Friday, January 30, 2015

Discovering a lineage, with help from the X chromosome

As I have mentioned before, Mom's half first cousin recently tested. While I was waiting for his results from 23andme to show matches, I uploaded his raw data to Gedmatch. A few days later I was surprised to see his third highest match, 138 cM autosomal and 54.1 cM on the X chromosome with an estimated difference in generations on gedmatch of 3.4.

I emailed the match and requested a tree. Before receiving it though he had already confirmed he was of Hungarian lineage, which I also knew was the nationality of both of SH's grandparents. Unfortunately though, all SH knew was his grandfather was John Pado and his grandmother was Agnes Odor. From I knew what year Agnes arrived, and that on her death certificate her father's name was listed as John Odor.
Her immigration arrival gave also where she was from in Hungary, Gyovar.

I already knew that any connection we found in the tree's would have to come not only from SH's maternal side, but from either a connection to the mother of  John Pado, the mother of Agnes Odor, or the mother of John Pado, because an X chromosome match ruled out anyone who was not an X donator. I also verified that the name Janos was the Hungarian equivalent for John. Since I was unable to find, and still cannot find, the immigration record for certain of John (Janos) Joseph Pado, I looked at what I did know, the village of Gyovar.

When I received the tree of SH's match, I looked it over. Bingo, he had  in his tree the Kaposi family who intermarried with the Horvath family in his tree as his Great Grandparents and they were from Gyovar. Since the Great Grandparents were the right generation for the estimated match, I then went to and searched for Pados in Hungarian Baptism Records. I found Janos Pados whose wife was Rozalia Kaposi in several in the village of Gyovar.

My next step was to see if Anna Kaposi and Rozalia Kaposi were sisters, and indeed I found that Vendelin Kaposi and Julianna Holtain had baptism records for Anna Kaposi and Rozalia Kaposi in Gyovar, and that they were of the right age to match the baptisms of each girls children. Thus SH's great grandmother Rozalia Kaposi was the sister of his match's great grandmother, making them 3rd cousins, and giving SH and his sister a little bit more of their immigrant ancestor's history.

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