinois, Mrs. (Mary) Vroaman of Syracuse, and Mrs. E. E. (Minerva) Roat of Pillar Point also one brother Frank Hinds of Syracuse, and one half brother Arthur ( Austin Fuller) of Tennessee.

Watertown Daily Times, Thursday Afternoon, March 30, 1905
Mrs. Frank Vroman
The death of Mrs. Mary Vroman occurred Tuesday evening at her home, 713 Second North St., Syracuse of pleuro-pneumonia of which she had suffered since Friday last. Mrs. Vroman was 54 years old and the wife of Frank Vroman. She was a native of Pillar Point and had resided in Syracuse for the last 17 years. Besides her husband she is survived by two daughters Mrs. Mrs. J. F. Browcksy (Mabel Brockway) of Utica; and Mrs. J. L. Lockwood (Lillian Lockwood) of Limerick; one son Jackson (Burt Jackson) Vroman of Rutland, one sister Mrs. Elliot (Minerva) Roate of Pillar Point, and one brother Frank Hinds of Syracuse.

Note - Lillian Lockwood married A. J. Fountain after her James L. Lockwood’s death in 1915. Mable and John F. Brockway divorced and she married William Potter. All three are mentioned in the obituary of their father William Henry Jackson of Jefferson County.

The Post Standard (Syracuse, NY) Wednesday, January 16, 1907
Father and Daughter celebrate Birthday
Francis Hinds is Sixty Years Old and his Daughter Eleven, Reception Held
A reception was given Monday at the residence of Francis M. Hinds, No. 800 Grand Avenue, the event being in the honor of the hosts sixtieth birthday, and the eleventh birthday of his youngest daughter, Pearl.
The room was decorated in red, white and blue and supper was served. Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. Francey, Mr and Mrs. George Howard (Cora Paxton), Mr and Mrs. George Jones, Mrs. Olive Paxton (Olive Almira Holly, widow of Benjamin Paxton), Miss Lizzie Francey, Mrs. D. Hilligust, Mr. and Mrs. Hewitt and two children, Arthur Francey, Mrs. Emma (Paxton) Hinds, Hazel Youngs, Nellie Manson, Nellie Bennet, Winnie Segal, Evelyn Elegree (?), Carrie Manrose, Leroy Hinds, Ettie Wright, Harry Hinds and Cora Jans.

Obituary The Syracuse Herald, Saturday Evening March 4, 1911
Francis M. Hinds, 64 years old, and for many years a resident of this county died at his home at the corner of James and Edwards streets, Eastwood this morning. He was born at Pillar Point, January 14, 1847. He was a veteran of the Civil War, having served in the one hundred and seventy sixth regiment.

Besides his widow, he is survived by five sons, Arthur B., Orvis V., Leroy E and Thomas W. of this city, and Harry W. Hinds of Eastwood; three daughters Mrs. Charles (Grace Ora) Hurst (Hunt) of Skanesteoesk , Mrs. Clarence (Frances Emma) Switt of Hastings, and Miss Pearl Hinds of Eastwood; one brother Austin E Hinds of Jackson, TN, and two sisters, Mrs. Hilda (Huldah Ann) Bird of Illinois, and Mrs. M (Minerva) Roate of Pillar Point.
The funeral will be held from the home on Monday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock and a half hour later at James street M. E. Church. The Rev. Nelson Price will officiate. The members of the Ben Higgins post and the women's relief corp of East Syracuse will attend the funeral in a body.

Watertown Daily News, August 25, 1913
Very long obituary…Frank A. was a cousin of the Hinds family, in the obituary it gives some family background. Only part of the obituary is below…

