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Research Notes on Stapleton Family SC>AL>FL>AL/TX/LA/MS

Staples and Stapleton's in SC

Indexed in SC Archives online

Craven County (which is part of Cheraw/Chesterfield and Marlboro)

Abraham and his wife, Sarah. Son Isaac (born 1746) and 4 daughters named in Will. Wife was Sarah Monalin

William Staples 1735, 1736 Surveyor

Isaac Staples 1767

Abel Staples 1771

Job Staples 1772

Solomon Staple 1767, 1771, 1772
mentioned in 1802 also but not on census
Cheraw District
William Steapleton 1796

Not specified (Granville and Charlotte also mentioned with him)
Patrick Stapleton 1772 (also in Rev War book for SC)

Georgetown District
Solomon Stapleton 1787 (Am rev 1786)

Marlboro (from deeds transcribed on
Stephen Stapleton 1812
William Stapleton 1813
Elizabeth Stapleton 1812
Maurice Staples 1798
Maurice Stapleton 1816
Job Stapleton 1816
Lodwick Stapleton 1816
Mary Stapleton 1817

Catherine Stapleton in Judgement roll 1815 (published in Charleston papers).

Taxlist 1812
Maurice Staples

None in Cheraw
Sarah 2 females and 4 males under 16
Levi (in Charleston later in records but not in census until 1830 as free colored 50-59) male over 16

Barbara Stapleton Over 45 two males 16-24
Maurice Stapleton 26-44, wife 26-44, 2 males under 10, 1 female under 10
William Stapleton 26-44, wife 26-44, 1 male under 10, 1 female under 10

Job Stapleton 26-44, wife 26-44, male under 10, female under 10, 3 females 10-15

These Stapleton's do not appear again in SC census. Do not find any Staples either.

Mississippi Territory
Job Stapleton 1802, 1807, 1810 (Jefferson)

1819 marriage of Diadema Stapleton (Wm) and Elizabeth (Catherine)
1820 Baldwin
S Stapleton, J Stapleton, W Stapleton
  • also find a Job Stapleton in Putnam GA with almost same family

Catherine Stapleton 40-49, female 20-29, female under 5 dies in 1834
Elizabeth Singletary executrix, moves to Mobile has daughter Harriet, fits this group.
Elizabeth Stapleton married Thomas F Singleton 1819 Baldwin County.

Jobez Stapleton 40-49, female 20-29, 2 males 10-14, 1 under 5, 1 female under 5, 2 females 5-9

Joseph (free black)

Mary Stapleton 50-59, male 15-19, female 15-19, female under 5

Joarden Stapleton male 50-59, female 20-29, male 5-9 and under 5, female under 5

Solomon (age 30-39) born ca 1815 by later census
Job 50-59
Morris 30-39 (born 1801)

Loderick 30-39 (older later)
LD(Lorenzo Dow) male 20-29
Job 2 males 30-39 (William is in Colorado, arrived 1838 so who is second?)
John male 30-39 and male 20-29
Seaborn male 20-29


Land Transactions
William Stapleton 1828 Geneva
Lodowick Stapleton 1837, 1858 Geneva
John Stapleton 1841 Geneva
Wm A Stapleton 1841 Geneva
Wm A Stapleton 1849, 1858 Dale
John L Stapleton Houston 1849, 1854, 1858 (prob not related)
Lodowick Stapleton 1858 Dale
Morris Stapleton 1860 Baldwin

Land Transactions
John Stapleton Jefferson 1827
Wm Stapleton Jefferson 1827
Wm Stapleton Holmes/Jackson 1827, 1828

Lodowick, Jackson Cty, male 20-29, (no siblings in home)

Stephen Stapleton Madison 1834, 1835, 1850
Stephen Stapleton, Attala 1841, 1852

Stephen Stapleton 1830 Covington, male 50-59, male 30-39 male 10-14, female 30-39, female 5-9
Steven Stapleton 1840 Madison male 50-59, male 20-29, 2 males 15-19, female 30-39, female 20-29, female 15-19, 2 females under 5 1833 a Stephen married Sarah Tucker
David Stapleton 1840 Covington Male 30-39, female 40-49, female 15-19, male 5-9
Pleasant Stapleton 1840 Clarke 20-29

David Stapleton in 1840 almost exactly matches the household of Stephen, with his mother, a sister and a brother?
1850 shows he is born 1809 in Mississippi. Married without children of his own in Jackson Mississippi

Notes From Baldwin County ( Probate Records

Baldwin County General Index
Stapleton's only books A-Z
only included Stapleton's as Grantor's. Several in the S's for State of Alabama and Probate court to Stapleton's that aren't included

