Monday, January 26, 2015

Blood is thicker than water

To further my use of DNA and assist in my genealogy I recently tested my mother's half first cousin, SH and her nephew JM. Both are lineal Y DNA descendants of the earliest known ancestor Steely Hager. The 23andme haplogroup is from the 2010 tree, but using the 23andme to ysnp program and then the ISOGG tree add on, I was able to confirm that both have R1b1a2a1a1c2b haplogroup on the 2015 tree, enumerated by FTDNA as R-L48/S162 in the U106 subclade.

Unfortunately, I have not found one Hager from North Carolina lineage who is in a YDNA project to see if they even have the same haplogroup. Because 23andme tests with snp's, the haplogroup is accurate, though useless to compare with the Y STR tested for the YDNA surname projects, I was hoping to find someone with the same haplogroup to look into the genealogy to confirm a connection. Hopefully one will pop up some time in the future.

That said, the advantage of testing my mother's half first cousin is they only have a mutual grandfather in common. That means the 572 cM they share in common represents for each of them 15.4 percent of the approximate 25 percent of DNA each would have inherited (61.6 percent). This has been greatly beneficial for identifying matches as either Paternal or Maternal along those segments, and not only that, but further delineating them to only one grandparent's branch is definitely easier to trace a genealogical tree.

I am hoping to further identify segments by testing my mother's second cousin, at least one of her father's first cousins, and similar relatives on my father's side. By testing a first cousin once removed or a second cousin that narrows the matches to just one pair of ancestors. By selecting individuals who share 3-6.25 percent DNA in common on average, you are potentially discovering 6-12.5 percent of one parents DNA contribution. (Keep in mind, the tables that give the average shared DNA give percentages for your entire DNA, but when testing a relative on one side, the result is actually double that in context of that particular parents match.).

So how successful have I been in the first 6 months of research on my mother's DNA matches? I decided to take a look, and here is what I found.

Paternal DNA (roughly 3719 cM total) 23.1 percent identified

50 percent or approximately 1859 cM of which a total of 5.7 percent has been identified beyond a mutual grandfather. 572 cM (15.4 percent) identified for all of this branch in common with a mutual grandfather.

Hager to include Barnett, Bagwell, Whitley, Adams, Collins, Mangum
Most recent common ancestor (MRCA) William “Dan” Hager/Eda Martha Burnett 174 cM or 4.7 percent

MRCA Daniel Collins/Talitha Adams 1 percent or 38.3 cM

Connection to Barnett (identification of MRCA not made yet) 1.9 percent or 71 cM

25 percent or approximately 929 cM total identified 272 cM or 7.3 percent
Adams to include Rogers. No identifiable Adams matches because of his unknown parentage. Additional matches to the wives whose surnames are not verified are included, though the exact connection has not been determined yet.

MRCA Henry/Mahala Rogers 170.7 cM or 4.6 percent

MRCA Dauswell/unknown wife 27.9 cMor 0.75 percent

MRCA Susannah rumored Shue (X chromosome match) 27.2 cM or 0.73 percent

Identified as a match to Rogers (27.1 cM) included above and probable Adams (47 cM) from an adoptee. Since his exact connection is the unknown portion  represents an additional 1.2 percent

 25 percent or approximately 929 cM Trahern, Riddle, Hall and Choctaw lineage.

Only three matches with no verifiable connections at this point totaling 24 cM or 0.6 percent with known Choctaw descent and no other possible common ancestors.

Maternal DNA
Approximately 3718 cM in total of which 310 cM or 8.3 percent has been identified.

50 percent or approximately 1859 cM Hinds and their early colonial ancestors and the Paxtons of unknown lineage
MRCA Francis M. Hinds/Emma Paxton 46 cM or 1.2 percent
MRCA John Corliss/ Mary Wilford 66 cM or 1.8 percent

50 percent or approximately 1859 cM Timmins, Brampton, Spicer and other English, non American lineages.

MRCA George Henry Timmins and Sarah Brampton 198 cM or 5.3 percent

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