Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Latest gleanings from DNA

The first three of my four tests from ancestry DNA resulted today. Was happy to see that my Dad's second cousin once removed matched him so well (for a total of 105.6 cM). Looking at her matches I found one of the things that I had hoped. We confirmed that Robert Hardy who died in Biloxi, Mississippi and had a son named Shephard Hardy was the same Robert Hardy who is a brother of William Shepard Hardy Sr and is also the father of George Gardner Hardy.

Have found several matches for Dad now with Daniel Brunson and Mary Platt, but none yet for the Franklin/Brunson line. The Merrill's haven't been an issue at all. Makes me wonder if we have a non parental event.

Working on my cousin's ancestry results to contact the multiple McCurdy's they match. Looks like we can connect Elijah by DNA to the five brothers, just not on paper.

Any and all McCurdy's or Brunson's who have tested, Dad's kit is on gedmatch and I would love to see if we can make a connection to one of the cousins.

On my mom's side, it is more than apparent that Doswell Roger's wife is a Blevins based on the 11th chromosomal matches with both Rogers and Blevin's descendants. However, my mother has several matches with another Wallen family group, who had ydna connection to Elisha Wallen, but not a trail to connect him. Funny part is the matches on one chromosome, the 12th, I know relate to Susanna rumored to be Shue and of Anderson descent by x chromosome. (Mom matches same family members here and on the x chromosome). So I got to thinking, and looking. It appears that Thomas Wallen born 1818 in Virginia and died in Texas, whose wife was Nancy Pollock just may be the son I could not identify in the household of James Wallen and the aforementioned Susannah. To top it off, Thomas Wallen is living in Carroll County, Georgia in 1844 along with Edley H. Rogers and Henry Rogers and the family of Louisa Rogers Davis, his assumed half siblings. My mother is matching descendants of Thomas through his son James Bowden Wallen and Tennessee Scot at the 3-4th degree level.

Been looking at my mom's early colonial roots in Massachusetts as well. I had no idea her family was so entwined in the early colonial period. Matches for these families are appearing larger as well.

Taking a look at my parents grandparents here is where we stand.

Dad's Paternal
John Lunsford Barnes - we have had one match from a sibling and one from the Owens family.
Margaret Eleanor Baker- several from Abner Baker's immediate family but none thus far from Bakers in SC or from the Copelands or the Vaughan (and their related families).
Jacob Barnett Franklin- No matches to the Franklin/Brunson side at all, though we do have matches to the Merrill family. Makes me wonder if he;s a non parental event.
Amanda Octavia Thomas- several from her siblings or siblings of her mother Sarah Martha Brunson. No matches yet on the Thomas side.

Dad does share a lot of DNA with a double cousin who shares all four of these ancestors. I haven't been able to identify the majority of those segments though.

Dad's Maternal
William Shepard Hardy Jr.- no matches, that's why I tested the three Hardy's.
Talula Johnson- no matches, though I found another Hardy who tested from this line on my ancestry tests, hopefully she will do gedmatch.
Archibald Pyburn- no matches at all on the Pyburn but some on the Chitty, which is why I tested the two Pyburn/Hardy's. One only matches on the Hardy side though. The other has multiple segments I hope to identify.
Plina McCurdy- we have tons of matches on Plina's McCurdy/Sunday side but have been unable to identify the Beck DNA shared with some of them.

Dad shares almost as much DNA with his second cousin as he does with his double cousin. Which means I have 8 segments that can come from either the Hardy or Pyburn lines. Since it just resulted today, it is too soon to tell.

Mom's Paternal
John S. Hager - several matches to his sister's line and a few I know are to the Burnett family but none to further back Hager's.
Martha Collins- matches to the Collin line and only one to the Mangum.
Jason Adams - we have identified close and distant Rogers matches but aside from clues on Susannah (rumored to be Shue), we have had no breakthrough on the Adams or other Rodgers lines.
Margaret Trahern- we have had four small Choctaw only matches. Only one can be traced on paper and it is appropriate for the relationship.

To help with these matches I have tested my mother's half first cousin (Hager/Collins) and my grandfather's first cousin (Adams/Trahern).

Mom's Maternal
Francis Marion Hinds- we have had three or four of his colonial lines show up as results, much higher of course than normal.
Emma Paxton- nothing other than a descendant of her and her husband.
George Timmins- matches to his brother and his son's lines only.
Sarah Brampton- none have been identified.

Again, mom shares larger amounts of DNA with matches who are close (from the Timmins and Hinds lines) and from her colonial lines. Identifying other matches though to these has been problematic.

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