Frank A. Hinds was a lifelong resident of this city. He was the son of Earl B. and Almira Allen Hinds, both born in Northern New York. His father was a farmer of Parmelia having moved into that town from Watertown in 1845. He was a resident of Jefferson County from his youth. Earl B. was a nephew of Corlis Hinds, the first supervisor of Watertown from 1805 to 1808. Frank A. was the older of two sons, his brother being Oscar E. …
The family are of New England stock, John Hinds the son of James born in 1639 married Mary Butler in 1681 and lived in Lancaster Mass., where their son John was born in 1683. He (John) married Hannah Whittaker Corliss of and they had 13 children, one of which was Corlis. Corlis married Janet McAlester Sept 6, 1742, and they lived in Barre, Mass. where he owned and operated a sawmill on the Ware River. He is reputed to have lived to the age of 105 years and died in Barre in 1821. They had nine children, one of whom Corlis Jr. was born in 1748. He married Susannah Henry. Her father was an Englishman and was taken prisoner at Oswego, NY during the French war and was sent to France, where he died on a prisoner ship. Corlis (Jr.) served in the American army during the Revolution. He and Susannah had eight children, one of whom was Corlis (III) who went from Barre to Mount Holly, Vermont where he married Miss Bent, daughter of David Bent of that place and then came to the Black River Country, now Jefferson County, and as said previously was the first supervisor of the town of Watertown after the organization of Jefferson County. He settled on a farm south of Watertown Centre, on the road leading to Rices.
Thomas Hinds, a brother of the last mentioned Corlis (III) was born in Barre in 1780 and married Phoebe, another daughter of David Bent in the year 1800 and established a mercantile business in Mount Holly. In 1809, late autumn, he also came to New York State. The route then was by way of the Mohawk and Black River valleys and the way was often beset by dangers of stream and forest. The little party had a narrow escape from drowning in crossing the West Canada Creek, near Trenton, Oneida County. Thomas had one son Oscar E. Hind (Here the writer is in error, Oscar is the brother of Frank A., one of Thomas’ son’s was the father of Frank A. Hinds, Earl Bent Hinds, the other sons of Thomas were William Watson, Thomas William, Carrollus (Corlis/Carlos), Silas Bent, and Albert. William Watson Hinds died during the Civil War. Albert Hinds moved to Illinois. The remaining sons, Thomas, Silas and Carlos all died in Jefferson County, NY.

Semiweekly Free Press, Skaneateles Free Press
Hunt- On May 13, 1919 Mrs. Ora Hinds Hunt, widow of the late Charles A. Hunt of Skaneateles. Mrs Hunt is survived by two (step) sons, Floyd of Skaneateles, William of Auburn, her mother Mrs. Emma Hinds of Syracuse, five brothers Thomas W. (error, should be two sisters, Mrs. Claude Switts) of Hastings and Pearl Hinds of Syracuse, and five brothers Thomas W., Arthur B., Orvis, Roy and Harry.
Funeral services were held in the home of her mother yesterday at 1:30 p.m. Burial Lake View Cemetery Skaneateles.

Syracuse Post Standard Friday 28JAN1927

Mrs. Emma Hinds, 73, widow of Francis M. Hinds, died yesterday afternoon at St. Joseph hospital where she was taken a week ago from her home, 1617 First North street. She was born in Jefferson county and had been a resident of the north side 35 years. She was a member of Patriots of America, Council 15, Sons and Daughters of Liberty; and the Shepherds of Bethlehem. Surviving are four sons, Thomas W. Hinds of Buffalo, Orvis B., LeRoy E., and Harry W. Hinds, all of Syracuse; two daughters, Mrs. Claude (Frances Emma) Switts of Hastings and Mrs. William (Pearl) Matthews; three brothers, Frank and Burt Paxton of Trenton, N.J., and Joseph Paxton of Cincinnati; and three sisters, Mrs. Matilda Abbott of this city, Mrs. Ida Lindsley of Fulton and Mrs. Henry (Minnie) Fuller of Watertown. Funeral services will take place at 2.30 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the home where W.P. Hart, undertaker, took the body, Rev. H.B. Reddick, pastor of First Ward Methodist Episcopal church, will officiate. Burial will be in Onondaga Valley Cemetery.

The Fulton Patriot Wednesday July 24, 1929
Lindsley-Died at his home 407 Beech Street, July 15. Grant B.Lindsley aged 35 years. He is survived by his wife Edna, his three sons, Edward, Howard and Leon, his mother Ida (Paxton) Lindsley of Huntsville, Canada, his two brothers Harry Lindsley of Oswego and Claude Lindsley of Palermo…

Same page, Harold E. Lindsley age 9 drowned in Oswego.

