Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Panhandle roots

I often joke I am related to half of the county when I speak of Escambia or Santa Rosa. It really isn't that far off though it seems at times. Right now I am working on figuring out a few connections that I hope to blog about later this week. I am a visual person. So I made myself a map. It has landmarks for cemeteries, land locations, and places where my father's family has lived. Thought I would share it.


  1. Our family passed from Duplin, NC to Barnwell, SC then separated between Alabama (Dale and Barbour) and Mississippi. These are our codes when we are discussing DNA matches:

    "we're from that Gulf Coast Gumbo"
    "they are some of that Alabama Succatash.....some of that Georgia Succatash"
    "It must be that are that Texas Stew"
    and my favorite:
    "Colonial Soup" (we copied Colonial Soup and that's what got us going, lol)

    Thank you for sharing your fun work, love your blog.