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Thoughts, data and theories on the early Pyburns MD>VA>NC/TN

According to scholarly articles, most marriages did not take place at age 13-15 in the 18th century. Among the Quakers marriages were 25-30 and among others 20-25 on average. Women could marry younger but they didn't on the average.

Marriage Mary Piborn Dec 10, 1704 to Joseph Jones
Marriage Richard Piborn Nov 11 1718 to Sarah Morrice

William and Mary Piborne
Richard Piborne 13 Dec 1686
John Piborne 5 Aug 1686

John and Sarah
No dates

Richard and Sarah
Mary Nov 4 1716 (first wife)
Jacob May 1 1722
Sarah Nov 17, 1724

Ed Pybourn and Mary
Mary July 12 1727
Thomas April 12 1729

Will of John Sr
Liber 25, folio 168
23 Sept. 1747
PIBORN, JOHN, Sr., Prince George's Co.
    Extrs: sons Jacob Piborn & Benjamin Piborn.
    To son John Piborn, my roan mare Blaze.
    To son Benjamin Piborn, my 2 plough horsees, a bed, my gray mare, & the orphan boy Charles Hyatt till he is 21.
    To son Jacob Piborn, bay horse Punch, called Benjamin .
    To dau. Ruth Piborn, either the colt that belongs to the gray mare or the roan called Benjamins mare & a cow & calf & a bed.
    To dau. Mary Piborn, a bed & a cow & calf.
    To daus. Rachel Calvin & Sarah Prather, 1 sh. each.
    What is left to daus. Mary & Ruth to be held by their bros. Jacob & Benjamin till they are married.
    Witn: Benjamin Chitty, Charles O Neal, Geo. Nichols.
    25 Nov. 1747, sworn to by Chitty & Neal

So, assuming that he was 25-30 when he married, (avg for the time) John Pyburn married 1711-1716.
His eldest son would seem to be John. None of the boys were under 21 in 1747, so they were all born 1711-1726.

If this is the case at the time he died, John Pyburn's sons were between 21-36 years old.

Capt Jeduthan Harpers Co Miltia 1772 Chatham (NC)
Benjamin Pyburn
Jacob Pyburn

Sept 30 1757 Loudon Co Va lease Joshua Pyburn

Benjamin Pyburn estimate born 1713
1749 signs petition in Frederick Co MD
1752 Lunenburg Co, Va Benjamin Pyburn (abt 30-40)

Based on his age, it seems doubtful, when 60's was the avg lifespan that he enlisted in the milita at almost 60. The following Benjamin Pyburn would have to be a son of one of the Pyburn's

Benjamin Pyburn II This Benjamin would be born 1740-1750's. Most likely a grandson of John
1772 Militia Chatham NC a Benj Pyburn
November 18, 1775 Land Grant (Wash Co TN) Benjamin Pyburn,
1777 Payroll James Knox Co, 8th VA Reg Benj Pyburn deserted May 20 1776
1778 Washington Co Benj Pyburn stole a horse from John Steel (he escaped the gaol)
1779 Watauga TN Benj Pyburn sold 480 acres to George Webb

John Pyborn
1750's Constable in VA (no county) ? Bedford
1758 Bedford militia
1765 NC Colonial records, taken up for being a rogue

And also, the Bill for Encouraging the Culture of Hemp and Flax and other purposes Endorsed 27th February 1764 In the upper House of Assembly read the third time and passed—Ordered to be engrossed.
Mr. Gibson acquainted the House that William Crane together with six others, went on a party in the Back Country in order to apprehend several Rogues and vagabonds whoare Confederated together and Infest the Frontier and other Counties, committing several outrages
-------------------- page 1187 --------------------
and Murders therein. In consequence whereof the said William Crane with his Party took John Pyburne one of the Confederates, and hath delivered him to the Keeper of His Majesty's Goal in Wilmington, And that several of the said William Cranes Party are now out in Quest of the other Confederated Rogues, All which having been made appear to the House It is therefore Resolved that the said William Crane have and Receive from the Public Treasurers the sum of Fifty Pounds out of the Contingent Fund for the use of himself and his party, And that the said sum be allowed the said Treasurers on Passing their Accounts with the Public,
Resolved that the following Message be sent to His Majesty's Council Vizt
Gentlemen of His Majesty's Honble Council,
This House having received sufficient Testimony that William Crane together with a party of six others have taken John Pyburne—One of the Confederated Rogues and Vagabonds who have for some time past Infested several counties of this Province and Committed Sundry Outrages Robberies and Murders and delivered him to the Keeper of his Majesty's Goal in Wilmington, in Consideration of which Service this House have Resolved that the said William Crane be paid the sum of Fifty pounds for the use of himself and party by the Public Treasurers out of the Contingent Fund, And that the said Treasurers be allowed the same on passing their Accounts with the Public, to which desire your Honors Concurrence.

