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DNA and the Pyburn family (Early North Carolina)

Thus far the bulk of the DNA matches for the Pyburn's from my line tested have been with descendants of Naomi Pyburn and Lewis Pyburn.  I looked at  my tree, and OMG it's a mess.

I reread my earlier article on them, and I think it confused me a bit more, but I am going to go with what I  know and let's see if we can come up with a theory.

Jacob Pyburn who married Frances Mullis was born sometime between 1740 and 1760. That puts him in the same age bracket as Naomi Pyburn, whose father was Jacob Pyburn. Most families have this genealogy related to Richard's son Jacob Pyburn and not John's. But we aren't matching any of the other descendants of Richard (Christopher, Sarah, Richard or the father of Edward).

So assuming that the connection to Lewis is through his father Benjamin Pyburn, then it would seem that Naomi, Benjamin and my Jacob are quite possibly siblings, and children of the Jacob Pyburn who is a son of John Pyburn. 

Now there is a good reason though to question the legitimacy of the existence of Naomi Pyburn married to Austin Choate Sr. Here is why, his sons Christian and Austin married Pyburn's from NC and there wives were their cousins.

Austin Choate Sr's wife could be a sister to the mother of Nancy and Naomi Pyburn, or their mother could be a Choate. We know that they applied as eastern Cherokee's, and that the Pyburn family like the Choate family line weren't Cherokee. If there was any Cherokee it came from the wives of the Pyburn's or the Choates.

So I guess I am at a decision point. As far as I know, there is not one documentation for Naomi Pyburn married to Austin Choate Sr, other than the researchers who have assumed it based on the Cherokee claims. Without a doubt however, we show a relationship to descendants of Austin Choate Jr. and his wife Naomi Pyburn, who is most likely a daughter of Jacob Pyburn who was in Buncombe NC in 1790 and was the Uncle of Edward Pyburn who lived there.

So if my ancestor Jacob is related to this Jacob and Lewis (who I believe is a son of Benjamin), then the 1790 Jacob in NC should be a nephew, but he is over the age of 45, which oh gosh, makes him the same age. So maybe Jacob in NC and my Jacob are first cousins.

So if we start with the Jacob, John and Benjamin who are in Bedford in the 1750's. Two of them each have a son named Jacob who lived in the same area, because Frances Mullis the wife of my Jacob was born in Bedford and her father died in North Carolina.

We lack a passport for Jacob and his family, which has made me believe that Jacob and his family came down the Mississippi and went to Tennessee prior to arriving in Tensaw in 1784. I would think that most likely, Benjamin who was the father of Lewis, Elias and grandfather of the Jacob Pyburn in early Tennessee as probably a brother of my Jacob Pyburn and that they are sons of Benjamin Pyburn, son of John.

John Pyburn was arrested for murder in 1764 in North Carolina. This could be John Pyborn Junior or a son. Jacob Pyburn is the most probable father for the Buncombe NC Jacob, his sister Sarah Pyburn Eades and the father of Edward Pyburn. The Choates married either children of this Jacob or his nieces, sisters of Edward.

The problem arises when you get to Jacob Pyburn who was the father. He could be a son of either Richard or John, but if we are matching closer with these members, I would think that we come from the same parent, so more than likely it is John's son Jacob who is in Bedford in the 1750's.

I know there are more earlier Pyburns, and that there is still a lot of work to go. But for now I think I am going to change my tree.

John Pyburn and his wife Sarah

Benjamin Pyburn and ?
Benjamin Pyburn m ? sons Lewis, Elias
Jacob Pyburn m. Frances Mullis

Jacob Pyburn and ?
Jacob Pyburn (NC) m daughter of Christian Choat? children Christopher
Sarah m. Charles Eades
Son Unknown
child Edward Pyburn

Unknown Pyburn's (either Richard or John)
Richard Pyburn Edgecombe
Benjamin Pyburn Edgecombe
James Pyburn Georgia
Thomas Pyburn Bedford
Joshua Pyburn Bedford

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