Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Deep Roots

I never did spend much time researching my grandmother's father's family. I spent years working on her mother's English roots, and a lot of time trying to find her Paxton's in England, but the Hinds family, well, I had the book by Frank A Hinds and that seemed to be all I needed. Until I did DNA. What I discovered when I really looked and researched that branch, was roots deeper into the American story than all but two of my father's families. Of course my grandfather's native roots trump the Colonial any day, but I was amazed at how far back most of my grandmother's tree went.I had thought about talking about my American Revolution patriots, but heck, why bother, when I can talk about the first settlers in this new world. On Dad's side we have the Copeland and Brunson family alone who began their journey here by the mid 17th century. But on mom's, the list is much longer.

Here is a list of the Colonial Ancestor's of my great great grandfather, Leeroy Edwin Hinds. This list only includes known ancestors who arrived by 1650. For those of you rusty on your history, Jamestown was founded in Virginia in 1607. Plymouth, Massachusetts was found in 1620.

Robert Earle arrived 1638 to Rhode Island.

Thomas Newhall the first white child born in Lynn, Massachussetts around 1630. His father Thomas died in 1674 and his wife Mary who came from England.

Robert Carr, age 21 in 1635 and younger brother Caleb, age 11, came to America on the ship "Elizabeth Ann".  They settled in Rhode Island with their Uncle, William Carr.

Thomas Whittemore, emigrated to Malden, Massachussets where he died in 1661. He emigrated about 1650.

Richard Mellens became a freeman at Mass. Bay in 1639. His wife was Mary. He moved to Charles Town, Mass.

William Bassett arrived on the second ship to Plymouth in 1621. He was involved in a lot of the colonial government.

Nathaniel Tilden was at Plymouth in 1634. He died there in 1641. His wife came with him.

Thomas Lapham came also on the Hercules in 1634. He died in Plymouth in 1644.

Thomas Richardson of Woburn became a freeman in 1638 but arrived around 1632. He died in 1651. His wife Mary joined the church before him. Her maiden name is unclear.

Israel Reed born in 1642 in Scituate, Plymouth, Mass. Wife Mary Kendall was born in 1650 in Woburn, Mass. Her father, Robert Kendall helped to form Woburn, he arrived around 1640.

Edmond Goodenow arrived in 1638 settled Sudbury, Massachusetts.

John Moore settled in Sudbury by 1642. Wife was Dorothy Wright (? Widow) ancestor twice.

John Bent emigrated in 1638 and settled in Sudbury.

Hugh Drury settled in Sudbury by 1641.

Edmund Rice settled in Sudbury by 1645. Ancestor twice.

Peter Weare arrived in 1638. He ended up in Maine but started in Massachusetts.

John Stone arrived in Sudbury by 1643.

James Hinds arrived in Salem, Massachusetts in 1637.

Obadiah Wheeler arrived around 1638 to Concord, Massachusetts, became a freeman in 1641.

Edward Kibbe emigrated by 1637, first to Plymouth then to Boston. His wife Mary (questionable Partridge) may have been born in Massachusetts.

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