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Gleanings from records in Gates county - the Barnes family

As I mentioned in my last post, we now have a starting point to go further back on my ancestor John Sanders Barnes. As soon as I heard about the Gates county area, I began looking through estate files for the area. They are available on both familysearch.org and on ancestry.

For several years I had thought Frances Smith was the mother of John Sanders Barnes. She lived in his home and her death was recorded in his bible. There is a deed and an agreement from 1839 where for a dollar Frances gave John all her land, slaves, etc and in turn he agreed to care for her and her daughter Jane Horton. When we found the bastardy bonds, it begs the question why did she do this. When John became the apprentice of her husband Robert Smith, he was around 13 years old. Robert died in 1830 so John wasn't 21 when he died. Did John stick around and help her? Was she a relative. Thus far I have still found no working connection. I am not convinced she's not a relative, but if she is, we don't know how.

As I mentioned before the Barnes family of Gates county that appears to be ours we can trace in wills. In 1759 Richard and Mary Barnes have an order to divide an estate. Thomas Barnes estate was to be divided between Thomas Barnes, Prudence Barnes, Joseph Brady the husband of Lydia Barnes, and to Richard Hamilton the husband of Rachel Barnes. Mary's estate was to be divided between those four and Alex Carter, the husband of Ann, Edward Vann, the husband of Mary, John Thompson the husband of Sarah, Abraham Odom husband of another of Mary's children. Many of the online genealogies have these as Richard's children and Mary as an Odom.  I believe these are Richard's step children. There are also descendants of the Vann's who state Mary was a descendant of the sister of Pocohontas. Without further proof, I am not going to include that information here. With my long standing history and research among the Choctaws, I am skeptical of anything that is not proven on paper. This record is in Chowan county.

In 1759 a Thomas Barnes married Elizabeth Blanchard. The will of Thomas Barnes in 1782 in Gates county (will states Perquimans) names his children. Sons Benjamin, Richard and Thomas and daughters Millie Parker (wife of Joseph Parker), Sarah Barnes (who marries Peter Parker), Bethany Goodman (wife of James Goodman), Elizabeth Barnes (who married Henry Goodman), Charlotte or Lotty Barnes (who married Charles King) and Catey Barnes (no more records found). It is interesting to note his will is witnessed by a Jesse Barnes. 

Other records for this area show that Thomas Barnes and Henry King were neighbors, along with Isaac Pipkin and a Dempsey Bond (who also appears as Barnes in records). The Parkers, Saunders and Goodman families also appear in various deeds that have been transcribed for this area. As we can see 60 years later, these families are still in the same vicinity.

Benjamin Barnes married Margaret or Peggy Pipkin. His will in 1809 mentioned in his estate his brother Richard.  and children, John Barnes, Elizabeth Boyd, Benjamin Barnes, Isaac Barnes, Milley Barnes, Charity Barnes, and Peggy Barnes. Guardian for the minor children was Thomas Barnes Elizabeth married Eldridge Gaitling. Isaac Barnes died in 1814. Milly Barnes married a Bond and died without issue. Deeds show only these as her heirs in 1828, Charity the wife of Eldred Cross, Benjamin Barnes and the heirs of Eldred Gaitiling. There is no estate for the John Barnes from this line.

Richard Barnes married Charity Pipkin and then Prudence Cross. He died in 1812. His estate was interstate. Here are notes I made for this estate. Nancy, Sarah and Jethro were minor children. Nancy and Sarah are listed as heirs of Isaac Pipkin. Jethro received his share of  the estates of his brothers John, Henry, Richard and his sister Ann. Jethro’s guardian was Hardy Cross (Jethro was born 1810). Records indicate William Barnes (executor Isaac Pipkins), and Prudence Cross Barnes Williams (her share of Hardy Cross estate) were income into the estate. William and Isaac Pipkins both died later in 1815. Heirs in 1818 Prudence (widow), Jethro, Pipkin, James and Sarah Barnes. The representatives of Henry, Richard Jr, Ann, John and William all deceased. Ann died in 1819. Division of negros specifies that James, Pipkin and Sarah are grandchildren of Isaac Pipkins. Only Jethro is a child of Prudence. Sarah married Edward Howell. Although Charity Barnes preceded Richard in death, there is an estate for her share of Isaac Pipkins estate in records.

Thomas Barnes died in 1814. He was married to a Priscilla. His will mentions his wife Priscilla and children Jesse Barnes, Mary Gaitling, Peggy Barnes, Thomas Barnes, Sally Barnes, Richard Barnes, and Martha Barnes. Jesse Barnes was guardian of children of Thomas Barnes. Sally married an Arnold. The children who were minors in 1815 (Margaret died by 1827, Richard until 1827, Martha Barnes died by 1825 Thomas Barnes until 1825). There is a deed from Richard and Thomas in 1829 indicate they were in Hertford county. 

James Barnes who died also in 1809. His wife was Elizabeth Meroney. His will mentions children John Barnes, James Barnes, Joseph Barnes, Benjamin Barnes, William Sumner Barnes, Patsy Pailin Barnes, Elizabeth Barnes wife Elizabeth. This William Barnes died in 1824 (William Sumner Barnes) his orphans were Mary Adaline and Martha Eliza Barnes. Benjamin Barnes died prior to William S. Barnes, his estate was divided between his siblings. This is the John Barnes who married Christian Brinkley.

I have no idea how he relates if at all to the other Barnes family, since it appears that Thomas Barnes Sr was the only son. I do know from land deeds he was a neighbor of the family.

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