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Brampton Family

Sarah Brampton was my great grandmother's mother. After the death of her husband she took in boarders in Syracuse. I know they always lived in Solvay, and that her sons were forced to go to work as teenagers, but I am not sure if she remarried. I can't find her from 1905 until her obituary. Sarah Brampton married shortly before her death and died from complications of an appendectomy in Virginia while on her honeymoon.

Sarah and her husband were the parents of William Henry Timmins, Joseph Timmins and Elizabeth Ruth Timmins. Sarah was born in 1861 to Edward Brampton and Ruth Spicer of West Bromwich.
She immigrated to Syracuse in 1886 and died in 1926.

Edward Brampton was orphaned at an early age. While I am pretty sure I know who his father is, I have no idea who his mother is. I believe he is the son of William Brampton who died in 1832. We find Edward as Edwin Brampton in 1841 in the workhouse in Stanton Lacy, Shropshire age 12. Samuel Brampton who is also in the workhouse and is the same age is likely a brother.

In 1851 Edwin Brampton age 23 is found as a lodger in West Bromwich. He is a laborer and born in Ludlow, Shropshire. It is important to note that this is the last reference to an Edwin Brampton in records of the area, and there is never a mention of an Edward Brampton prior to this. In 1851 Ruth Spicer is listed as a servant with an illegitimate son, William Henry Spicer.

In 1854 Edward and Ruth marry. They have a large family, John Brampton who died in 1929 in West Bromwich, Samuel Brampton who died in 1938 in West Bromwich, Sarah Brampton Timmins, Mary Ann Brampton Moore who died in 1935, and Emma Brampton Carter who died in 1948. Ruth's son William Henry Spicer died in 1874.

Edward and Ruth are always found in a close area within West Bromwich. Edward's occupation was glass cutter. Edward died in 1915 and Ruth in 1901. Both are in unmarked graves.

Ruth was the daughter of John Spicer and Anna Hayfield or Haywood. Ruth was baptized in a nonconformist church in Oldbury by Halesowen that was Presbyterian. John was a coal miner born in either Oldbury or Dudley depending on the census. I believe his parents were Thomas Spicer and Hannah Ditheridge who were married at St. Thomas, Dudley in 1789.

John Spicer and his wife Anna (sometimes seen as Hannah) had the following children, Mary Ann, Hannah, Sarah Spicer Duern, John, Thomas and Ruth who was their youngest child. I haven't done much research on the other children of John and Hannah.

John's parents, Thomas and Hannah Spicer also had three daughters by baptism records. Elizabeth, Maria and Ruth Spicer. I have not researched them.

Hannah or Anna Hayfield I believe may be the daughter of John Hayfield and his wife Susannah, but I haven't found sufficient documentation on her as of yet.

I believe Edward or Edwin Brampton is the son of (perhaps illegitimate) William Brampton. He died in Ludlow in March of 1832. He was a son of John Brompton and Susan Edwards and was baptized in Ludlow in 1810. 

I believe John Brompton or Brampton is a relative of Thomas Brampton. John and Susan had the following children, John, William, Eliza, Catherine and Frederick.

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