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The Trahern Chronicles- Estate Records of Wesley Trahern

Estate Records of Wesley Trahern from Hinds County Chancery Court, Raymond, Mississippi, file #017
Wesley apparently died much earlier than previously supposed, sometime in 1825.

The first document is dated November 29th, 1825, and names William Trahern as Administrator, and William L. Arick, Jesse Cole, and William Matthews as securities of a $6,000 bond for the estate. For some reason it isn’t recorded or approved until November 29th, 1829.

March 10th, 1826 an auction and accounting of the estate was performed by William Trahern. The property of the estate was valued at $1339.70, debts due to the estate were $1240.00, amount of cattle due to be sold May 1827, valued at $700.oo for a total estate value of $3219.97. The outstanding debts amounted to about $5,000 per his statement. He declared the estate insolvent at that time. This is recorded April 18th, 1827.

Sale of items on March 10th are as follows: (I have found error’s in their math)
William Trahern purchased a secretary, 3 poplar tales, 12 chairs, 3 mirrors for a total of $53.00, Joseph A. McRaven purchased 6 chairs for $3.00, William Trahern purchased 6 chairs for $4.oo, Silas Brown purchased one shot gun and pouch for $13.00, William Trahern purchased one pine cupboard, one lantern, candle stick and castor, one decanter, 2 tea boards, one pair steel yard for a total of 15.37 and ½ cent, Stewart McRaven purchased one set of knives, forks and flat iron for $2.00, William Trahern purchased one bed and bedstead for $13.00, one for 11.12 and ½ cent, one for $20.00, and one for 10.50 for a total of $52.62 and ½ cent, Stewart McRaven purchased one cot frame for ? amount, William Trahern purchased one cot frame for $25.00, and one for $ 6.20 and ½ cent, two pairs end irons and a large kettle for $8.70, one small kettle and oven for $2.75, one oven and one grid iron for $2.56 and ½ cent, one pair waffle iron’s and a tea kettle for $1.25, Samuel Wooldridge one plow for $2.??, William Edwards, one plow for $1.??, William Matthews a plow for $3.??, Silas Moor a plow for $1.??, Benjamin Fortner a plow for $1.??, Arthur Fortner two weeding hoes for $1.??, Thomas Oasley, two weeding hoes for $1.??, Samuel Wooldridge one scythe blade and 2 large hoes for $1.87 and ½ cent, Abraham Cook one grubbing hoe for Unknown amount, Arthur Fortner one broad ax for $6.??, Martin Fortner 3 Chipels(?), 2 drawing knives, and a hand saw for $3.??, and a lot of old iron for $2.??.
This is to amount to $197.00.
Page 2, (page is largely unreadable) Abram Cook, 2 axes for $1.??, Arthur Fortner 2 axes for $1.??, Martin Fortner on3 axe for unknown amount, Samuel Wooldridge one pair hammers for unknown amount, four bells for $4.??, William Trahern 4 wagon wheels for $29.??, Hiram Runnels 22 sheep for $5?.??, Samuel Wooldridge one pair double trees, unknown amount, William Trahern, 6 dishes, for unknown amount, and a lot of hogs for $5?.??, William Arick, one horse for $6?.??, Joseph M. Cook, 6 hides for unknown amount, William Trahern, six hides for unknown amount, Abram Cook, one horse mill for unknown amount, Thomas Copeland, fifteen geese for unknown amount, William Trahern 3 slaves for unknown amount, Obediah Dummis, one plow for unknown amount.

The auction raised $1339.70 as below, and had been valued by the appraisers for $1103.87 and ½ cent.
On June 4th, 1826, William Arick, Jesse Cole, and William Mathews request that they be relieved of their bond.

On October 23rd, 1826, William Trahern, J.W. J. Minor and Ann Trahern sign a record for a bond. Ann Trahern, is probably the widow of James Trahern, Jr. the nephew of Wesley who died September 24, 1824, or a niece of Wesley, daughter of James Trahern, Sr.. J.W.J. Minor married Mary Trahern, (possibly the sister of James Trahern, Jr.?) on April 13th, 1826.
This is recorded August 30th, 1827.
On April 23rd, 1827 an order for appraisal was given.

May 14th, 1827 cattle, one small bed stead, one warren, pork from wild hogs, and horses sold for $547.50, and the orphans of Wesley paid $300.00 for a slave named Mary. (though all 3 slaves had already been purchased by William, this is puzzling, unless he failed to pay for them)

April 21st, 1828, a bond was issued to William, James and Ann Trahern for $6,000.00 on behalf of the estate.

