Sunday, October 25, 2015

Say What? Figuring cousins

So, I know there are some handy charts out there to help you determine relationships with cousins. And I know a lot of folks don't understand what the difference between second cousin and first cousin once removed is. Well, I have an easy way to figure your cousin's, without a chart, and well, I will try and explain what the terms mean.

First, we all know who are first cousins are. We share the same grandparents, and one of their parents is our Aunt or Uncle. That part is easy. So what is removed? Well your cousins child isn't your second cousin, they are your first cousin once removed. The once removed means they are one generation removed from the mutual degree of cousins.

Okay, I know, maybe you still don't get it. So how do you figure out what degree of cousin you are? Count your g's.
Grandfather and Grandmother 1 g is first cousin
GGrandfather and GGrandmother 2 g's is a second cousin
GGGrandfather and GGGrandmother 3 g's is a third cousin
and so on.

So when comparing, the lowest number is always the degree of cousin. To get the generations removed, subtract the lower from the higher and that is the number removed.

So if Tammy's great grandfather is my great great great grandfather. Let's count the g's.
Tammy has 2, I have 4. 4-2 is 2 so Tammy is my second cousin twice removed.

Got it? Easy peazy when you don't have a chart at hand.

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