Jacob Pyburn I b ca 1713
1758 Bedford Grants land to ? wife Mary Webb not sure on this source...

The same situation applies for this Jacob as Benjamin. It is doubtful it is either the son of Richard or the son of John. It has to be a grandson.
Jacob Pyburn II born 1740-1750's
1772 Chatham Co NC milita
This is the Jacob over 45 in NC.

This could be Jacob 1 or Jacob 2. Assuming Sarah was 18-20 (avg age was 20-25) to marry, she would be born 1766 ish. That places the eldest Jacob born about 1713 at 53, old enough to be her father, as is the younger Jacob IF he was born 1740's.

1786 Jacob Piborn signs permission for dtr Sarah to marry Charles Eades (pension packet) in Bedford County, VA

Thomas Pyborn
Index to tithables Loudon County
Also a Joshua here 1757
1773 Tithable list Bedford county

1780's James Pyburn involved with John Lawrence in Georgia in theft.

American Revolution
Elias Pyburn Pvt Capt Conway, Maj Rhea's co from Jonesboro Territory
James Shelby pension pkt. Document with Benjamin, Elias and Lewis Pyburn, this is an accounting of “board” and something else, all financial papers but hard to read microfilm.
Benjamin Pyburn as under him. Green Y Choate deserted same day, so did John Williams, John Marion,

Burke Co NC Jacob 3 males over 16 1 under 16 5 females
Edgefield Co NC Benjamin 1 male over 16
Richard 1 male over 16 3 Females
Not listed in US
1784-1786 Jacob Pyburn and wife. He is at least 30 in 1784.

1792 Buncombe Jacob guardian of Edward Pyburn
1794 Jacob and Edward to Bunscombe (land grant) NC

1799 Tennessee Jacob Pyburn signs petition

Buncombe Christopher 26-44
Jacob over 45, male 16-25 (Edward?)

Louisiana Territory Lewis Pyburn and family
Alabama Territory Jacob Pyburn in his mother's home in Baldwin Co, AL
Florida (Spanish) Territory Benjamin Pyburn and siblings in Pensacola
Haywood NC, Sarah Pyburn widow 26-44 and family
Buncombe NC Christopher over 45 and family
Mecklenburg NC Edwin 26-44 and family ? Edward
Hardin, KY Richard Pyburn 26-44 and family

Louisiana Ouachita Enos Pyburn 26-44 and family
Overton, TN Sarah Pyburn 26-44 and family
Wayne, TN Christopher over 45 and family
William 26-44 and family
Baldwin Co AL (state) Jacob Pyburn (III) Over 21 and family
Baton Rouge Sims? Pyburn over 45 and family

too many to list

Eastern Cherokee application of Choate/Pyburn
1841 Mary Choate (Eastern Cherokee App) grandparents Austin Choate and mother Omi Pyburn, her father was Edward Choate and Elizabeth Cole. Born in Jackson Co, TN. Witness said they were cousins and he was half Cherokee and she was full. They died in Putnam County, TN. State Edward Choate born about 1817. Read the other two files and both say Austin Choate married Omi Pyburn.

His mother should have been born 1780-1797

Information on the Choates
1840 in Fentriss County, TN find an Edward and an Austin Choate, both 30-39 years old (1800-1809), along with a Thomas 30-39, Jacob and John 30-39 and a Gabriel 20-29. A Christ (Christian?) Choate 70-79 with wife age 50-59 is in this county.

If Austin Choate married his cousin, Naomi (Omi) then the wife of Christian should be a Pyburn born 1780-1789 or a sibling of Naomi's mother. If this is in NC then the most obvious choice is Jacob who is living there in 1790 and 1800.