Grantor Grantee what it is book/pg
Stapleton, Catherine Betsy Singletary bill of sale, book b 197
Stapleton, Morris Griffith, Isaac deed book f p 53-54
Stapleton, Morris Stapleton, Edgar O deed book H 737
Stapleton, John W Smith, Charles deed I p 568
Stapleton, John Milhane, Shields and Mooring Mtg J 687-688
Stapleton, Edwin M and Laura Barnes, Mrs Elizabeth Mtg k 33-34
Stapleton, John Sheilds and Mooring crop lien K 91-92
Stapleton, John Shields, WB and Co mtg K 226-227
Stapleton EM and wife, NB and wife Dircks?, Leonard deed K 368
Stapleton, Sarah, Caroline, Joseph, John W, and Mary Graham Leggand, Sam deed K 422-423
Stapleton, DC and Sarah E Nelson, James F deed K 565-566
Stapleton, Napolean, Wilton L and Reuben Carney, James H Mtg K 573-574
Stapleton, NB and Co Otis, William Mtg K 589-590
Stapleton WL, NB, and RE Byrne, RD agreement L 101
Stapleton WL, NB and RE mtg Carney, James L 171-172
Stapleton, Edwin and Laura, Napolean and Susan Stone, Frank S L 179-180 and 196-197
Stapleton, WL and NB Freeman, Harry bill of sale L 369
Stapleton, Wm F, Lienkauff, WH mtg L 383-384
Stapleton, WF Sibley, O and CS agreement L 390
Stapleton, Edwin M and Laura, NB and Susan Stone, Mary H deed L 400-401
Stapleton, DC and Sarah Donald, Celia N deed 147-148
Stapleton, David C and Sarah Stone, Mary H deed N 163-164
Stapleton, David C and Sarah Stapleton, Gustavas deed N 233-235
Stapleton, David C and Sarah Davis, Mrs OM deed N 235-237
Stapleton, David C by sheriff, Dunlap, David R deed O 103-104
Stapleton, Frances and Joseph Wallace and Co deed O 207-208
Stapleton, Edwin M Stapleton, Laura R deed P 159-160
Stapleton, Calvin Stapleton, Lillian D deed P 171-172
Stapleton, Hannah Haygood, Susan mtg P 212-213
Stapleton, Edgar O Stapleton, Lillian D deed P 329-330
Stapleton, Joice Stapleton, James C deed Q 192
Stapleton. DC and Sarah Stapleton, James C deed Q 194
Stapleton, James C and Jessie D Simmons, Susan H deed R 213-214
Stapleton, Joice Simmons, Susan H deed R 214-215
Stapleton, David C and Sarah Simmons, Susan H deed R 215-216
Stapleton, EM and LR, NB and SE Laxley, JE deed R 344-345
Stapleton, David C and Sarah E Edmonson, Larkin E deed S 29-30
Stapleton, DC and Sarah E Davis, Margaret deed S 670-671
Stapleton, DC and Sarah Hayle, George E deed T 64-65
Stapleton, JC and Jesse D Edmonson, Larkin E deed T 77-78
Stapleton, Edgar O and Edwin M Stapleton, Jerome B deed T 461-462
Stapleton, Gustavus B Green, John A deed T 646-647
Stapleton, JB, EM and EO by sherriff Green, John A deed T 673-675
Stapleton, James C and Jessie D Nixon, Isaac deed U 58-60
Stapleton, Lillian D and Calvin A Stapleton, Jessie D deed U 110-112
Stapleton Calvin A and Lillian D, Loxley JE deed U 644-646
Stapleton, WH Hayle, George transfer V 423-424
Stapleton, EM and NB and wives McAdam, Mrs Annie R deed V 496-498
Stapleton WH Fairhope Industrial deed W 47-49
Stapleton GB and Laura Silvay, John D deed W 57-59
Stapleton, DC and Ida BH Gatchell and Charles Ansley deed W 416-418 and 418-420
Stapleton, Lillian D and Calvin A Stapleton, Edgar O bill of sale X 60
Stapleton, WL and Hannah HC Taylor and Bros deed X 237
Stapleton, DC and wife Oswalt, JH deed X 47-48
Stapleton, Joyce Hayle, George H quitclaim Y 11-12
Stapleton, WL and wife Chute, Sarah A deed y 391-392
Stapleton, WL and wife Mixon, Samuel deed Y 395-396
Stapleton WH and wife Faulke, Frank deed Z 36-37

General Index 1820-1930
Catherine Stapleton Dcd Book G/1 101-102, 120
John E Stapleton book H/2 153-155, 193, 200-201, 320-321, 379-380
John W Stapleton, minor Book A/3 34-36, 155-156, 247, 257, 384, 407-408, 441 Book B/4 several
D C Stapleton, Coronor Book B/4 449
WF Stapleton book c/5 273
Reuben E Stapleton book c/5 351
DC Stapleton, Sheriff Book c/5 394-395, 405, 462
Elizabeth A Stapleton, dcd d/6 104, 105, 187
Mary R Stapleton, et al d/6 177-181 (vs Lauren Rice and others)
Gustavus B Stapleton e7 287-288, f 54-61 123 g 200
WD Stapleton e7 391 (Bond) 555 F 145 (bond) g 552-553 (bond)
Jerome B Stapleton F 595-600
? Stapleton bond G 356

Minute book A1 (can't find probate book)
July 15, 1834
Elizabeth Singletary admin of estate. Norris Findley and WG Johnson give bond. They along with Jesse Steadham are to appraise estate.

Book A
John E Stapleton, p 112 8/30/1849 Jobez Stapleton executor and guardian of minor son John W Stapleton, wife Mary to be supported as long as widow, all property to son. Witnessed by James T Stapleton and Willis and Thomas Munnerlyn

Book B
Elizabeth A Stapleton p 28 1890
James C Stapleton, “my children and granddaughter Ellen Stapleton” son James C executor, Charles Hall, EM Stapleton and E Sinson executors
Caroline Stapleton p 296-297 11/30/1908
5 dollars to brother Joseph Stapleton, rest to “my beloved niece” Isabel Smith
John Mobly executor, Peter Brown and CS Mobley witnesses

Book C
Orrie Stapleton p 176
26 aug 1921 wife Effie executor and heir witnesses Frank and NC Stone

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