Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Long family of Culpeper County - American Revolution patriots

I decided to work on this family last week when a new DNA match led me to look at some of the families I hadn't really worked on. One of the things I quickly figured out is that there is a lot of published information in the D.A.R. and other places that is incorrect. I say that because there is a paper trail.

Sarah Ann Owens the wife of John Sanders Barnes was the daughter of John J. Owens and Lucinda Long. Lucinda Long is a daughter of Evans Long and Lucinda "Lucy" Apperson. The estate records for Lucy Apperson's father clearly connect Evans Long to her. What comes into question is the parents of Evans Long. After looking into the family, every child used the name Evans, so the DAR histories made little sense. And then I did a google search and found it here.

Amelia Co, VA WB 2:157) September 12, 1773 - No probate date. Will of Anne STERN. Legatees: Daughters: Mary LONG; Tabitha STERN; Sarah MEREDITH and her children [not named]. Sons: John EVANS; Francis STERN and his children [not named]. Grandchildren: Allen JETER; Rodofel JETER; Tabitha JETER; MASON JETER; Jane JETER. Sons-in-law Ambrose JETER and Sampson MEREDITH.
(Amelia Co, VA DB 9:175) Re Ann STERN'S estate, mention is made of Negroes in possession of Reuben LONG of Culpeper County.
Executors: Brother Francis ANDERSON and daughter Tabitha STERN, Wit: Christopher FORD and Richard ANDERSON (Will Book 2, Amelia County, Virginia. Gibson Jefferson McConnaughey)

The reason that the negroes were in the possession of Reuben Long is that he was the husband of Mary Long, and Mary Long was the sister to John Evans, and a daughter by Ann Anderson and her first husband, John Evans.

The Long family often used surnames in their naming patterns. I have no idea why they named a child Mary "Polly" Harrison, unless it was named for Reuben Long's grandmother Margaret Harrison, or if maybe, and it is possible that his mother Elizabeth was also a Harrison. I guess that brings me to some of the newer published rumors on the internet and ancestry.

Reuben Long the father of Evans Long had four sons in his will, not five. All of these sons did appear to have served in the American Revolution, Evans, Gabriel, Nimrod and Anderson (and yes it is not Andrew). Reuben by YDNA of a Nimrod Long descendant is related not to the Brumford Long group but to the Ware Long group. Looking at the documentation in transcription of estates and deeds, I believe Reuben is the son of Richard Long and his wife Elizabeth.

Richard Long born 1705 and died in 1761 was a son of Gabriel Long and Margaret Harrison. He was mentioned in his grandfather Harrison's will. Gabriel Long was a son of Jeremiah Long and his wife Frances. He had two brothers, Richard Long and John Long. Ware Long, born in 1720 appears to be a grandson of Richard Long. It is important to note that  descendants of all three brothers use the same names, and that a son of Brumford Long also is named Reuben, and all of these folks lived in Culpeper county. Earliest records are in Essex county, the families living in Rappahannock.

Margaret Harrison was the daughter of Andrew Harrison and his wife Elinor Long Elliot.

While we know that Nimrod Long got land in Georgia as his bounty land, he did not live there long, he instead moved to I believe Kentucky. Anderson Long moved to Missouri where a pension for him exists for his American Revolution service. Gabriel Long also migrated to Kentucky. The Nicholas Long who moved to Wilkes county along with Evans Long and his sisters and their husbands was probably a cousin, but of which relative I am unsure since the records indicate multiple men of the same generation and name.

The children for Reuben Long and Mary Evans by his will and deeds are sons Gabriel, Nimrod, Evans, and Anderson Long and daughters Mary Polly Harrison Nash, Margaret (Peggy) Kay, and Fanny Richardson.

The children of Richard Long and his wife Elizabeth are Reuben, William, John, James and Gabriel. I have no information on daughters.


  1. So was there a different Reuben Long about the same age and living in Culpeper that married a "Mary Harrison"?

    1. I have extensive information on Capt. Nimrod Long. He is my 4th g-gfather. Would like to discuss further if interested.Email: mtkdunlap@hotmsil.com

    2. I am a direct descendant of Capt. Nimrod Long. He is my 4th great gfather. Have extensive information - please contact me if interested.