In Fentriss 1850 find John Choate b 1805 wife Anna b 1813
Edward Choate's census says wife is Priscilla. He's born 1799 NC. Thomas Choate born 1811

In Jackson in 1850 is the right Edward Choate.. with dtr Mary 10. Says he is 31 born TN (born 1819) wife is Elizabeth 27 born in TN. There is a Naomi Ramsey age 20 on same page. I also find a Medder Shoate and wife Lucinda in Jackson, a Nancy Shoat born 1797 with a son Jacob? Age 20.

Edward names a dtr Nancy, and Nancy is the right age to be his mother If Nancy is a Pyburn, then we need to see has a female her age in NC. Jacob Pyburn has one daughter 16-25 in 1800, and 4 females in his home in 1790 besides his wife.

1790 Austin Choate is in Burke over 16 (also there is Christopher Sr and Jr and Moses)
In 1790 Jacob has 5 females and Richard has 3 females.

I don't find Austin in 1800 or 1810. To be the mother of all of his children, the Pyburn would have to be born prior to 1783 based on the 1850 ages of the folks who are with Austin in 1840. His wife should be born 1780-1790 based on her age in 1840.

In 1820 Austin is in Jackson County, Tn. He has a wife 16-25 years old (born 1795-1804) which fits with the age of Nancy in 1850. He has a son 10-15 (couldn't be Nancy's) and 4 sons under 10 and 3 females 10-15. Austin either has siblings or he was married prior to Nancy.

Of the 1820 Pyburn's in Tennessee I am perplexed. Sarah is 26-44,there is a 16-25 year old female, a female under 10 a male 16-25, (16-18 also which is same person), and 2 males 10-15. It may be this is her son who is 18 with a wife and an infant and two children. William Pyburn in Wayne is 16-25 with a wife and 2 daughters under 10, Christopher is over 45 with a female over 45, 2 males 16-25, 1 of them 16-18, and 3 females 16-25 and one 10-15.

In 1810, we have Edwin (Edward), Richard and Christopher with Sarah. Sarah has a male in her home that is also 26-44, a male 10-15, two female 10-15, and one female and 3 males under 10. I am seriously wondering if Jacob didn't remarry and have a second younger set of children. The only other option would be that Sarah married Benjamin after 1800 and is living with children of Jacob.

Between 1775 and 1812 I find no records for a Pyburn (except the petition about the state of TN). The first Tax record is in 1812 for Christopher in Warren. (Mike found a land record in 1802 Smith for Lewis)
The earliest land record I can find is 1825 for Christopher

In 1830 I find Jacob in Hardin age 20-29 and Susanne age 30-39. Mary Pyburn age 50-59 in marion would seem to be the widow of Christopher. There is a Lone and a Riley both 20-29 in that county. James Pyburn in McNairy is also 20-29 and then a James Pebourne is in Mcminn 30-39. Edward Pyburn age 40-49 is now in Missouri as is Richard Pyburn 50-59. Aman/Amon Pyburn age 20-29 and William Pyburn 20-29 are also in Missouri.

Benjamin Pyburn and John Pyburn, 30-39 are both in Arkansas. Benjamin has 2 males 20-29 who are probably brothers or brother in law. I find a William Pyburn with a female 50-59 in Jackson Arkansas (that's it) and another William 20-29 in Lawrence.

I also find a Richard and a Richard Jr in Indiana. This Richard is also 50-59.
If I were to hazard a guess, I would think that Richard Pyburn would descend from the Richard the son of John, who we know had a son Jacob.

It is a good question as to whether or not the second Jacob (age 50 in 1772) is the Jacob II or did the son of John (sr) die without Issue. The William who only shows a wife 50-59 in 1830 would seem to be the family of William Pyburn who was in Wayne County, TN. At least the wife part.

Neither Elias or the second Benjamin appear in records after 1777. Lewis shows up in the Louisiana Territory in 1810, and is the father of Enos I am pretty sure. While certainly one of these men could be the father of the Jacob in 1799 (who would be 21 by then), it seems odd that he disappears altogether.
I read that someone found land records for Lewis in Smith county.

If Lewis and Elias served in the American revolution they could be young boys, but were likely teenagers or young men, so 15-20 years from 1777 is 1757-1762. Benjamin who served with them would probably be a brother, but could be a father. I speculate that these three men are decendents of John and not Richard Pyburn. It is possible that the Benjamin in SC in 1790 is the Benjamin who was a crook.

Edward Pyburn who needs a guardian in 1792 but is old enough for a land grant in 1794 (maybe Jacob was still his agent?) was 26-44 in 1810 or born sometime between the years 1766-1784. If he was not 21 in 1792, then he would have to be born 1772-1784. He could not be the father in law of Austin Choate, as his wife was born in the 1790's. This is probably Jacob Pyburn who was living in NC.

