Friday, February 17, 2017

You Might Be a Genealogy Addict

You might be a genealogy addict if

  • You sign onto Ancestry to answer a message, and you are still searching on Ancestry 5 hours later. 
  • You make a comment about passing a cemetery on a road trip, and the first words out of your child's mouth is "we aren't stopping are we?"
  • Spending the day at the archives, local genealogy center, or in a cemetery sounds like a good day.
  • You meet someone and think, I have that name in my tree, I wonder if we are related.
  • You have ever wanted to call someone at 2 a.m. because you finally found that information you searched the last two months (or years) for.
  • After not getting a response from that  close new DNA match for weeks, you do a search with all those skills to find out how they are your relative. (Google, Facebook, Ancestry, it all works).
  • You have called a complete stranger because they were a relative and you had questions.
  • Your Facebook friends list is composed of multiple cousins (first, second, third, hey even 6th) and you consider them all family.
  • You have a large list of Genealogy buddies and correspondents among your Facebook friends list also.
  • You ask everyone for copies of old pictures.
  • Your family rolls their eyes and their eyes glaze over when you start talking genealogy.
  • Your family tree has lots of folks who aren't your relatives.
  • You find spending 8 hours doing genealogy a lot easier (and more fun) than actually doing work.
  • Your intimately aware of how to work a microfilm machine.
  • You have spent days browsing through microfilm or images online of microfilm, reading old county records.
  • You have a form of ADD. You start researching one person, find something interesting on someone else, and end up spending hours on that and not what you started looking for.
  • You find the stories of how older people grew up and their lives fascinating.

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