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Hinds Family Part 2, Jefferson County, New York

The sons of Corlis Hinds and Susannah Henry, Thomas and Corlis moved to Jefferson County, NY. Their brother Adah moved to Vermont, Joseph Buckminister Hinds moved to Watertown then Hume, New York, and Jonas resided in Aurora, Illinois in later years. This maybe why some of the family moves there in later years from my line.

My direct line descends from Thomas Hinds, the son of the second Corlis and his wife Susannah Henry. Thomas Hinds was born May 21, 1780 in Barre, Massachusetts and died in Jefferson County, NY February 17, 1846. His wife was Phoebe Bent, a daughter of David Bent who was born in Mount Holly, Vermont. Thomas Hinds fought in the Battle of Sackett's Harbor. He also operated a general store and was a farmer. He and Phoebe had several children, they were William Watson, Thomas, Emily, Tamer, Carrollus, Earl Bent, Phoebe, Silas, Albert, Betsy, Patty, Mary Ann and Emily Hinds.

My line continues with Thomas Hinds, the son of Thomas and Phoebe Bent. This Thomas Hinds was born May 23, 1803 in Mount Holly, Vermont, and died in Pillarpoint, Jefferson County, New York. He was married twice. By his first wife, Chloe Fuller he had the following children, Octavia, Harriet, Pitt Morse, Austin Fuller, Earl and William Watson Hinds. By his second wife, Mary Crawford he had the following children, Albert, Huldah Ann, Francis Marion (Frank), Phoebe O, Mary H., Myra and Minerva Hinds.

The children of Thomas Hinds are listed as heirs of a Corlis Hinds in 1899. I believe this is Carrolus, who was named actually Corlis and is an error in the book.

Thomas Hinds children move on to Illinois, Tennessee and Syracuse, New York. A biography with some detail on the family can also be found here.

A great website with information on marriages, burials, etc. if  NNY genealogy which can be found here.

Part 3 will go into much greater detail of the family of Thomas Hinds, my great great grandfather.

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