December 20th, 1828 James McRaven, John A. Grimball, and Thomas J. Coffee, commissioners filed a report of claims against the estate of Wesley Trahern. The allowed claims are William Barnes, dated 1824 for $355.??, F. H. Baird dated 1828 for $5.8?, H. G. Runnels dated 1825, for $78.??, A. G. Holland, dated 1825, for $14.??, Martin McGilvary, dated 1824 for $81.??, Josiah Shipp dated 1825 for $5.??, Caleb Young dated 1825 for $2.??, and William Trahern, administrator. They also ask for some claims to be discharged. (This is hard to read and is partly cut off on the copy). … Which, these shall remain, in sum of $1803.38 to be applied, in the education and support of the heirs of Wesley Trahern, or should it be so determined to discharge of some old claims against the estate, which the commissioners do not conceive themselves authorized to allow-
The first is an account in form of James Trahern for $4237.59 ½ cent ? as far back as the year 1807, and extending up to March 1813, This account from it’s antiquity the commissioners are disposed to think, in legal ?, they cannot allow, keeping in view at the ? to the rights and interests of the heirs and ? ?, although they have no doubt, but they consideration upon which the sum was founded, did actually exist. There was a payment made as late as 182? Upon said account, which is proven by William Trahern, the effect of which, the commissioners ? as a ?, fully to understand, rather believing, honor ?, that said payment does ? as waiver and acknowledgement of the claim, by the deceased. In the midst of this embarrassment, the commissioners therefore ? ? the said claim bact th his honor, the court from which they arrived their authority, and the party wherein, can determine a final decision on his claim, by having the same referred to referees, especially appointed. The second account is in form of John Trahern, for one hundred dollars, dated in 1807, which the commissioners have ejected (last line unreadable).
James took William to court over this claim, and his handling of the estate. John Trahern, is another brother, who resided in Tennessee.

January 14th, 1829, James Trahern signs a receipt for $4237.59 and ½ for the claim.

March 28th, 1829 Order ordering William Trahern to appear to update the court.
June 26th, 1829, William Trahern ordered to appear.

(September 11th, 1830 Dated the recording) Superior Court of Chancery Northern District, June Term 1830
James Trahern, complainant, against William Trahern, administrator, of Wesley Trahern, Defendant.
This day this cause came on to be heard on the commissioners report filed herein under the interlocutory Decree pronounced in this cause at last term, and no exceptions, having been filed or made to the said report, it is decreed and ordered that said commissioners report to be confirmed and it is decreed ordered, and adjudged that said complaint recover of said defendant the sum of six thousand eight hundred and eleven dollars, eight five and one half cents, the amount reported by said commissioners to be due herein, to be levied of the goods, chattels, and credits of said Wesley Trahern, in the hands of said administrator to be administered. It is further decreed that said complainant recover his costs herein expended. decreed, ordered and adjudged on the 12th day of June 1830. John A. Quitman.

Accounting of Estate, 1831 (I corrected addition errors)
Amount due and paid to Est. James Trahern as decreed by the Chancery Court $2003.43
Amount paid to William Barnes, which was due, and allowed $ 102.91
F.M. Baird, rate of his allowance $ 1.50
(William had a total of $2007.84, an error) $2107.84
A. G. McNutt, for professional services $ 40.00
For vouchers filed and allowed by commissioners, including administrator $ 746.25 ¾
Again his total off by $100.00 $ 2894.09 ¾
Paid Commissioners of Execution $82.62 ½
Officers of court $30.50
Costs $40.50
Again his total is off by 100.00 $3047.72 ¼
Funds belonging to estate $2908.17

July 4th 1831, order to appear for William Trahern
March 26, 1839, Letter from Cornelius Lane, William M. Brown, and William M. Murdock, can’t read it entirely, but William died, it does mention $2,000.
1844 to 1845, notices to appear, and posting of the sale of Wesley’s land in the Southwestern Farmer, printed at Raymond, Mississippi, by James Kerr, the new administrator of the estate. It is acknowledged by F.E. Plummer, representative for Amelia, Letha, and Washington, Wesley’s heirs (minor’s at time of his death). SE quarter of section 1, NE quarter of section 12, in township 4 of range one west, and the south west quarter of section six, and the north west quarter of section 7 in township 4 of range one east.
Also in 1844, the heirs of Wesley are named in a letter by James Kerr … The said children were named Wesly Trahern, since dead. [no mention of his heirs], Willim (William) who resides in the county of Hinds [actually lived in Holmes], Amelia who has since intermarried with Claiborne C. West, who are supposed to reside in the Republic of Texas. Letha, who has since intermarried with Cornelius Land, and whose husband is supposed to be dead, and who is also supposed to reside in the Republic of Texas, Minerva, who has since intermarried with____, (name unknown) {Josiah Metcalf}, who are supposed to reside in the county of Tallahatchie, Washington Trahern, who resides in parts unknown, supposed to be beyond the jurisdiction of this state, if living [he was, he fought in the Mexican war, in Texas, was briefly in Washington, D.C., and then moved to California, none of his children are on the Dawes, his children never mentioned being part Choctaw.] and Gilbert Trahern who is supposed to reside in the county of Tallehatchie, according to the best of the information which your petitioners can obtain.

Sale of the land to Alfred Dixon for $200.00, left the estate $153.20.
From the rest of 1846 to 1856, notices to appear, and costs are itemized. James Kerr, died in 1856, and the estate was finally dismissed. No mention if any of the heirs were located or paid in the paperwork. The last date I found was July of 1856.

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