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The Franklin Family (and Brunson and Merrill too)

Of my four great grandmother's, Addie was the only one who had died by the time I was born. Addie Barnett Franklin was born in 1890 in Brantley, Alabama, and died in 1928 in Milton, Florida. She was the mother of  John Barnett (J. B), Willie Lawrence, Grady Carlton, Madie Ruth, Abner Odell, Leahman Dewey, Jewell Mabellene and David Roswell Barnes.

Addie's parents were Jacob Barnett Franklin and Amanda Octavia Thomas. Her siblings were Green Barnett, Abbie L., Elizabeth Rebecca, John Henry, David Sumter and Pensy Franklin. Her brother John Henry was married to her husband's sister Myrtle Barnes.

Jacob Barnett Franklin was born in 1855 in Covington County, Alabama and he died in Baker, Florida in 1924. He was the only son of Green Berry Franklin and Sarah Benjamin Merrill. He had one full sister, Margaret Elizabeth Thomas Franklin, and two half siblings, Susan Rebecca and Robert Benjamin Richards. 

Jacob's father had died at the Battle of Vicksburg in the Civil War. He wasn't the only one of the family to not come home. Most of all the Franklin and Brunson families enlisted and served in the Civil war.

Amanda Octavia Thomas was the daughter of Daniel R. Thomas and Sarah Martha Brunson. She was born in 1851 in Pike County (Crenshaw) Alabama, and died in 1936 in Baker, Florida. Jacob and Amanda have unmarked tombstones at the Crestview Cemetery in Baker, but the entire family (both sets of great grandparents, great grandparents, grandparents and the siblings) are buried there. Like a lot of the family, it's one place I recall well.

Amanda Octavia Thomas' siblings were Benjamin Daniel, Mary Elizabeth, Lawrence James, Frank P, Joel, George W., and Emily Louise Thomas.

Green Berry Franklin was the son of William Barnett Franklin and Martha "Patsy" Brunson.  He was born in 1829 in what was Pike but would become Crenshaw County, Alabama. He died in 1863. I recently posted several blogs on the Brunson family. They can be found in July of 2016.  I won't repeat most of that information here. As you can see, I am a Brunson twice.

Green Berry's siblings were Reuben B., Elizabeth, John R, Eliza Ann, Caroline E., Sarah L G, Martha Haseltine, Henry D Sumter, Mary B., Benjamin Barnett Newton "Dock", Joseph Jasper, Maria H, Nancy B and William Penn Franklin.

Green Berry's wife Sarah Benjamin Merrill was the daughter of two first cousins, Jacob and Holland Merrill. She was born in 1837 and died in 1870. Her father Jacob, was the son of Robert Merrill and possibly Rebecca Reid (conflicting info). Her mother was the daughter of Benjamin Merrill and Rachel Lewis. Both Robert and Benjamin were sons of Jacob Merrill and Esther Lambden. Of all the families I research, this is one I struggle with a lot.

Siblings of Sarah Benjamin Merrill were Benjamin G, Henry Martin, Mary Jane, Rufus Robert, Martha Ann, Rachel, William Reid, Thomas Lewis, Mary Ann and Rebecca Merrill. The Merrill family emigrated from Maryland to Georgia and then Alabama.

Daniel Thomas was living with his siblings in 1850, and based on an older female living with his sister, I think his mother may be Celia who was living in 1860 with his sister Charlotte Thomas Chesser. Daniel's brother was named David J. Thomas. If you look at naming patterns, Daniel's father could be named Benjamin. Daniel was born around 1816 and died between 1870-1880. No intestate has been found.

Daniel's wife, Sarah Martha Brunson was the daughter of Daniel Brunson and Mary Platt. She was born 1824 and died in 1870-1880.  Sarah's siblings were Daniel H., Isaac Joel, Mary Susanna, Benjamin R, Margaret A., John "Jack", Caroline L, and Richard M. Brunson.

I deviate from here from most of the online trees. Mainly after reviewing the probate records of Stewart County, TN, SC and GA.

Daniel Brunson was born about 1786 in South Carolina, the son of Isaac Brunson and Susanna Ellender. His paternal grandparents were James Brunson and Rebecca. James Brunson was a son of Isaac Brunson Sr and Margaret Oldys. Daniel Brunson died in 1852.  Oddly enough we have a ton of matches from Daniel's descendants, but only one from Isaac and Susanna Ellender. It's a pretty strong match though.

Mary Platt is the daughter of Harmon Platt and Mary Dukes. I don't understand why, but Harmon left most of his children out of his will.

Daniel Brunson's siblings are Margaret, James, Valentine, Susan, Joseph, Isaac and Mary Rebecca Brunson.

William Barnett Franklin was born about 1797 in Sumter District, South Carolina. His father was Henry Franklin and his mother Margaret Boggs or Baggs. Between 1805-1807 Henry Franklin with Josiah Brunson (unclear how he relates) came to Mississippi Territory, more specifically Clarke County, David Brunson (a cousin likely of Josiah) and his family also emigrated. The Cox family is also associated with this emigration.

In the 1820's William Barnett Franklin, who had married Martha Brunson, and Martha's brothers, sisters and father all came to what is now Crenshaw, the Franklin and Brunson men were surveyors that helped set the county lines. William Barnett Franklin died in Pike county in 1860. His wife Patsy Brunson was born in Sumter district South Carolina in 1804 and died in 1901.

Henry Franklin and Margaret Boggs had the following known children, Thomas Benjamin, Henry, Robert, Martha and Mahala America Franklin. They may have also been the parents to a Rebecca and Catherine Franklin who were married in the county.

Henry died around 1815 in Clarke County. His son, Henry, had a son William Barnett Franklin who also married in to the Brunson family. In addition Martha Franklin married Benjamin Brunson a brother of Patsy Brunson. All of the known family that intermarried moved to Pike except Thomas Benjamin and Mahala America.

Henry Franklin looks to have had two brothers who resided in Sumter. They were Lawrence and Reuben Franklin who are found there in 1790 and 1800.

Martha "Patsy" Brunson was the daughter of David Brunson and Sarah Johnson Richbourg. She had the following siblings, John, Josiah, Benjamin, Elizabeth Ann, Sarah L and Albert Brunson.

David was the son of  David Brunson and Susan Johnson. David Brunson was a son of Isaac Brunson Sr and Margaret Oldys.

I really suggest you read the Brunson data from July 2016. I have a lot more information on the Brunson's there.

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