We already know that in 1790 Jacob had 3 males over 16 in his home, at least one of them was Jacob and he was likely already over 45 in 1790, or born 1740-1750. Based on that information, I would speculate that he is the father of Christopher and Richard. Edward is probably his grandson or a nephew. Jacob is probably the same Jacob who signed consent for his daughter to marry Charles Eades, but there is no way to rule out that the other Jacob didn't have a daughter, except that there only seems to be one Jacob in the records we find from 1747-1757. I can't explain the cousin part. In order for Austin and Namcy/omi to be cousins, either their mother's were siblings, or Austin's mother was a Pyburn. Nancy Omi could not be full Cherokee. The Pyburn's were not indian to start with, it has to come in through the wives.

I have no idea who the Pyburn in 1820 is in Baton Rouge. The name looks like Sims or Sens, and they kind of seem to disappear from records after that. As for the 2nd Richard, I have no explanation as he appears out of nowhere.

When you look at who Sarah was married to it's another good question. Without a doubt there are members in her household that are too old to be children. It is possible they are siblings of Sarah or her husband. But if they are Pyburn's who is their father?

By process of elimination there are only four unaccounted for Pyburn men that could be Sarah's husband, Elias from the Am revolution, Benjamin from SC, Jacob who signed the 1799 petition and James Pyburn who was running around Georgia stealing with John Lawrence. I can find nothing on this James other than the testimony that occurred in the Tensaw area in 1787. By 1789 John Lawrence was murdered by Creek Indians.

I see where someone has Jacob Pyburn married to a Mary Webb and having a daughter Elizabeth Naomi who married to a Jesse Beene. If this is true (since he's not in any censuses), then we can scratch him off the list. I can't seem to find him myself in a record.

Thus far we have the following list. (theory)
Thomas Pyburn likely the father of Joshua who is on a lease in Loudon in 1757. Possible that William in Wayne comes from this line (but unlikely)

Richard to Jacob to ;Jacob Jr then Christopher, Richard, Nancy Omi , Sarah and ? (father of Edward?)

the First John
I am betting his Jacob had only daughters or no kids
John arrested 1764 in NC for being a rogue
Either of these two are the father of the second Benjamin, Elias, Lewis, Jacob Pyburn (mine) and James Pyburn. Possibly a second Benjamin (the one in SC). These are first cousins most likely if not siblings.

Benjamin or Elias should be the father of the Jacob said to be born in TN. I kind of doubt Lewis but we can't rule him out.

My Jacob arrived in Spanish Territory in 1784, his son Jacob was already 7 years old. I read some articles and most men married 22-25 back then. So if that's the case my Jacob was at least born 1750, thus I am saying he should be the same age to be the brother of the other two.

I can't rule out his name wasn't Benjamin Jacob (mine). :It may be why the second Benjamin (who kept getting in trouble with the law) ran off. That Benjamin could also be the man in SC.

As for James in Georgia, we must assume he was a man (sounds like it) when he was robbing in Georgia. John Lawrence swore his oath the same day as Jacob Pyburn in December 1784, so that means that this occurrred prior to 1784. Thus James Pyburn was born anytime 1764 prior.

As for William in Wayne.. hmm he's with Christopher so that would seem to be a good match.

We don't know what happened to John in 1764, but if he was arrested for murder, I would guess that he may have been hung (it's not in the colonial record book).

Thus if John had a family, it was before 1764.

I think the average lifespan was early 60's for this time frame. When you got to 40 you were old, but old men had kids, lol. So, I guess the big question is can we find anything on Benjamin, John or Jacob?

The reason that I don't think there are two Jacob's in the records is simply that the Jacob in NC seems to descend from Richard, they use completely different names pretty much. There is only one Jacob listed in the records, so.. kind of would seem to have to be.

Thomas and Joshua seem to disappear entirely from Loudon after 1773. I still don't know who the heck Edward was who had baptisms. I guess he could be a brother to John and Richard, but with his kids born 1722 he's not a son. Maybe Edward who is Jacob's ward is a son of Thomas?


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  1. Thank you for investigating this. I wrote to you a long while ago about this. Austin Choate and Elizabeth Naomi "Omi" Pyburn were my mother's ancestors.