Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Barnes Family (Baker, Vaughan, Owens and Long too)

My great grandfather was John Abner Barnes. He was married to Addie Barnett Franklin, and his children were mentioned in the post on the Franklins.

John Abner Barnes was born in 1887 in Brantley, Alabama and died in 1968 in Milton, Florida. He was the son of John Lunsford Barnes and his wife, Margaret Eleanor Baker. John was an Assembly of God minister. John was married after his wife Addie died to Lena Barnes (no relation). They had no children.

The siblings of John Abner Barnes "Abb" were Myrtle Lee, Mittie Estelle, Eleanor Mae Belle, Ottis Lafayette, James Marshall Lunsford "Lunnie", Willie Blanch, Ethel Aldine, Claudia Isabelle and Ethel Aldine Barnes. Abb had a half sister, Annie Druscilla Barnes by his father's first wife, Epsy Eiland.

John Lunsford Barnes was the son of John Sanders Barnes and Sarah Ann Owens. We discovered the ancestry of John Sanders Barnes not that long ago. I blogged about it in March 2016, I also talked about the Long family that month.

John Lunsford Barnes was born in 1857 in Russell county, Alabama, and died 1941 in Baker, Florida. He had the following siblings, Robert Thomas, Margaret Elizabeth, Sarah Lucinda, Mary Olivia, Harriet Frances, Clara McGeehee, Marshall Johnson Wellbourn, and Abbas Sanders Barnes.

Margaret Eleanor Baker was the daughter of Abner Baker and Margaret Vaughan. She was born in 1865  and died in 1953 in Milton, Florida. Her siblings were James Willoughby Baker, Abner Baker, Rachel E Baker, Daniel Absalom Baker, Mary Isabel Baker, Nancy P Baker and Jesse Jackson Baker.

John Sanders Barnes was the illegitimate son of John Barnes and Mary "Polly" Sanders. He was born about 1811 in Gates County, North Carolina, and died in 1864 in Pike County, Alabama. His father John Barnes could be the son of one of two brothers, both who married daughters of Isaac Pipkin.

I believed erroneously that  he's the son of Richard Barnes and Charity Pipkin. Richard Barnes is the son of Thomas Barnes and Elizabeth Blanchard. Charity Pipkin is the daughter of Isaac Pipkin and Charity Goodman. Thomas Barnes was the son of Richard Barnes and his wife Mary who resided in Chowan County North Carolina.

Mary "Polly" Sanders was a ward of the Uncle of John Barnes. Her father was Henry Sanders, and she was likely illegitimate. I don't know her mother's name. Henry Sanders mother was Sarah King and she was married to Charles Sanders, who is of unknown connection to the area Sanders. Sarah King's father was Henry King and her mother was Elizabeth. Henry King was the grandson of Michael King and Elizabeth Hiry who came to the area via their son William.

Sarah Ann Owens the wife of John Sanders Barnes was born in 1823 in Georgia and died in 1890 in Crenshaw county, Alabama. She remarried after the death of her husband John Smith. She had no children by him.

Sarah Owens father was John J. Owens and her mother was Lucinda Long. Her siblings were Clara Apperson, Elijah Evans, William Howard, John Robert, Smith James, Mary Frances, Charles Augustus, Robert R L, and Rebecca Owens.

John J. Owens was the son of Elijah Owens and Nancy Ann Howard. He died in 1836 in Georgia. His siblings were Clarissa Ann Boykin, James Nehemiah and Elijah Smith Owens. Elijah Owens looks to be related to a James Owen of Virginia but I am not for sure on that. Nancy Ann Howard is the daughter of Nehemiah Howard and Ede Smith. Nehemiah Howard looks to be the son of Stephen Howard and Sarah Sanders in North Carolina. Edith Ede Smith is the daughter of  Luke Smith and Judith Farris.

Lucinda Long was born 1791 and died 1865. She was the daughter of Evans Long and Mary Apperson. Evans Long was the son of Reuben Long and Mary Evans. Reuben Long was son of Richard Long and Elizabeth. Richard Long son of Gabriel Long and Margaret Harrison. Mary Evans was the daughter of John Evans and Ann Anderson, a daughter of Richard Anderson of Virginia. Lucy Apperson is the daughter of John Apperson and Margaret.

Abner Baker was born in 1812 in South Carolina and died in 1908 in Troy, Alabama. He was a son of Willoughby Baker and Rachel Copeland. Abner's siblings were Isaac, Abigail, Lucinda Rachel, William, Margaret Jane, Amelia Permelia, Willoughby Powell, Elizabeth and Jesse Baker.

Willoughby Baker was a son of Jesse Baker. Despite all the histories that say otherwise, there was only one Jesse Baker in either SC or NC who was in the American Revolution, he was from letters located closer to Abbeville and lived during the same time frame that our Jesse is in Sumter.Jesse Baker's wife may be Rebecca Smith. It is thought he was a son of William Baker and Margaret Dunnagan. William Baker is a son of Moses Baker and Elizabeth Browne

Rachel Copeland was a daughter of Ripley Copeland and Rachel Tucker. Ripley Copeland was a son of Nicholas Copeland and Dorothy Ripley. Nicholas Copeland Jr and Jane Lott are parents of Nicholas Copeland. Tentative parents for Dorothy are John Ridley and Mary Messenger.

Margaret Vaughan the wife of Abner was the daughter of James Vaughan and Rachel Jones. James Vaughan was a son of Michael Vaughan and Nancy Powell. Rachel Jones is a daughter of Charles Shepard Vinson Jones and his wife Martha. Charles Shepard Vinson Jones was a son of Edmond Jones and his wife Mary. Margaret Vaughan Baker was born in 1822 and died in 1872.


  1. Jennifer, do you have any documented proof that Margaret Jane Baker was the daughter of Willoughby Baker and Rachel Copeland? I have been searching for proof because Margaret Jane Baker is my ancestor and I have found nothing that ties her to her parents. Most people have her listed as Parmelia but I believe, as you do, that Amelia is Parmelia and the daughter listed on the 1850 census. Margaret Jane was already married and not living at home.

    I could use all the info you are willing to share.

    1. no paper trail, but the Baker's we match are all Margaret Jane's descendants unless it's further back pretty much for DNA

  2. Hello. I am one of your relatives. I was looking for Margaret J. Baker because of a match on Family Tree DNA. Willoughby Baker is my 4th great grandfather.

    1. Hello John, recognize you from gedmatch and ftdna in matches for my Dad, Aunt and I .