Monday, January 26, 2015

Blood is thicker than water, part 2

So, if testing my mother's half cousin, and her paternal relatives will assist me in finding her matches and answering questions on her tree, is there any benefit to testing on my father's?

Yes. Already 11 McCurdy cousins have tested. As you will see below, this has allowed me to determine 61.5 percent of my father's McCurdy DNA. So who would be beneficial to test?

 For everyone, we are in great hopes that a great granddaughter of Elijah McCurdy will test. If so, that may help us identify other McCurdy matches outside our own family other than the one we have found.

Dad's grandmother had a half brother whose daughter is still living. Not only is this a half first cousin once removed, her grandmother was my father's grandfather's cousin, meaning she's doubly related to Dad, and on the two least represented branches of his maternal tree, the Pyburn and the Hardy family.

We have several Hardy cousins to possibly test if they agree. They are anywhere from 3-4th cousins, and hopefully we can find a willing male who carries the Y DNA haplogroup.

The Brunson  and Franklin side has been seriously lacking in confirmed matches, despite the large percentage of mutually shared DNA Dad has that's mentioned below. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone close enough on those branches to even approach about testing.

Below is a summary of the results of research with Dad's DNA at this point and time.

Paternal DNA 3718 cM of which a total of 478.4 cM or 12.9 percent has been identified.

Combined match with two sets of most recent common ancestor (MRCA)
John L Barnes and Eleanor Baker and Jacob Barnett and Amanda Thomas 359 cM or 9.7 percent of the DNA from both sets of families as below, in addition to below matches.

50 percent or 1859 cM consisting of Barnes, Baker, Owens, and Copeland families

MRCA John Sanders Barnes and Sarah Owens 34.6 cM or 0.9 percent

MRCA Willoughby Baker and Rachel Copeland 69.2 cM or 1.9 percent

50 percent or 1859 cM consisting of Brunson, Franklin, Thomas, and Merrill families

MRCA Jacob Merrill/Holland Merrill 62 cM or 1.7 percent
MRCA Isaac Brunson and Margaret Oldys 6.4 or 0.1 percent
Brunson unconfirmed MRCA 10.4 cM or 0.28 percent

Maternal DNA 3718 cM of which a total 321.1 cM or 8.6 percent has been identified.

50 percent or 1859 cM consisting of McCurdy, Sunday, Beck, Pyburn and Chitty families
MRCA James Chitty and Mary Brown 35.9 cM or 0.97 percent
MRCA Elijah McCurdy and Barbara Sunday 109.3 cM or 2.9 percent
MRCA William M McCurdy and Amanda Beck 67.2 cM or 1.8 percent
MRCA William M. McCurdy or Elijah McCurdy/Barbara Sunday 33.7 cM or 0.9 percent
MRCA John Sunday or Elijah McCurdy 13 cM or 0.3 percent
MRCA McCurdy immigrant 10.4 cM or 0.27 percent
MRCA John Sunday 11.9 cM or 0.32 percent

MRCA Barbara Sunday (x chromosome) 39.7 cM or 1.1 percent (representing 21.8 percent of X chromosome DNA)

Note, possible some of Elijah McCurdy and Barbara Sunday matches may be matching the Beck family and not the McCurdy (100.3 cM match with this person, some confirmed with other matches).

In this branch, ¼ (464  cM) each should be McCurdy, Beck, Chitty and Pyburn. Note, only Chitty DNA has been identified other than McCurdy. A total of 285.2 cM (61.5 percent) has been identified as McCurdy/Sunday branch, not including the X chromosome matches.

50 percent or 1859 cM consisting of Hardy, Nelson, and Johnson families
no matches confirmed

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