The Fulton Patriot, Wednesday September 15, 1929
Mr and Mrs. William Mathews (Pearl Hinds) and Mr. and Mrs. Orvis Hinds and Mr and Mrs. Roy Hinds of Syracuse and Mrs. May Waring (Mary Matilda Paxton) of Jersey City, spent Saturday afternoon and evening at Claude Lindsley’s.

Obituary from Syracuse Herald, Friday Evening, September 30, 1932

Heart disease with which he had been confined to his home the last week , proved fatal to Orvis W. Hinds, 8 year old son of Mr and Mrs Roy E Hinds at the family home.

The Fulton Patriot, Thursday April 2, 1942
Lindsley- Died at her home, 28 S. Second St. March 31st, Mrs. Ida (Paxton) Lindsley aged 73 years. She is survived by two sons, Claude of Palermo and Howard of Gouvernour; 15 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren; two brothers Frank Paxton of Aurora, Ill., and Burt Paxton of Jersey City, N. J.; two sisters Cora Deshane of Buffalo and Mrs. Minnie Fuller, Syracuse, several nieces and nephews….

Syracuse Herald Journal, August 11, 1944
Mrs. Minnie Paxton Fuller, wife of Henry J. Fuller of 103 Eastman Ave died Thursday. A native of Potsdam, she was a member of Elmwood Presbyterian Church. Also surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Samuel W. Dahl (Lillian nee Benedict) and Mrs. William Hotze (Lottie nee Benedict); six grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren; two brothers, Frank of Wheaton, Ill., and Albert Paxton of Jersey City, N.J….burial in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Mexico Independent, Thursday June 3, 1948
Walter F. Switts, brother of Harold Switts, a Mexico merchant died Monday in Crouse-Irving Hospital in Syracuse.
He was born December 4, 1898 in Hastings, son of Claude and Emma Hinds Switts. Survivors include brother Harold, his wife, a daughter, two sons, his parents, a sister and two grandchildren.
….Burial was in Hastings Cemetery.

Syracuse Herald, June 30, 1955
Hinds-In Syracuse June 29, 1955, Orvis B. Hinds of 1149 Leymore Avenue. Survived by one daughter Miss Rose Margaret Hinds; three brothers, Thomas W., Roy E. and Harry Hinds; two sisters, Mrs. Emma Switts and Mrs. William Mathews, several nieces and nephews. ….Burial at St. Mary’s Cemetery.

The Post Standard (Syracuse, NY) May 10, 1960
Mrs. Pearl Mathews of 410 Wolf Street died last night at St. Mary’s hospital after a short illness.
Born in Eldridge, Mrs. Mathews lived on Syracuse’s North side most of her life. …
Mrs. Mathews is survived by her husband, William R. Mathews, two sons, Robert W. and Daniel F. Mathews, one daughter, Mrs. Roy Matlin, three brothers, Thomas Hinds of Syracuse, Roy Hinds of California, and Harry Hinds of Massachussets, and one sister, Mrs. Emma Switts of Hastings.
…Burial will be at Assumption Cemetery.

Syracuse Herald, October 26, 1966
Marteville- Services for Harry W. Hinds, 77, of Marteville who died yesterday at the home of his daughter will be at 11 am tomorrow at Welter Funeral Home… Burial will be at Woodlawn Cemetery….
Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Earl C. Stone of Marteville, two sons, the Reverand Richard G. Hinds of Illinois and Francis Hinds of Alabama; a sister, Mrs. Emma Switts of Hastings, two brothers, Roy of California and Thomas Hinds; seven grandchildren, five great grandchildren; several nieces and nephews.

Oswego County Weeklies, November 30, 1967
Mrs. Frances E. Switts, 88, of Switts Rd, Hastings RD 1, died Sunday, November 26, 1967 at Pleasant Acres Nursing Home, Central Square.
The widow of Claude Switts, she is survived by son Harold, a daughter, Mrs. Bernard (Lois Pearl) Cross, both of Hastings, brother Roy Hinds of Marysville, CA, nine grandchildren, and 11 great grandchildren. Services were at Watsons Funeral Home, Central Square, burial was in Hastings Cemetery.

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