Saturday, February 4, 2017

Paxton Family

This is the last post covering my maternal grandmother's family. I will post each grandparent's ancestors as I have time. This one won't be long, because it is an area of my brick walls.

Emma Paxton the mother of Lee Roy Edward Hinds was born in 1853 in Jefferson County, NY. Her father was Benjamin Paxton and her mother was Mary Douglas. She is one of several siblings,
William Henry, Martha, Mary Matilda, Howard T., George Benjamin, Frank E, Minnie, Ida and Albert Paxton were all her full siblings. Her father married twice after the death of her mother. He had two children with his second wife, Lela Ethel and Cora May Paxton.

Benjamin Paxton is first found in 1850 in St. Lawrence County, NY. He was a cobbler. He has a sister in his home. In 1860 he is in Jefferson County, NY, and is again a cobbler. He enlisted in the Civil war, and that is where we first get some information. He gave his father's name as William Paxton and his mother's name as Mary Brown. He was born in either Buckingham or Birmingham England. Depends on which you read. He was born around 1823 and was supposed to have come over around the age of 8.

I can't find his parents in England. I can't find his emigration. I think Martha is his sister and she died in a pauper's home in the 1850's. His wife was in one place born in Canada and another in England. So I am not sure if he came to NY through Canada. So as you can see, there isn't much to blog about.

My great Aunt, a granddaughter of Emma Paxton is on gedmatch. If you come from any of the families I have blogged about, and would like to see if we match, leave a comment.

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