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Hinds Family

My great grandfather Lee Roy Edward Hinds comes from a long line of colonial families on his paternal side. When I started out my grandmother told me that there was a book. Within a few years it was online, and I used it to start my research further back. It wasn't until recently that I verified it and worked on the female lines. Thus far, the books have proven to be if not a hundred percent accurate, pretty close.

I would encourage you if any of these families are yours to search or google for the family histories. I know several of the early families have one. It is a great starting point. If I vary it's because I have researched original documents and changed my information to reflect the information I found or interpreted.

Lee Roy Edward Hinds was the son of Francis Marion Hinds and Emma Paxton. He was born in Dekalb county, Illinois in a cabin. Francis and Emma spent around 12 years in Illinois before returning to New York. He went by Roy Hinds and he married my great grandmother, Elizabeth Ruth Timmins in the Episcopalian church of Syracuse in 1908. They had several children, Thelma, Ruth, Raymond, Warren, Orvis, Dolores and Helen. There was also a set of twins that she lost.

Roy and Elizabeth Hinds lived in Syracuse until their retirement when they moved to California. It was sometime in the 1950's that they moved there. Roy died in 1968. His wife Elizabeth died in 1982. Roy was a railroad engineer.

Francis Marion Hinds was born in 1847 in Pillar Point, NY. He was from his father's second wife. He enlisted and served in the Civil War from New York. In 1872 he married Emma Paxton whose family history will be discussed in a later blog. It is important to note that while Frank and Emma are mentioned in the Hinds family genealogy by Frank Hinds, their children are absent.

Francis and Emma had a large family, Cora Belle,  Grace Ora, Thomas Watson, Emma Frances, Arthur Braten, Orvis Benjamin, Lee Roy Edward, Harry W., Sarah and Pearl M. Hinds. All of the family resided in either Syracuse or Oswego county, New York. Pearl the youngest child shared her birthday with  her father. Their eldest daughter, Cora killed herself when she was 21 years old. Arthur and Grace had no children. Thomas had two children who were adopted out, and only one of those has been found.

Francis Hinds died in 1911, his widow Emma died in 1927.  Francis was one of 7 children by Thomas William Hinds and his wife, Mary Crawford. Thomas' first wife was Chloe Fuller. Thomas William Hinds was born in Vermont in 1803 but resided for most of his life in Pillar Point, NY. His father, Thomas Hinds Sr along with a brother, Corliss Hinds served in the war of 1812 on the great lakes there. Thomas William Hinds died in 1877. His first wife Chloe Hinds died in 1841, his widow Mary died in 1902.

Francis Hinds full siblings were Albert Hinds (1904), Huldah Hinds Bird (1916), Phoebe Hinds Patrick (1894), Almira Hinds Bunker (1894), Mary Hinds Jackson (1905), and Minerva Hinds Roat (1912). His half siblings were Mary Hinds, Octavia Hinds (1841), Pitt Morse Hinds (1893), Austin Fuller Hinds (1916), Earl Hinds (1900) and William Watson Hinds (1860). The dates in parenthesis being the year of death.

Thomas William Hinds was the son of Thomas Hinds Sr and his wife Phebe Bent. Mary Crawford was the daughter of William Crawford and Huldah Wheeler. William Crawford was an Irish immigrant born in 1766. He had arrived in the United States no later than 1798 when he married Huldah Wheeler. Nothing more of his ancestry is known.

Huldah Wheeler came from similar colonial roots as the Hinds family did. She was born in 1778 in Tolland Connecticut to Timothy Wheeler and Rhoda Thomas. Timothy served in the American Revolution.  His father was Josiah Wheeler and his mother was Elizabeth Blodgett.  Josiah Wheelers parents were Isaac Wheeler and Sarah Howe. Sarah Howe's paternal grandfather is William Howe who is mentioned here.The  Nutting family (Sarah's mother was Mary Nutting) also of Chelmsford Massachussetts has a long history. A blog discusses them here.

Thomas Hinds Sr and Phebe Bent were the parents of 13 children. William Watson Hinds (1859), Thomas William Hinds (1877), Emily Hinds Poole (1826), Tamer Hinds Elmer (1846), Carrollus (Carlos) Hinds (1899), Earl Bent Hinds (1894), Phoebe Hinds, Silas Bent Hinds (1899), Albert Hinds (1887), Betsy Hinds, Patty Hinds, Mary Ann Hinds Williams, and Emily A Hinds (1842).

Thomas Hinds Sr was born in 1780 in Barre, Massachusetts to Corlis Hinds, Jr and Susannah Henry. He died in 1846 near Pillar Point, NY. His wife Phebe Bent was a daughter of David Bent and Phebe Whittemore. She was born in 1778 in Mount Holly, Vermont and died in 1841 near Pillar Point, NY. Her sister Mary was married to Corliss Hinds III, a brother of Thomas Hinds.

As the families are relatively large I am going to skip naming all of the children of each generation.

Corliss Hinds Jr was a son of Corliss Hinds Sr and Jeanette McMaster. He was born in 1748 in Brookfield, Massachusetts and died 1832 in Petersham, Massachusetts. His father Corliss Hinds Sr was born in 1724 in Brookfield, Massachusetts and died in 1821 in Brookfield. His mother Jeanette McMaster was 1730 and died in 1806 in Brookfield. She was a daughter of John McMaster and his wife Catherine.

Corliss Hinds Sr was a son of John Hinds and his wife, Hannah Corliss. John was born in 1683 in Lancaster, Mass. and died in 1747 in Brookfield. His wife Hannah was born in 1691 in Haverhill to John Corliss and Mary Wilford. Hannah died in 1764.

John Hinds and Mary Unknown were the parents of John Hinds. John the elder was born in 1638 to James Hinds and Mary Knight in Salem, Massachusetts. John Corliss the father of Hannah Corliss was born in 1648 in Haverhill to George Corliss and Joanna Davis. George and Joanna's marriage was the second marriage in the city. His wife Mary Wilford was born in 1667 a daughter of Gilbert Wilford and Mary Dow.

Phebe Bent's father David Bent was born in Rutland, Mass. in 1756 and he died in 1831. His father David Bent Jr was born in 1730 and died in 1798. His mother Lucy Moore was born in 1734 and died in 1783. Lucy Moore was the daughter of Peter Moore and Mary Goodenow. Mary Goodenow's parents were Edmund Goodenow and Rebecca Graves.

David Bent Jr was a son of David Bent Sr and Mary Drury.  I have more back on that, but this post has gotten quite long.

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