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Adams family (also Rogers)

My great grandmother Margaret Pauline Adams (aka Bonnie) was the daughter of Jason Adams and Margaret Trahern. She was born in 1907 in McCurtain, Oklahoma, and died in 1983 in Chicago. I will discuss her maternal side in a different post.

Jason Adams was the son of George Washington Adams and Louisa Rogers. He was born in 1867 in Shoal Creek, Arkansas, and died in 1930 in Barnsdall, Oklahoma. Jason was one of four sons, his siblings were Charles Marion, Simon Wylie and James Franklin Adams. The boys mother died in 1882 and the boys were left to fend for them selves by their father.

Jason married twice. His first wife was Amanda Sonora Ellington with which he had two children, Amos Franklin and Elsie Myrtle. With his second wife Margaret he had the following children, Samuel Jefferson, James Arthur, Curtis Hall, Margaret Pauline, Bertha Viola, Rena, Hattie, Oleon and Roverta Adams.

George Washington Adams is someone we have no idea on his parentage. Though DNA appears to be giving us some clues, George himself left few. He was born about 1840 in most likely Tennessee, and died in 1907 in Oklahoma. If I can recall the theory I will blog about it.

Louisa Rogers was a daughter of Henry Rogers and his wife Mahala Mariah. Here is where we get into one issue. A lot of people show Henry as John Henry, but there is no records that prove that was the case, so I will not use that. His wife is rumored to be a Rodgers, and I do have one family I think may be her lineage. I see trees out there with parents, but they have no source documentation. Remember to watch what you copy into your tree from ancestry.

Louisa Rogers was born 1842 in Hamilton County, TN. She was one of many children, her siblings were John Alexander, James Washington, Maranda, Edley Jackson, Henry, Lucinda, Joseph Jefferson, William Miles, Amey Ann and Susan Rogers. Her mother died around 1853 along with a sister and not long afterwards the family moved to Yell/Johnson areas of Arkansas near Mt. Magazine.

Henry Rogers was the second child of Joseph Rogers and his wife Susannah. Family researchers have her named Shue. I have blogged about Suzie in the past, you can find those posts here. A lot of what I am going to say I addressed in DNA discussions in posts from 2015 if you want to look back.

As for Mahala Mariah and her sister Mahala Amelia who married Edley,  I have a theory. I believe it is possible that they are children of a John or William Rogers who lived in Hamilton county. He left a widow Mary and had the following verified children, George W. Rogers, Nancy Rogers Jackson (whose son married into Edley's family), and Miranda Rogers Jackson. If you look into Ephraim Hixson and Elisha Rodgers, these families are all related, the problem has been adequate records on the Rogers because of damages to the court houses.

Joseph Rogers and Susannah had four children, Lucinda, Louisa, Edley and Henry Rogers. We have had references to an 1842 court case verifying this for over 15 years (but never found an outcome). Joseph died by 1815 because Susannah and her new husband James Wallen were selling her dower portion of some land, the same land in the 1842 court case,

We don't know an age for Joseph, but he was at least 21 when he served as a witness on a deed in 1795. I suppose he was born sometime between 1765-1775. He was a son of Doswell (Dauswell) Rogers and his wife, who I believe DNA has proven is a daughter or relative of Elisha Wallen and Mary Blevins (DNA matching Blevins family alone on front half of a 74 cM segment, the rest matching descendants of that couple and descendants of Doswell Rogers from more than one child).
I blogged about that too.

Doswell Rogers Ydna has been linked to the Adduston Rogers and Catherine Doswell line from what I have been told. To be honest, I don't know those genealogies well enough, and the ydna listings aren't clear enough for me to give a path beyond Doswell.

We do share DNA with Thomas Rogers descendants who also names a son Doswell.

Joseph Rogers lived in Roane what would become Bledsoe (and later Hamilton) county TN. He also had records in Lee county, Virginia. Since a lot of what I would say was already written about, I will refer you to this post for information on the family of Joseph and Susanna.

After the death of Joseph, Susanna married James Wallen (a first cousin I believe of Joseph Rogers). She had several more children and records for the family are primarily located in McMinn county, TN. Her children with James were unknown son, Stephen Wallen, Thomas Wallen, John Wallen, Mary (Polly) Wallen Culpepper, and Nancy Wallen. We have triangulated DNA matches with descendants of Louisa Rogers and Henry Rogers with the descendants of Thomas Wallen. Additionally Thomas Wallen was a neighbor in Carroll county to Edley, Henry and Louisa Rogers.

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