Monday, October 26, 2015

X marks the Spot

Remember, all siblings will share some of their mother’s X chromosome. Only females will receive X chromosomes from their father, which is the entire chromosome they received from their mother. Males do not receive any X chromosomal DNA from their father, because the father gives them the Y chromosome. So, my brother shares the same maternal X chromosome donators that I do. However he has none of my father’s X donators. 

So each female has two initial donors, their mother and their paternal grandmother. If you use that basis when looking at your tree, you can easily identify which women were the donators in your ancestral line by identifying each donators mother and paternal grandmother.
Studies show that recombination in the X chromosome happens in an unusual manner. In that of your mother’s two X chromosomes, it is possible to for her to pass on one chromosome almost entirely intact. A 50/50 recombination of X chromosomes is not the norm. For this reason matches reflect deeper ancestry than the same match would on another chromosome in many cases.

Mom’s paternal (and PAL and my) Choctaw X donators
1.       Margaret Trahern- daughter of Robert Trahern and Cornelia Gardner. Born near Brazil Creek, IT. 1880
2.       Cornelia Gardner- born 1860 Unknown lineage, possible Daughter of Sam Gardner[1][i] and his wife Mary from Towson. He has a son Loring Gardner. Also possible she’s part Chickasaw.
3.       Sarah Hall- Daughter of William Hall and Susan Riddle. Sarah was born about 1821. From Okla Tannap
4.       Susan Riddle born 1793, daughter of Caty and William Riddle. From Okla Tannap
5.       Choctaw mother of William Hall, born 1760-1773. Okla Tannap
6.       Mother of William Riddle. White, born before 1750, from Virginia * line that is not Choctaw from here back
7.       Mother of Caty, (also of Mushulatubbee and mother of Sophia Pitchlynn/Joseph Kincade) b before 1750. Okla Tannap.
8.       Mother of Homomastubbee, father of Caty born before 1715

 The Unknown Donor’s of Cornelia Gardner. Her mother, her paternal grandmother, her paternal Grandmother’s mother, her paternal grandmother’s paternal grandmother, ect., her maternal grandmother, her maternal grandmother’s mother, her maternal grandmother’s paternal grandmother, etc.
For Mom and I only, the paternal Adams/Roger’s X donators known
1.       Louisa Rogers, born 1842 Hamilton County, TN
2.       Mahala Mariah Rodgers? Born 1814 TN or GA?
3.       Susannah rumored Shue born abt 1784 VA
Unknown lineages beyond Mahala and Susannah. Susannah is matching X with Anderson/Jones descendants (two sets) and with Autosomal.
Mom’s Maternal X donators
1.       Dolores Hinds
2.       Elizabeth Ruth Timmins
3.       Emma Paxton
4.       Mary Douglas
5.       Mary Brown (here ends known line)
6.       Sarah Brampton
7.       Sarah Phillips
8.       Ruth Spicer
9.       Hannah Castle (here ends known line)
10.   Mary Shakespeare
11.   Sarah Marrill
12.   Sarah Shakespeare

My paternal X donators

1.       Virginia Evelyne Hardy
2.       Lula Belle Pyburn
3.       Talula Johnson
4.       Amanda Plina McCurdy
5.       Mary Jane Chitty
6.       Talula’s Mother
7.       Elizabeth Parker
8.       Mary Jane Brown
9.       Mother of James Chitty
10.   Amanda Palestine Beck
11.   Sarah Woodcock
12.   Barbara Sunday
13.   Mother of Sarah Woodcock
14.   Mother of Jesse Beck
15.   Barsheba Collins
16.   Mother of John Sunday

[1] [1Sam Gardner was born about 1829. Likely he is a son of John Gardner and Alatima. This John was the son of James Gardner and Margaret his wife. James Gardner was a son of John Gardner a white man who married into the Choctaw nation.

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