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Pyburn Family

My great grandmother was Lula Bell Pyburn. Now I have talked about the Pyburn's more than any other family on my blog. The Tensaw posts remain the most popular for visitors. And this blog should include the McCurdy family, though I may end up making a separate post to address them because this is a lot of information.

Lula Bell was born in 1895 and she died in 1987. She was the daughter of Archie Bald Pyburn and his first wife, Plina McCurdy. Lula was the eldest of his children, she had two full sisters, Maude Rhodell Pyburn Maddox, and Elizabeth Alyce Pyburn Rianda. She also had three half siblings, Carlton, Claire Ruth and Eulene Pyburn.

Archie Bald Pyburn was born in 1871 in Conecuh County, Alabama and he died in 1933 in Jay, Florida. He was married three times. His first wife, Plina ran away and after they divorced he married Ella Fair Polk by whom he had no children. His third wife Hattie Campbell was a first cousin of Lula's husband Robert Morgan Hardy. Hattie is the mother of Archie's three youngest children.

Archie's parents were Benjamin Jacob Pyburn and Mary Jane Chitty. Plina's parents were William Marion McCurdy and Amanda Beck. Archie was one of 8 children, but Plina is one of 28, so I am going to address the Pyburn's first.

Benjamin Jacob Pyburn was born about 1824 and died in 1899. He was most likely born in Baldwin County, but his parents could have already moved to Santa Rosa county by then. He died in Conecuh county, Alabama. Benjamin Jacob Pyburn was the son of Jacob Pyburn and Diadema Stapleton. I know I addressed the Stapleton family before.

Benjamin's wife Mary Jane Chitty was a daughter of  James Chitty and Mary Brown. She was born in 1833 and died in 1900.

The children of Benjamin Jacob Pyburn and Mary Jane Chitty were Nicey Elizabeth, James P. "John", Mary Diadema, William Eli, Millie F, Terry Melvina, Lallie and Archie Bald Pyburn.

The siblings of Benjamin Jacob Pyburn were A. William, Millie Nancy, Nicey, Archibald, Frances Terry, Elizabeth, Mary Diadema "Damie" Pyburn.

Benjamin's father, Jacob Pyburn was an only child. His father was Jacob Pyburn and his mother was unknown, he was born around 1797 and died in 1868, I blogged in great detail about the only other known lineage from these Pyburn's, Jacob's sister Mary Pyburn Collins. The posts begin here.  

Jacob and Mary Pyburn were children of Jacob Pyburn who died in 1786 in Tensaw and his wife Frances Mullis who died 1810-1813 in near Lake Tensaw in Baldwin Alabama. Jacob Pyburn is traceable to the early Pyburn's but we are missing one generation. I believe he is a grandson or a great grandson of the John or Richard Pyburn from Maryland. We are matching the most Pyburn DNA with descendants of Lewis Pyburn in Louisiana and the Austin Choate and Naomi  Pyburn line. Here is some more data on the family.

Mary Jane Chitty's father James Chitty was born around 1800 and he died in 1848 in Conecuh. His wife Mary Brown was born around 1802 and died in 1857, Mary's siblings were James, Elizabeth, Lucinda, Melvina, Sarah, William, Emilina, Martha and Margaret Chitty.

James Chitty's siblings were Jane Chitty Etheridge, Allen Chitty, John "Jack" Chitty, and Sarah Chitty Brown. They were the children of John Cecil Chitty and his wife Sarah.

Diadema Stapleton's family was addressed in the blog I linked to.

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