Saturday, February 4, 2017

Collins and Mangum Family

This is the last family post for my maternal side of the family.

Martha Jane Collins was the mother of my great grandfather. After she divorced her husband John S. Hager, she married in Texarkana, Arkansas William Daniel and had two daughters, Bessie and Lona Daniels. She was born about 1868 and died 1900-1905.

Martha Jane Collins was the daughter of Martin Daniel  (D. J.) Collins and Martha L P Mangum. Her parents married in Bedford County, Tennessee lived in Illinois in 1870 and by 1880 the widowed Martha with her children are living in Saline County, Arkansas. Martha Jane Collins siblings were Adolphus, Harriet Talitha and William Martin Collins.

Martin D. J. Collins was born in 1846 in Bedford County, TN to Daniel Collins and Talitha Adams. He died between 1870-1880. His siblings were William Jackson, Almon Adams, Ellen Elizabeth, Robert Jefferson, George Washington and Martha Collins. We have several DNA matches to the Collins family, and in fact, I am showing William Jackson Collins as a DNA circle.

Daniel Collins heritage is unknown, but Talitha (Alitha) Adams was the daughter of Martin Adams and Elizabeth Blassingame.

Martha L P Mangum was the daughter of Samuel and Harriet Mangum (Sometimes seen as Mangrum). We find them in 1850 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky and in 1860, the widow Harriet is in Bedford with her children Martha, William, James and Roseanna. It is worthy of note that Harriet is in Saline county in 1880 but not with any family, making me question if she is their mother. She is listed as a border.

Martha was born 1841 and died in 1909. Her siblings were Elizabeth Jane, James Harvey, William J and Roseanna Mangum. Martha and her brothers James and William settled in Saline County, Arkansas and each donated land, along with Isaiah Wood for the Sharon Missionary Baptist Church.

Samuel Mangum appears to have died 1858-1859. His parents look to be Samuel Mangum and Kezziah, as we have DNA triangulation with a descendant, but Jesse Mangum of the same area is also a possibility, as we believe they are brothers. Both reside in Bedford or Marshall county TN.

There is a tree out there that is including Martha's brothers in a different tree, but the data overlooks the census data I mentioned.

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